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  1. S

    ISP torrent throttling slows down speed from 1.8 mbps to 1-5 kbps

    GTA 5 download(from skidrow games) with bittorent client,speed at first is very good above 1.8 mbps.But after a while it drastically reduces to less than 10 kbps.So decided to change client and give a try with utorrent.But same thing first 1.8mbps then reduces to 10kbps after 15...
  2. A

    Weird things going on....

    Hello everyone, Im not sure where to start so i just will start listing problem, i will try to be clear, bare with me. I just got a new Nighthawk R7000 Router from Netgear, it was recommended as one of the best as per this forum a couple of weeks ago. I got rid of my ISP's crappy router, and...
  3. S

    Can you port a cell phone to a landline?

    We ported a number we need to keep over to a cell phone, but would like to have the number on a land line is that possible? We switched ISP which is why the number was transferred to begin with.
  4. T

    1gbps internet but getting really slow speeds

    I've changed my ISP not long ago and I got a 1gbps internet but the problem is : I'm getting really upset by the fact that my download speeds vary from 8mbps to 20mbps ( rarely ) and the upload speeds goes around 100mbps to 500mbps, which is fine. I'm not being able to download files fast...
  5. L

    VPN and Chromecast

    I want to run the Kodi streaming app from my android tablet through my Chromecast without my ISP seeing it. I have Private Internet Access (vpn) on my laptop and android tablet. I've seen the solutions for a VPN enabled router and for setting up a virtual wifi/router and creating a hotspot . I...
  6. B

    touchscreen laptop ideas

    I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a touch screen laptop that has an ethernet port.I know this is an odd request but I have many troubles with my Wifi connection that my isp seems unable to rectify>so at the moment this would seem best option. I know many people will say switch isp but...
  7. Herc08 sites not working in Google Chrome

    So this is weird. I am usually good with software (in fact plan on taking the 220-901 exam today). But I can't figure this one out. This only happens in Chrome. When I first start it up, the website(s) works just fine, but after about 5 mins, it will be stuck on waiting. So I'm thinking this is...
  8. tfitch11

    Looking for AV/Malware Protection after possibly being hacked/keylogged

    Hey Toms! Recently I had a lot of accounts randomly compromised, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix + more. Per the message I received from Amazon, a list of emails + passwords was published somewhere, and I was one of those emails on it. I am in the horrible habit (which I'm trying to...
  9. V

    Connected, No Internet

    Ok so my WiFi has suddenly stopped working. This is both on my laptop AND my phone AND any other phones/tablets in the house. It says Connected, but no Internet. Since this is a problem on all devices, I'm assuming the problem is with the router/ my ISP? I'm in India and ISPs offer terrible...
  10. J

    Router's settings keep getting changed without my knowledge

    Am i in the right forum? If i'm not, apologies, it's my first time posting here :) Here's my problem. I have a Prolink H5004n ADSL router that i got from my ISP (PLDT), and it has been working great for about 3 years now. Since last year, i changed its DNS servers to OpenDNS and so far it's...
  11. E

    Sony XBR55810C or Vizio P-55 for both Cable and PC use?

    My toshiba 50" died a few days back and i have been researching 4K TV's. I have a budget of $1200 and the only 4K TV's that are said/reviewed to be really good for about that amount are the Sony 810C and P series 50"or 55" by Vizio. The Vizio 50" is only 60Hz and the other two are 120hz and the...
  12. L

    TV and Internet through different providers?

    I need to set up Internet through a different provider than my current TV service provider. What problems could I encounter, and how can they possibly be avoided?
  13. N

    Laptop having wifi trouble.

    So my mom's hp laptop decided to start having wifi issues today... We have a number of devices on the wifi, and hers in the only one that won't connect so it must be local to that computer right? It detects our wifi but won't connect and the troubleshooter can't find anything to fix. It was...
  14. J

    My VPN failed?

    I use IPVanish but I received a notice from my ISP Verizon. I am asking for help as I am not sure how this happened and I would like to prevent it from happening again. I use bit torrent for my material. Please help. Thanks
  15. F

    I have two android tablets and they both have authentication failed problems. How can I fix this?

    Authentications problems on two tablets. :??: Do I need to buy a new tablet or will this problem carry over to a new one? How do I conquer this authentication problem. It seemed to just pop up over night. I have WIFI and have talked to my ISP provider and they were no help. Will you please...
  16. henrytcasey

    135 Million Cable Modems Vulnerable to Easy Attack

    One of the most critically acclaimed and popular cable modems can be shut down by an attack you or I could easily pull off. 135 Million Cable Modems Vulnerable to Easy Attack : Read more
  17. F

    Will a VPN on my home network protect me from my ISP?

    I'm looking to set up a VPN on my linux machine to add a bit more security when I download. I'm going to be using OpenVPN and I know how to set up servers and what not but I'm unsure if my efforts would be worth it. If I set up a VPN on my home network and connect my computer to it to download...
  18. F

    Used Note 4 (Sprint) can't be identified at all by Sprint? Really weird..

    I just bought a used Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on eBay. Model SM-N910P. The previous carrier was Sprint and it was advertised as "clean ESN" meaning no outstanding balance, etc. When I received the phone, I tried activating service with a Sprint-based MVNO (TPO). The MEID comes up as "outstanding...
  19. F

    I need to change my ip

    ive called my isp and they cant change it but can I? I have xfinity and I really need to change it. thank you.
  20. S

    Windows 10 - Network is set to "Public" is this a problem?

    Hi, i have recently upgraded to windows 10 and i have also moved over to a new ISP, i have moved from wireless to ethernet also. But now under my Network and Sharing Center my active network is showing as a public network (this is just how it automatically set up, everything was plug and play...
  21. K

    Good free VPN

    Hello, I am looking for a completely free VPN that does not have bandwidth limits. I mainly want to get a vpn that protects me from ISP's looking at what I have been doing/streaming. I also connect to a semi-public network (something like school wifi), so I do not want the owners of the network...
  22. D

    Steam Client won't install games correctly

    Hello. I recently tried to install Fallout 4 on Steam and got the following error "An error occurred while updating Fallout 4 (download corrupt)". It says that it's queued, although it's staying like this. On a rare occasion it starts downloading again, but then immediately goes back to being...
  23. Dom_79

    Issues with Bitdefender Total Security 2016

    I recently purchased Bitdefender Total Security 2016 and ran into some major issues and was wondering if any of the Tom's Users/Moderators that use/recommend that product could help. As soon as I installed I noticed the time it took my browser(s) to load a webpage (tested sites several and used...
  24. P

    Upload Max Trafic

    Hello! First of all sorry if my question may sound as a beginner one, but trying to learn everyday. I have just started working on a ISP which uses a cable modem network (client service stil, lol ) and i am having a lot of issues with having a high upload use which blocks all the internet...
  25. A

    Are VPN'S really 100% private, even with torrents?

    Hello. This post is for the sake of knowledge and is in now way soliciting advice on breaking the law!!! I am more concerned with how protected we really are when we spend $ on VPN software. Torrents are a perfect example because if we are protected in this way then I would feel protected in...
  26. N

    Emails being delayed

    My incoming emails are randomly being delayed, anywhere from an hour to 10 hours. I use Outlook on Windows XP. I've spoken with my ISP and my mail service provider several times each. Sometimes they tell me about spam filters and rate limit thresholds but they mostly play the blame game...
  27. S

    USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter question

    My ISP just recently tripled our download speed for free to 300Mbps. Turns out my laptop only has a Fast Ethernet NIC. I am considering a USB 3.0 Gigabit adapter as I do have 3.0 on my laptop (Which makes me wonder why I only have a Fast E NIC) My question is for those how have used or tested...
  28. D

    choice between feature and power

    hi guys I need your help to choose between Flex and ThingPad : Lenovo Flex 2 i5-4210u / 6GB / 1TB+8GB ssd / Geforce GT840 4GB / FHD ISP LCD Lenovo ThinkPad E540 i7-4710MQ / 6GB / 1TB / Geforce GT720 2GB / HD TFT LCD I really like flex 2 but i7-4710MQ is much powerFul than i5-4210U . and I heard...
  29. C

    Trend Micro Internet Security vs Avast Free

    My ISP offers Trend Micro Internet Security free of charge to me, I am wondering would you say the Trend Micro is a better choice between Trend Micro and avast free?
  30. S

    Airtel SIM is not working in Nexus 5 device

    I have Nexus 5 with Airtel 2G SIM. Suddenly one day device was not able to detect Airtel SIM. I checked same SIM in another Nexus Device. It was working. Then I went to nearby LG service center, they inserted AIRTEL 3G SIM in my device and it was working. They told me it's network provider...
  31. P

    virus over WiFi

    Hey guys, dumb question... I had a family member over last night with an infected macbook. I had to connect to my WiFi via smart router provided by ISP. Anyhow, the connection required me to put my encrypted pw obviously. So my concern was after I connected the infected macbook to my WiFi with...
  32. T

    keep getting ddoses or dos, have a vpn and everything

    im a streamer/gamer and a guy keeps coming into my chat and attempting to say my address and phone number (both of which are wrong) then he says im taking you offline. well after a couple of minutes boom im offline, I have a vpn and everything, im literally at a lose of what to do, I called my...
  33. A

    Down/Upload speed nightmare

    am using a Toshiba Satellite 650-054 and need to get it run at or above ISP down and upload speeds. How can i go about resolving this quickly?
  34. M

    Internet not working after a day or so

    Hi, so I just got a new internet a few days ago. It was working fine but then it suddenly stopped working. So i've been messing with it and restarted the settings to the point when i got the modem from my ISP and started from the beginning again. It was working again and i was happy but only for...
  35. kep55

    Remove McAfee Anti-Spam

    Notice I said "Remove" , not "Uninstall". We do NOT have any McAfee products installed on any of our PCs. Our previous ISP had never installed any, nor did our current ISP. A search using Control Panel - Programs and Features - Uninstall does not show any McAfee products. There is nothing shown...
  36. Gamersam2012

    How to Hide Browsing from ISP ?

    I was wondering if there is a way to hide the internet browsing and the pages you open from the internet service provider so that he can never get to know which pages I open and What I do on the Internet.. Thanks
  37. W

    Cannot connect Outlook 2013 to Virgin Media smtp server. Unticked requires authenticaion but made no diff. Any ideas - VM hasn

    Intermittent problem sending emails. I have laptop with Windows 8.1 and Office 365. Outlook sent emails no problem until yesterday (May 28th). Suddenly doesn't work. Have contacted ISP and they don't get it either, but today rebooted SuperHub. After that a single email was sent, but subsequent...
  38. A

    Using a ADSL WIFI Modem+ Router only as a router

    Hello, I am using a D-Link 2750u Modem+Rtr, and my ISP has already provided me with a modem that receives a Co-Ax input and we get the internet via Ethernet. this Ethernet i have connecte dto our D-Link. I have configured the Router. But i can't seem able to get internet access. The Ethernet...
  39. J

    Will getting a second line run to my home from my ISP(Cable One) result in a higher speed for my home office?

    Will getting a second line run to my home from my ISP(Cable One) result in a higher speed for my home office? Or will it just be sharing the same connection but in a different way? I am going to be working from home in a customer support role using VOIP and would like to not be sharing...
  40. Shpati

    Need some Chrome apps/plugins to reduce data usage (we have a ISP data cap)

    My ISP had a 300GB Data Cap. It sounds like more than enough, but we have 5 heavy users in our household. So I need some ways to reduce the cap. I downloaded "Data Saver" for Chrome on all our devices, but that doesn't look like it will make differences in GBs, but maybe MBs. I downloaded a...
  41. K

    stolen phone galaxy

    Is it possible to track a stolen galaxy s5 that would have been wipped with the immi number or the isp address? From another phone?
  42. T

    Dxtory Help! (Audio channels screwed on file conversion)

    So i've been using dxtory for a while and the quality and output is excellent, but youtube is taking years to upload 720p videos with my ISP (around 9000 minutes for a 1.4gb video!!!), so i tried to convert the video using freemake video converter (also i moved the video to my android phone...
  43. seancaptain

    5 Surprising Things in FCC's Net Neutrality Regulations

    At long last, the Federal Communications Commission has released the full version of the net neutrality rules it approved (3 to 2) on Feb. 26 — all 400 pages of them. The first few pages contain no surprises for anyone who has been following the issue a 5 Surprising Things in FCC's Net...
  44. J

    Should i get the Lenovo y50-70 for a nice price?

    Okok, i found this ad online regarding the Lenovo Y50-70, The guy is selling it new in the box so it's unopened and he is selling it for 595$ I know the lenovo screen is terrible, it has bad viewing angles and the colours is washed out and stuff but due the price i'm maybe going to replace the...
  45. I

    Internet extremely sluggish and occasional "server not found" on firefox.

    Hello everyone I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. So long story short my ISP had a problem ("Unidentified Network") with my whole house yesterday, fixed the internet in 2 days , then only skype was working but firefox said "server not found" and other browsers didn't respond at all. Then I...
  46. P

    MSI GT72 Dominator OR Asus G751JT

    Whats up everyone? Alright so I have been looking at which one of these two to get for the last 3 weeks and can't really come to a decision. They are almost mirrors of each other! Read and watched for hours about the Pros and Cons of each etc. My findings show that MSI GT72 has: Pros Better...
  47. R

    I can surf the web, cant connect to any gamer sever and to any game login server

    I can surf the web but a couple of weeks ago I could not connect to any gamer sever and to any game login server. In multiple games. Alcatel fierce kernel 3.4.5 firmware 4.2.2 Comcast isp Need some help. Thanks
  48. R

    Skype Robotic Sounds...

    Skype support probably sucks so I figured I'd ask the best tech community on the internet... I am following this guide here: I have Comcast as my ISP. I have tried literally everything including a HUGE 5 hour long...
  49. T

    Email bouncing Back from servers

    Hi , i am from an ISP in Zimbabwe. My clients are failing to send email to your domain for an unclear reason. Here is the error message we are getting each time we send to you. 2014-12-08 09:40:22 1Xxsve-000LyN-7W <= [] P=esmtp...
  50. E

    What Chromebook should I get?

    I'm looking for a Chromebook that I can use for taking notes and browsing the internet. More specifically, something that can handle multiple tabs at once. Also, should I lean towards 2GB or 4 GB of RAM?
  51. T

    Changed ISP but want to keep old email address.

    My desktop tower system (WIN XP PRO) has used my original email address through Outlook Express for years since Freeserve, Wanadoo, Orange, EE, etc. I have just change ISP to BT and was told I could keep my original address but, although I am receiving mail, I cannot send any. Can you (simply)...
  52. Z

    Website designing software for dummies what to use/look for?

    Hi, I just got the grand idea to create a quite simple website with a sort of blog touch to it. And I have no intention to host it at a web hotel due to financial issues, instead I had in mind to use my ISP's offered website space. I have virtually no understanding on how to work with html/css...
  53. W

    Mcafee Internet Security?

    Hey all, I got an email from my ISP saying that they are now including a free copy of McAfee Multi Access - Internet Protection and Password Manager with my internet service. I've been using AVG for about a year after Avast failed to detect some viruses including the FBI Green Dot Moneypak...
  54. G

    Verizon Fios Upload Speeds to Match Downloads

    Verizon Fios is getting a huge boost with upload speeds now matching downloads. The new plans start at 25/25 Mbps up and down. Verizon Fios Upload Speeds to Match Downloads : Read more
  55. B

    iphone 5 help

    why when I check the esn does it show the phone isn't blacklisted but doesn't tell me who the carrier is
  56. S

    Can you change an iPhone 4 from a Verizon plan into a Virgin Mobile plan

    I bought an iPhone from my friend that used to be on a Verizon plan and I just wanted to know if I can change it into a Virgin Mobile plan
  57. D

    how do i know last location of mobile number

    how do i know last location of mobile number REDACTED - SS
  58. I

    Torrent throttling at 0.1/KiB's?

    Hi. Sorry if I'm posting a software question in a hardware forum, but my issue is getting quite annoying. I'm on 4 torrents right now, each ~4GiB's in size. As I type, these torrents are throttling at 0.1-1,0kb/s. I've checked all the torrents' peers, and there are plenty of peers with 100% of...
  59. D

    Question Regarding Internet Usage & Being DOS'd

    In my home we currently don't have unlimited usage in terms of how much GB we use from download/upload usage and because of that, we check it on a daily basis to ensure that we aren't passing over our limit. As of recent, I've been getting DOS'd (not for an extremely long time, maybe max 20-30...
  60. yakamaster

    about Modem Booster 8

    I have been using modem booster for quite sometimes and I've been wondering whether this software would boost my net speed to the maximum after the data bundle offered by the ISP is over?(i haven't used the full data bundle yet)