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  1. C

    Old iPhone 4

    My wife has just been given an iPhone 4 from one of the colleagues at work. I've looked online and it seems there is an option to update the software to IOS 9 but this seems to have problems. Should I bother trying to update or just use the phone as is? The problem is that we can't download any...
  2. K

    Removing CDMA data

    Say I want to destroy the data on my old iPhone 4 that does not have a SIM card to take out & it uses CDMA. How can I do that? Also my old iPhone 4 won't accept my PW.
  3. 2

    how make call to one phone to other phone

    how to make a phone call to one phone to other phone
  4. H

    ipod nano question 2

    Will the iphone 4 charger work on an ipod nano 4th gen?
  5. R

    I have an ancient Samsung phone that I no longer use. I would LOVE to transfer pics to the new Iphone 4 that i just purchased

    I have an ancient Samsung phone that I no longer use. I would LOVE to transfer pics to the new Iphone 4 that i just purchased
  6. I

    My bf gave me his mom's old att IPhone 4. We had the password and reset the phone. How do I make my metro pcs sim card w

    unlocking someone's old iPhone 4 given to me to put my different carrier sim card into
  7. J

    i lost my iphone it's been gone for all most a week and i don't have money for another one it's dead please help me.

    its has a flip pink screen on it's black and its a 4s phone it also has chinese fortunes in it please help it's almost summer!!!!!!!1
  8. B

    I have a iphone 4 and a Mac book will it let me down load games a on the Mac and put it on my phone If any answers email me a

    I Have a iphone 4 can I get a game on my Mac then put it over on my phone if any answers please email me at edited by ffg7 by the way my name is bk
  9. G

    iPhone 4 without exterior access for SIM.

    Ordered tool kit for phone. Have little experience with computers (old computers). How hard to install new SIM.?
  10. D

    Need iOS7 Calendar w/ Synch and Detailed Month View

    We are stuck with a couple old iPhone 4's with iOS7 for now, and are trying to find the perfect calendar program. We need that a calendar can synch between the 2 phones and a desktop calendar, preferably all through iCloud automatically. We also need a detailed month view so we can see what...
  11. R

    Have a iPhone 4 locked in iCloud

    I have a AT&T iPhone 4 that I can't set up because it's locked in iCloud the phone is not black listed or stolen. Got it from a ex gf . It won't let me activate it till previous owner turns off iCloud/find my phone off. What are my options? Can I find out original owner from Apple?
  12. A

    iPhone 4 as a remote

    I have an LG Smart TV...Am I able to use my Iphone, as a remote, either to turn it on and change the channel, as well as connect to the Internet ? Thank you.
  13. Calum_

    New phone opinions

    Hello, I currently have the iPhone 4S, which is very slow, It struggles to run safari and notes etc. So I have two new phones in mind: The Galaxy Core Prime, or The HTC Desire 620. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Thundurh

    How do I sell my iPhone??

    Okay so I am going to sell my iPhone, and it has an AT&T SIM Card right now inside. First question, do I take the SIM card out when selling it? Second question, in my phones settings under 'About' it says Carrier: AT&T 16.0 does that mean my phone is locked to AT&T?? Last question, since my SIM...
  15. X

    Looking for new phone the size of Iphone 4s, preferably not more than 2 years old

    Hi, I'm looking for new phone. My Iphone 4s's battery is starting to die, and I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay for replacing the battery, since it will probaly be phased out soon. I don't have high standards for phones, but i'd like something relatively new so that I can have it for some...
  16. G

    Crushed Phone set

    I have a running contract on my iphone 4 with At&t and my phone got accidentally crushed. I don't have phone insurance. I need my phone line.can you advise on what to do.
  17. evilintheflesh

    IP Masking Applications for the PC and iPhone 4 ?

    Hi, i wanna know if there's any way i can change the IP of my desktop or my iphone to my work's IP server. Its so that i can log into work from home or view my work email from my phone.
  18. A

    can a verion iPhone 4 be used on net10

    If I buy a Verizon straight talk iPhone 4 will it work with net10 Verizon
  19. S

    Iphone Carrier Unlock

    Guyss i need your help again :D So i currently have a Iphone 4 and i want to carrier unlock it for free. There might be some hacks i dunno, by the way i've already jaibroken it. Help me please :x
  20. C

    Can I get a iPhone 4 that is still under contract,hooked up as a prepaid phone

    Can I get my Verizon contract iPhone 4s hooked up as a prepaid phone through either Verizon or anther network
  21. B

    Have downloaded the find iphone3.0 for my iphone 4, it loaded into my iCloud now how do I get it from there to home screen

    Moving find my iphone 3.0 on my iphone 4 from iCloud to front screen
  22. L

    So I made an update on my iPhone 4 and when I did it it said I have a locked SIM card to unlock I have to enter a pin code wit

    What do I do if I can't unlock my SIM card because I don't know or rather don't have a pin code like what???
  23. S

    Plz read this most likely would want to if you have touch screen tech

    Ok iam on an iPhone 4 now and I want to say that it's not easy and iam 13 and you can easily drop your phone and If you drop your phone you know it's dead well iam with cricket wireless on abbecorn Georgia(I don't remember how to spell abbecorn Brain fart sorry)well any way you can connet to...
  24. P

    iphone 4 Help.

    Hi. Last week I got my phone back and I tried turning it on with the Sleep/Wake button and that's when I noticed the stuck button.then I tried to see if it was dead so I decided to try to charge it. I tried the wall charged and checked everything and they where fine and then I tried my Windows 7...
  25. T

    i need an app that will allow me to tether my straight talk iphone4 to my acer pc

    when i use my iphone now as a hotspot i get a message say my phone is not set up for hotspot
  26. H

    can i update from 7.1.1 to ios 8.1.2 when signing window is closed?

    can i update from 7.1.1 to ios 8.1.2 when signing window is closed?
  27. D

    How to reset a Iphone 4 Verizon A1349

    i recently found a iPhone 4 verizon with no sim card ...and iliked it ...but its old and need some updates ....at the moment that i click on updates the phone ask me for dhe app store pasw of the old user that losted this ....how can i reset the phone and use it normally how i want ....its an...
  28. Akalanka Umayanga

    iPhone 4 jailbreak

    Can i jailbreak my iphone 4 with redsn0w IOS 7. if i cant jailbreak my device with redsn0w what is the best softwear to do it.
  29. M

    My iPhone 4 is saying it's sprint but when I checked the Meid it says verizon??? Please help....can I put back on my sprint ac

    Having trouble with my iPhone 4... It says it's sprint but when I checked the Meid it says verizon? Can I use on my sprint contract ?
  30. A

    Iphone4 network not working

    Iam pc conecting as recovery mode not connection only storage
  31. K

    I have a verizon iphone4 And it don't have a sim slot , is there a way it can still work in nz ?

    I have a verizon iPhone 4 and it don't have a sim slot is there a way it' can work in New Zealand ??
  32. R

    iPhone 4 not being picked up by computer or iTunes

    I've been having this problem since I can remember but I am now looking to back up photos and wipe it due to getting new phone. When I plug it into the computer it makes a sound like it picks it up and the phone starts charging but it doesn't show up in devices or iTunes. I have gone through...
  33. L

    Android running on a iPhone 4

    Note: Dont tell me to buy a android device because I am waiting until project ara comes out.(http://www.projectara.com/) Anyways I am really sick of ios and how you are compleatly restricted on what you can do. So i want to put android 5.0 Lollipop on it. 1 How can I do this. 2 Would android run...
  34. K

    i purchased an iphone 4 on ebay for straight talk and its verizon. the seller sent a network access code card with it and i al

    Need help activating phone
  35. E

    Cant connect iphone 4 to wifi in france but the wifi works with laptop

    Hi , I'm in France near the Alps on a ski trip , I have my laptop , the hotel WIFI is free and seems to be working well on here however it will not connect to my iphone 4 every time i try it says " safari couldn't connect because it couldn't establish a secure connection to the server" its...
  36. M

    Locked icloud problem

    Hi, I have bought an used iphone 4s from a buyer on ebay and after receiving the phone i tried turning it on and it asked for an apple id and password(which obviously i don't have) , i tried everything till now, tried calling apple proving that i bought it from ebay, Nothing, tried calling the...
  37. A

    If I go to Straight Talk will my iPhone 4 from Verizon work?

    seeking info on taking my fulfilled contract iphone 4 from verizon to straight talk
  38. N

    iphone not recognised on my computer and picasa

    my iphone 4 doesnt show up on 'my computer' and picasa doesnt recognise it either, although the itunes sync does seem to be working fine and it does show up in devices and printers. the main thing i need is to be able to access my photos. thanks
  39. S

    how to reprogram my Verizon iPhone for two straight talk with no Sim card

    I want to reprogram my Verizon cdma iPhone 4 to straight talk. But my iPhone 4 doesn't take a sim card
  40. J

    game controller for iphone 4

    im looking for a controller for my sons iphone 4 but they all seem overpriced and pretty shabby ,i would appreciate some links to decent controllers please
  41. M

    I have an iPhone 4 that I bought from a friend of a friend. I have straight talk and I tried to activate it. At first they tol

    Is Bluegrass Cellular my provider on this used iPhone?
  42. B

    Can you transfer an iphone 4 over to straight talk in maine 04268 towers

    If somebody has an iphone and used it with a plan, and now they are giving it to me but i wanna put it through straight talk? Can i do that?
  43. W

    How do I find out who is calling from a number that I can see the number on called I'd but doesn't show a name

    A number called my cell phone but I don't recognize it. What app for an AT&T IPhone 4 can I use to find out the name of the person the number belongs to
  44. R

    iPhone 4 won't turn on

    I've been using my iPhone4 for about 3-4years now. My phone was off since morning, throughout the day I could not on it. I remember it was 84% or more but I just could not understand why it won't turn on after I charged it! It just showed me the Apple logo and black background. what happened and...
  45. M

    Want to change my iphone 4 from Verizon to straight talk. How do you do this?

    Change verizon iphone 4 to straight talk
  46. J

    Zip code compatability

    Check iPhone 4 compatibility on ST site states all good. Bought BYOP activation kit and not receive message stating service not available in my zip code.. ST of no assistance. Any advice?
  47. T

    iPhone 4 water damage and light won't turn off.

    Just woke up to Siri trying to talk to me. Seems that somehow m glass of water next to my bed was spilled (I assume it was the dog; he's been a bit hyper all night). Most of the water fell to the floor, but a bit was spilled on my nightstand, where my iPhone 4s was. I wiped it down, took it out...
  48. M

    what is the cell phone system in usa?

    i live in egypt and my dad is in usa for a week, he doesn't know anything about cellphones and i want to get an iphone from usa but when i looked on amazon and bestbuy i found that the phones come with 1-2 year contracts with some of cell phones service providers in usa i don't really understand...
  49. B

    verizon iPhone4 to straight talk

    I bought a Verizon iPhone 4 on eBay and trying to transfer my straight talk number to it. I done all the steps for it but now I'm just waiting. It's been at least 48 hours and still not activated. How long does it takes to work?
  50. M

    Help me please

    When I call people on my iPhone 4 it says this number is barred and it says thy with all numbers
  51. C

    help with picking a new phone

    i've been using an iphone 4 for the past couple of years and would really like to get a new phone. i have been considering getting an android but am hesitant since ive been an iphone user my entire life and have a lot of music and games on my iphone. i will be mostly doing average consumer stuff...
  52. K

    Restoring an Iphone? Please help i'm desperate

    I forgot my iphone 4 passcode and i tried so many times the phone became disabled, so i put it in recovery mode and tried to restore it and it turned out i also had to update it and as it was updating my phone turned on and itunes had a message saying "cant connect to iphone because it is locked...
  53. S

    can i upgrade an 8gb iphone to a 16gb without changing phones?

    I want to change the memory size of my iPhone 4 from 8gb to 16gb
  54. K

    I need help

    Hello i have a couple of iphone 4/4s that need to be unlocked. I fully own them and am just wondering how to unlock them. Any help. Thank everyone who helps and answers.
  55. K

    Iphone 4-4s unlocking

    Hello i have a couple of iphone 4/4s that need to be unlocked. I fully own them and am just wondering how to unlock them. Any help.
  56. J

    Find deleted things off of an iPhone 4

    Cheating girlfriend what is she hiding
  57. C

    I'm with ST now but I am looking to buy an iPhone 4/4s from verizon. Will I be able to use that phone with ST? I've red so man

    I'm with ST now but I am looking to buy an iPhone 4/4s from verizon. Will I be able to use that phone with ST? I've read so many different things and I'm confused and I NEED HELP PLEASE!
  58. S

    Can you change an iPhone 4 from a Verizon plan into a Virgin Mobile plan

    I bought an iPhone from my friend that used to be on a Verizon plan and I just wanted to know if I can change it into a Virgin Mobile plan
  59. WhiteSnake91

    Can you use Iphone 4 on Straight Talk/Net10 CDMA BYOP plan?

    I deactivated my iphone 4 with Verizon prepaid because I want something with unlimited data, their plan cost the same as ST/Net10's but only has 500mb data. It has a clean ESN too. When I enter in the serial number on both ST and Net10's website to verify the phone will work with their CDMA BYOP...