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  1. S

    Manual control :)

    Pavilion g6-2271sx so here is the thing ....... in the process of trying to control my fan speed to 100% I have discovered that my Bios does not have fan control. so i am asking there a way to control fan speed on my laptop by changing the Bios(I have tried Speedfan) :)
  2. P

    how to set speedfan, that every time i open it, it will automatically run the settings and fan speed i want?

    so i have used the task schedule to create a task to run speedfan on startup but when speedfan opens it sets the fan to 100% and i still have to manually adjust the fan speed, its too noisy i tell you :D, also how can i set task scheduler to start speedfan right on startup, not after 30 sec.
  3. Rocko1976

    Temperature and Fan Speed Monitor?

    Is there a light temp and fan speed monitor for my T400 laptop? I have tried HW Monitor but it doesn't show fan speed. Thanks.
  4. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...
  5. K

    No overheating, High Cpu,High Fan Speed

    A little time after start-up as it is waiting idle, fan speed is increasing abnormally,There is no sign of overheating but then it shuts down itself.I've cleaned the fan.All of unnecessary programs aren't being started.System applications only but it constantly shut down itself. Thank in advance
  6. 1

    Three questions about Speedfan

    I have three questions about Speedfan: 1) What is it "Delta vaue for fan speeds"? What is it used to? 2) How to adjust that the program will not be minimized to tray (hide icons) but only to bar like other programs? I can't find the option in settings. 3) How to best adjust desired and warning...
  7. W

    ASUS laptop fan speed

    I have an ASUS laptop model K52F running Windows 7 Home Premium. Up until this past Monday, I could "hear" the fan running when when the laptop was being used......I would hear it speed up to full speed when I was using it heaving for long periods of time, and then slow down when it's use was...
  8. U

    MSI GE60 OND fan speed issues

    Apparently, I'm not the only one with this issue: I've had this laptop a little over a year and now the fan is going haywire on me. It constantly cycles to zero speed at 100 percent speed every 10 seconds or so, non-stop. The only time it doesn't is...
  9. KarsonFreeze

    New HP laptop still running loud and hot after sending it for repair...(sigh)

    Recently I've received my HP Pavilion 17-e110dx laptop back from Geek Squad after they claimed that they "fixed" it. They said that they replaced the CPU fan, but it seems to have not made a difference at all as even when it's idle, it runs obnoxiously loud. It's running quite a bit hotter than...
  10. Aksh Thakur

    GPU AND CPU temp while gaming ? help

    i have intel i5 4th gen 1.6 to 2.3ghz .. and inbuilt intel 4000 hd graphics and dedicated AMD readon 8670M . the problem is that when am playing high grahpics game like COD ghost and other the temp is reaching 80 both cpu and gpu .. is it alright or i have to stop gamimg :/ :??: i have HP...
  11. V

    LAPTOP still slow after cleaning laptop

    My laptop is still slow after gave it to a computer expert for cleaning.:( Any solutions would be very helpful. :)
  12. G

    Laptop Fan speed issue

    So i have a Toshiba Laptop I have owned for a couple weeks now. It has a core i7 4700mq inside so when i am gaming or doing video work I expect to hear the fan speed kick up. But for some reason when ever i let the display turn off the fan speed kicks up to a high rpm. I figured it was a...
  13. M

    Speedfan not automaticly ajusting speed for set temp

    I have speed fan 4.49 installed and am trying to use the Automatic Fan Speed. I have set the Desired temp at 32C in the configuration and a min speed of 25 % with a max speed of 100%. Right now the temp is 41C and the Automatic Fan Speed only has the fans running at 48%. I would have thought...
  14. Leosassod

    Problem with Sony VPCF22SFX/W

    Hi guys, first time posting. I´ve had this laptop for over 3 years now. It worked great untill last month, I was able to play a lot of different games, edit videos, images and such, without a problem. All of the sudden the cooler lost power, I would say from 100% it went to 30%, always on High...
  15. A

    sapphire Trixx is not responding to custom fancurve

    Hi, Trixx is not responding to custom fancurves. I start game > fan goes around 50% > temperature still rises > fan stays at 50%(but should go higer in my fancurve) > close game > fans spin like they should be in my fancurve. What is going on? Anyone who can fix this? Thanks for helping out...
  16. M0j0jojo

    Is there any software that can control fan speed?

    So, I my friend is looking to buy some case fans, but cannot afford a fan controller. My question is: is there any software that he can use to control the fan speed from there instead of buying a fan controller?
  17. A

    Cooling Fan Running On High Speed

    Hello all, I have had my HP Pavilion dm4-1265dx laptop for a few years now (I am very careful with my tech), it has been upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 8GB and hard drive to an SSD within the past year. Recently (within the past week), my computer had been running the fan on high for an unknown...
  18. iiNrG

    Laptop Fan Not Turning On?

    Hi, I recently wiped the Hard Drive on my Dell XPS 15 L502x Laptop in order to sell it. All has been going well but i've noticed that sometimes the laptop (Now that i've re-installed windows) shuts down from time to time, due to what I believe is overheating. I've noticed that the exhaust fan...
  19. M

    Acer V3-551G Overheating. Unable to increase fan speed.

    Hello, My Acer Aspire V3-551G overheats when ever I play graphics intense games such as Crysis 2 and Civilization 5. The overheating is not caused by blocked fan. It occurs even when the laptop is on a hard wood surface. What I want to do is increase the fan speed. I have tried SpeedFan, but...
  20. H

    How to control fan speed using SpeedFan?

    The CPU fan in my laptop is running too fast. I wish to control the speed manually to my preference, at times. Here is a CPU-Z screenshot of my laptop configuration: And here is how SpeedFan window looks at my end: I have no...
  21. Xyloriuphon

    How to change a Dell laptop fan speed (UPDATED) Any info/questions? Just PM me!

    Hello, Have you been running a dell laptop? And, well, you've wanted to control your fan speed? Well, You've came to the right place, Its really simply, you guys probably use the program called "I8KFANGUI" But, you've came across the problem with a 64 bit os where you get that "oh, you dont have...
  22. F

    Anyway to Increase RPM of Cooler Pad?

    Hi All! I have a Deep Cool Multi Core x8 Cooler Pad. It runs at 1300RPM, but i am not satisfied in the cooling that i get. Is there a way of increasing the cooler pad's RPM? here are the Specs Rated Voltage: 5VDC Operating Voltage: 4.5~5VDC Staring Voltage: 4VDC Rated Current...
  23. kenshindono

    Good fan/temp monitoring program for a laptop?

    whats a good fan speed/temp monitoring software that i can use on the laptop i picked up for my mother? I used i8kfan gui back in the day but that was only for certain dells. It runs a bit hot i think and i wanted to just double check that the fans are all working and keep an eye on it. I know i...
  24. R

    Fans very slow after POST

    When I turn the laptop on, the fans spin fast and loudly, after POST, they go to around 5% of the previous speed and barely audible, this gradually increases as the laptop gets hotter but eventually the laptop will overheat and shut down, the fans never reach the previous, 100%. I have tried...
  25. 2fast4thetown_down

    EVGA Preision X fan curve

    I want a efficient and quiet temp to fan speed curve. GTX 660ti Superclocked by EVGA
  26. S

    dell vostro processer cooling fan

    i am getting error code 3700.0118 fan speed is incorrect what can i do to correct problem
  27. T

    I need a Fan Speed Control program for..

    (Please move this to the most appropriate sub forum) I need a Fan Speed Control program that starts up with the system and automatically controls my Zalman CNPS9900 on a MSI Z77A-GD65 with Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz@4.2GHz. This heatsink fan is marvelous, it's so efficient that it...
  28. C

    Laptop fan speed

    Hi. Sorry for my poor English. I have a problem with my new laptop. (W7 32bit) When in battery mode, fan speed is as it should be, quiet, and speeds up when there is heat. Everything is fine. But when ac adapter plugged to the laptop, fan turns very high rate and stays constantly there, no...
  29. P

    Why theres a sudden increase in laptop speed

    why there s a sudden increase in laptop fan speed ?? if so how to regulate that??
  30. R

    Thermaltake Massive23 LX fan speed increasing

    Hello, I am sick with the performance of my Thermaltake Massive23 LX. It may cool my laptop by 5-6 degree at best and when temp goes too quick upward it cannot do much. My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6-6c19tx . I will be very happy if I can increase the fan speed. I am not that knowledgeable...
  31. G

    Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6401 FAN SPEED UP AND FROZE UP

    HELLO... I have a Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6401, and recently it starts acting weird, it happened in two condition once a while ( maybe 5 times a week) ---I heard the CPU fan speed way up, and the laptop froze up and I have to force the laptop to shut down by pressing the power button and...
  32. T

    How to reduce fan speed

    Hello, i am just wondering how to reduce the speed of the fan on my toshiba satellite model. Its two years old, 4gb ram and 500gb harddrive. Also. I cannot seem to get rid of a major latency issue. I can hear intense interference from speakers. Thanks.
  33. edmond419

    Laptop fan speed control

    Hi all, I want to control my laptop's fan speed (Sometimes it doesn't run fast enough according to the temperatures) My laptop is a Samsung Q330. SpeedFan can't detect any fans, therefore it can't control my fans at all. HWMonitor Pro also doesn't, which meant I can't control the fans...
  34. J

    HWMonitor fan speed problem

    Hi, I ran HWMonitor while my computer was basically idol and it displays my 2 case fans running at +9000 RPMs and +23000 RPMs...? My GPU fan shows 1200 RPM, which seems at least reasonable. Any ideas on what causes these gross miscalculation? JYK
  35. T

    [Help] Increase fan speed for laptop cooler

    Hey guys i just made a laptop cooler with 6 80mm fans,, good ratings good RPMs. I connected it all to a 12v ac/dc adapter, with a switch and everything, turns on and runs fine. The only problem is that it runs really slow, i even...
  36. G

    Increase fan speed

    Hello, i have a emachines notebook by acer and i have a problem with it's increasing temperature bc the fan get's late to turn on what's the program tht controls this fan??
  37. C

    How to modify laptop fan speed?

    Hello, I have: MSI gx623 p7350 dual core, 4gb ram 800 mhz, 500gb hdd 5400 rpm, 4670 gpu in a 15 inch laptop. I wanted to increse my fan speed by default to a higher speed, but i haven found a way to do it in the bios (only can turn of intel speedfan, dont know what that is so i decided to ask...
  38. C

    How to set defaults in rivatuner?

    Hi! I want to do one thing: set the fan speed of my gtx 260 lower, so eliminating the buzzing sound from the fan, as it is very uncomfortable for me. But when I use the low-level sytem settings, when changing fan speed, I also, it looks like, I do something with the display driver, because...
  39. razercultmember1

    Solved! ASUS N51Vn control fan speed?

    Are there any programs i can use to control the fan speed? speedfan doesnt work on it :( ASUS N51Vn bought from Newegg
  40. collegeguy

    High fan speed

    Hi , I bought a HP pavilion laptop a month ago,its a dv6-1215 (C2D 2.53 GHz p8700,4 Gb Ram ddr2 ,Ati 4650 1Gb gddr3 and 500 GB HDD 5400 rpm,everything was working fine until two or three days ago when i noticed that the fan speed and noise is higher than normal especially when I plug in the...
  41. G

    Laptop Fan Speed

    I bought my wife the Gateway P7811FX. It's an incredible machine. I have a question about the laptop fan speed. The speed of the fan often isn't constant after boot up, like it is for my desktop. Nothing is obstructing the fan vent and the laptop sits on a flat surface. Is this variable...
  42. chluk2425

    Fan Speed in Notebook

    Hi, I've got a problem with my PC.... my CPU Temperature keeps 73C even room temperature is 15... Is there a program to change the notebook's fan speed? I tried Speed Fan, it doesn't work.... Maybe should I use some program which can change the voltage of the fan... Thank you :D :D :)