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  1. T

    Gaming on a Mobile Hotspot

    Hi all. I am a vivid PC Gamer, and I enjoy playing League Of Legends, Counter Strike. Pretty much anything, and my only good Internet source is my 4G LTE Mobile hotspot. Due to me living in such a rural area. Anyway, I usaully get great 4G signal and have minimal to no lag. Well recently, its...
  2. C

    how do I change esn number for virgin mobile

    How do I change esn number for my virgin mobile phone kyocera hydro
  3. R

    mobile service providers

    can Kyocera event smartphone be activated through AT & T SERVICE?
  4. R

    phones and service provider at & t compatibility for activation through at & t?

    can a version Event smartphone be activated with at & t service provider?
  5. quad777

    Synchronise Calender on Outlook 2010

    Hi Guys My boss requested that her Outlook Calender be synchronized to that of her P.A's outlook calender, so that when my boss inputs an appointment onto her outlook calender it should automatically appear on the P.A's Outlook Calender. They are both using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional...
  6. G

    5 Freedoms You'll Lose Without Net Neutrality

    Without net neutrality rules, ISPs could obstruct your right to start a business, publish your views or choose which products to buy. 5 Freedoms You'll Lose Without Net Neutrality : Read more
  7. A

    Want to use international nexus 5 with AT&T in the US

    Hello, I have a LG Nexus 5 bought here in India. I am now going to the United States. I want to know how I can buy an AT&T card there to be used with my phone. I searched the at&t website but I could not find my phone in the list of compatible devices. I know it is possible to bring your own...
  8. T

    can the camera and bluetooth work on a iphone without phone service

    I live in a dead zone so I don't want an iphone right now. But I want to setup my motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and if I have to get an iphone I would like to be able to use the camera also. Is this possible without phone service?
  9. G

    The Case Against Time Warner-Comcast Just Got Stronger

    An executive at Level 3 Communications accuses ISPs of throttling traffic to get more money out of Netflix, other content providers. The Case Against Time Warner-Comcast Just Got Stronger : Read more
  10. S

    Questions Regarding DoS Attacks and VPN Services

    I have been the victim of DoS, or "Denial of Service" attacks while gaming over the past year. I recently purchased a VPN service for my main rig, but wasn't sure about a few things: 1) While running, will the VPN mitigate or stop a DoS attack? 2) Will those that had attacked my IP address in...
  11. C

    Help! Looking to replace my ISP but don't know my options.

    Ok so here's the story. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I've found myself in a situation. I'm currently living in an apartment complex that only offers one ISP and allows no dishes. The ISP they allow is horrible. Paying high prices for slow speeds(even during off hours) and frequent disconnects. I...
  12. M

    how can i unlock my samsung young mobile without having my google account?

    my samsung young have been locked and i have forgotten my lock pattern and also my google account password... so how can i unlock this??
  13. R

    video of lucy

    my daughter sent me a video would like to view
  14. J

    Cell phone booster with no cable connections

    Our home is built in a valley. The general area we are in has cell phone reception but our valley is too deep to hold the signal. We have no cable internet connections available. I just left the Verizon store and they told me that the only booster they had worked off the cable internet...
  15. R

    Roku 3 device download speed

    I would like to get a ROKU 3. I hear its best to have a 5MB modem download or better. Or during a movie or streaming video I may get packet loss? Now my ISP has me at 1.5MB download DSL. The only thing holding me back from buying it is the issue above. thanks for any help!
  16. J

    Outlook 2013 cant connect to SMTP error 421 / 0x80042109 - fixed, but uh?

    I noticed I had a problem with sending mail last week, which has just been fixed by my ISP (who are not my mail provider). I can see exactly what they've done, but it doesn't make sense...! Can someone help? I first noticed the problem last week when sending mail via Outlook, where I was...
  17. E

    phone restriction code

    what is the code
  18. Dylinian

    Why is my Broadband not working?

    I have moved onto a new housing estate 3 months ago and they open reach have only just got around to installing everyone's phone line. After a few hours my phone started to work but my broadband home hub 4 isn't picking up anykind of signal! I have tried various micro filters with no luck and BT...
  19. M

    IS there way to scan my actual IP address?

    hi, I use GRC shields up free online tool to scan my computer at least I was expecting it to scan my firewall. i'm using a local router which connects to ASDL broadband and have a single PC connected to it. When I scan with GRC shields up, so far it scanned my ISP gateway, because today it...
  20. J

    Can i use my US cell phone on Verizon network

    Can use my us cell phone on Verizon
  21. Trave

    What will happen to the buttons on the phone?(nexus4/5,xperia phones,moto g etc.)

    So I was thinking to buy MOTO G or a Xperia smartphone,but I don't know what will happen to the 3 buttons (home,back,don't know what the 3rd buttons means maybe option) that is on the screen so what will happen to the buttons?and will the games/video use the full screen of the phone? Sorry for...
  22. F

    Bought used Note 3, thought it was new

    Newbie Posts 1 Hi all, I'm new to the forum. So I'm not sure what to do here & I'm hoping with your opinions I can make a decision... I have never had a smart phone until recently when I bought a cheap Samsung Exhibit. I'm moving overseas from North American in a few...
  23. R

    My new computer

    HI, I have an Idea of an computer build. Please leave suggestions. CPU AMD A10-5800K 3.8GHz Quad-Core CPU Cooler Gelid Solutions CC-Siberian-01 51.9 CFM Motherboard MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Micro ATX FM2 Memory Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1333 Storage Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5"...
  24. T

    Verizon 4GLTE CDMA OR GSM?

    I am planning on buying the Sony Z2 which is a gsm phone, but it has 4G LTE Of course i want to buy it unlocked. Can i run the phone on Verizons 4G Network even though Verizons network is CMDA.
  25. N

    Verizon phone to Straighttalk

    I have a Verizon Galexy S and im curious if theres a way to get it turned on with straight talk? (no it doesnt have a SIM slot, thats why im asking if theres another way)
  26. E

    how do i contact the Verizon ppl for my sim card because its locked for a really long time how do i fix it

    Its telling me I need to update my phone but I can't unless I get the puck lock code
  27. T

    sprint to verizon

    Can i flash a phone to verizon over the phone
  28. muppetlol

    team viewer queries

    Today my ISP decided to use teamviewer to check my router setting, I did not install It but I let it run once. After the team viewer session I decided to remove the file since I did not install it. I also realize teamviewer made some files in my AppData folder and I deleted every single 1 of...
  29. B

    Looking for a Prepaid Sim card that is cheap and i only pay for it as i use.

    So, I want a prepaid sim, not for daily use but just as a side. I am not gonna use it, hardly ever make calls or text. I just need it to be there. Now all the plans out there are kinda expensive for what I need and I can't figure out which one to get. AT&T offers 10c/m plan but I think you have...
  30. G

    Why Today's Court Ruling Isn't the End of Net Neutrality

    The court ruling voiding an FCC order isn't the end of net neutrality; it just forces the FCC to abandon a shortcut it took to get there. Why Today's Court Ruling Isn't the End of Net Neutrality : Read more
  31. H

    My galaxy phone

    Need code for galaxy s2 i9100 to unlock pls
  32. B

    What is the SIM ME code for Vodafone, model: Alcatel VF875 Black

    I want to give my phone away and I don't have the SIM ME code.
  33. C

    i have internet service on my laptop, can i get it on my non activated android phone

    i have internet service on my laptop, can i get it on my non activated android phone
  34. P

    how to block a unknown number on nokia cell phone

    unknown person calling i block number?
  35. kelfen

    Gaming laptop with ISP screen

    I have a budget of 2300ish. I do want an ISP screen but I'm not sure whats out there Thanks for your Time Kelfen
  36. T

    I got 2 SIM cards i need to know witch has my old number on it ?

    I got 2 SIM cards and need to know witch on of them has my old phone #.
  37. K

    VOIP questions and referral

    Hi and thanks all for reading i am having diffuculties understanding the entire concept of VOIP because i am new to this and i understand that it uses tcp/ip protocols in order to travel over the interne but what i do not get is is it always free like for example vonage offers voip for 10 a...
  38. D

    can i swch my sprit phone to page plus

    can i tried my sprit phone to page plus
  39. G

    Net Neutrality Lawsuit Threatens Netflix, YouTube

    A court ruling may soon settle the question of net neutrality. But what exactly is net neutrality, and how will its absence affect you? Net Neutrality Lawsuit Threatens Netflix, YouTube : Read more
  40. I

    chang my verizon phone to my sprint

    Change phone number xxxx to work on xxxx MOD EDIT.. do not post private information on a public forum.
  41. T

    How Do I Transfer An Older IPhone Given To Me To ISP/Phone/Email?Will My ISP Bill Rise?

    My neighbor handed 2 iphones that he said were 'broken' and went out to buy another.One was dead,but the other seems fine.Can I turn this into my phone?It is unlocked,and just has old pictures.I deleted all conversations.How do I put my email/ISP/phone into it.Will this cost money? Thanks. I am...
  42. H

    How to send picture from pc to vodaphone mobile?

    hi can someone pls help me is there anyway u can send a picture from ur pc to a vodaphone mobile? Thanks
  43. H

    how should i open my phone

    please say me
  44. edmond419

    Skype on iPhone

    Hi all I'd like to know how Skype drains phone battery life? I have a friend with an identical iphone model and isp and software with Skype always running on it with no battery issues whatsoever. however mine can only manage 8 hours of standby from full charge with no usage with Skype running...
  45. P

    Do I need my ISP to connect my Smart TV to the internet (wired)?

    Hi there, My ISP wants to charge me $39.99 to connect my Samsung TV to the internet via a wired connection to the modem/router. Is there a way I can do this myself without the assistance of my ISP?
  46. JMcEntegart

    Bill Gates Pooh-poohs Google's Internet Balloons

    'What about malaria?' asks Bill. Bill Gates Pooh-poohs Google's Internet Balloons : Read more
  47. D

    No Internet connection

    Hi, I have next premium 7se tablet and i have connected with my wifi (beetel) isp is bsnl(india) my wifi show connected but one small lock with this and as i connect with internet it shows "Web page not found". Please help
  48. JMcEntegart

    Sorry, AT&T: Google to Supply WiFi at Starbucks Locations

    Those in Google Fiber cities stand to gain the most. Sorry, AT&T: Google to Supply WiFi at Starbucks Locations : Read more
  49. E

    Remote Access Login Error

    Installed IP Cameras with an NVR. Received Static IP [not dedicated] from ISP. Did port forwardind. Tested for the open ports at and was Successful. But I am getting "login error" when I try to access romotely using TechproSS lite on an Andriod phone.
  50. FattyPatty

    HTC One Dev Edition on Verizion service?

    I am currently about to buy a HTC One Developer Edition phone which has unlocked SIM and Bootloader and is compatible with: HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US) and i was wondering if i could get Verizon service on this phone as i am...
  51. J

    fixing mobile isp throttling?

    can i fix my mobile isp 's throttling of my internet
  52. palpatine7

    I want to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note II on Verizon

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some good advice and opinions on what I should do. I want to purchase a Galaxy Note II on Verizon and use it on their prepaid service, I would buy the phone outright, but I have been told Verizon's prepaid does not support 4G devices. (Is this true?) If I still...
  53. T

    rogers 3 year term is finaly up

    Its finaly over and im and im not sure where to go next, all 3 of my phones are kaput, a BB, little LG flippy phone and a nokia one i won. I dont want to spend outrageous amounts of money but i feel like i dont have a choice since i live in Canada, alberta, are there any deals out there that...
  54. 8

    want msgs off other phone

    retrieve messages from phones on account that have been deleted... one of the phones on my account reads n deletes msgs immediately. i want to read whats being sent n recived. how can i get these transcripts
  55. N

    Verizon Wireless plans?

    My mom and I both have basic phones but she can upgrade her's to a smartphone but according to this Verizon Website it would cost us a total of more or less $120. If she gets a smartphone could she just add on a data plan...
  56. G

    Please help me

    I've been getting calls on my home phone from 1-000-000-0000. I only answered once and no one was there. They call 2 to 5 times a day and it's really annoying. Any thoughts
  57. B

    Xsplit Streaming help

    My upload Speed is 5.39 mbs .Why can't i steam with a bitrate / buffer of 2000 at this upload speed? I even tried to go down to 1800 and switched between two different severs to stream to. My stream will drop or I will start dropping frames. From my understanding I should be able to stream at...
  58. Z

    Best budget way to watch cable TV

    I am looking for a cheap way to watch TV without having new cables installed. I have comcast digital cable with two cable boxes, but there are no connections in the room I want to watch TV in. So far the best thing I have seen was for $150 and $1-$5 a month, and it allowed you to watch wireless...
  59. R

    Problems with Youtube in the Evenings

    For the past few months, I have had a lot of problems with playing Youtube videos between ~5pm-midnight. Even when trying to play at 240p during these times leads to a lot of buffering and sometimes just being completely unplayable, but during the day and late at night I can play 1080p with no...
  60. P

    Texting problems can not send or receive

    I have a Sanyo Cell Phone and somehow my texting got messed up. I can not send or receive texts. Went to Sprint today and they worked on it for an hour. They said everything was ok with Sprint and they could not figure it out. I was told by someone else that I could a hard core reset is this...