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    Can I use Xcode on an old Macbook air/pro

    Im looking to buy a macbook air/pro but im on a budget, im looking to buy one from the ~2012 models. I want to use Xcode on it but i dont know whether it will work on old models or whether it works on all models. Thank you
  2. T

    MacBook or MacBook Pro for school?

    Hello, for school I’m trying to decide between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook. Obviously for school I want something that’s very light, thin, and overall very portable. However, by the specs of the MacBook, you seem to be paying simply for the thin, light, and portablity. For the same price...
  3. B

    MacBook Air - Liquid Damage

    Hello. So I was cleaning my laptop and I was stupid enough to spray a cleansing liquid (that kills bacteria, that's why I used it) over the screen and a bit over the keyboard. The laptop was on because I usually don't turn it off. I wiped it and left it. After a few hours I wanted to use it and...
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    How to Connect a MacBook Pro to a Projector

    There are times you might want to connect your MacBook to a projector, be it for those holiday pictures and videos for friends and family, or giving a presentation to your employers. Almost every projector out there has Mac support, and connecting to one is not a difficult job. You can get it...
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    How to Choose the Right MacBook for Your Usage

    There is no shortage of MacBook options on the market. The shapes may be similar, but the storage sizes are not. The screen dimensions differ from model to model, along with battery life. In addition, different processors with varying clock speeds run the system, and there are extras such as...
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    How to Fix a MacBook that Won’t Turn On

    MacBook isn't turning on? Although rare, this does happen. You might have come across this situation yourself. But what do you do? It's so daunting to think of life without your MacBook. Fortunately, there are a few ways to set your MacBook right. Just follow these simple steps to get it up and...
  7. Kcsingh

    Gaming laptop Suggestions. max 2700 Euro

    Hey guys! Normally a desktop gamer, but need a laptop that i can use when i travel and sometimes for work. I have a macbook pro 13 Touchbar and a 15" macbook pro which runs a few of the games fine, WoW and csgo, but i need a laptop that can run OW, CS, WOW, CoD, battlefied games. Last...
  8. palash89

    Macbook Air is not powering on after charging with 60W charger

    My Macbook Air supports 45W power adapter. But I lost it. So I brought a third party 60W power adapter as I found somewhere in apple forum that you can use 60W charger in Macbook Air. But after charging with that adapter my Macbook is not powering on. Whats wrong?
  9. C

    Can't Reinstall macOS Sierra

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2016 12" MacBook 1.2Ghz. This is the first Mac I've every owned and have very little experience with them. I purchased it from someone with all of their files still on the hard drive so I held command+r to enter the utilities menu. I tried reinstalling Sierra using...
  10. E

    How to transfer files from Macboo to my iPad 9.7

    How can I transfer/or copy files,folders,music, ect from my Macbook to my new iPad 9.7
  11. D

    Air compressor issue

    I recently bought an air compressor. As I was dusting of my MacBook. A sort of white film came out, but it disappear quickly without leaving any residue. I still got afraid. Especially because I did it while it was on. Thank god nothing weird happened. I turned it off the whole night and turned...
  12. N

    Macbook Pro vs XPS 13, which should I buy?

    I bought a mid 2017 Macbook Pro (my first Mac). A year on I've been highly satisfied with the purchase. My friend is seeking advice for laptops, either mac or windows will be fine, for around the £1000-£1300 range. They were looking to buy a Macbook pro as well, and although I'm very satisfied...
  13. A

    Can I use a MacBook Air 2017 for a heavy Android applications with Android Studio , emulators and Google Chrome?

    Can I use a MacBook Air 2017 for a heavy Android applications with Android Studio , emulators and Google Chrome? Please Help
  14. D

    flat screen TV as a 2nd monitor for my MacBook Air.

    I see how to "mirror" but I want to use it as a 2nd Monitor with my MacBook Air.
  15. N

    Solved! Unresponsive MacBook can’t turn on

    Late 2009 MacBook keys, trackpad and power button unresponsive. The laptop is on sleep but I can’t get it to ‘turn on’. Any suggestions? It was off and I had to open up the back to jump start the laptop to turn on. I noticed all the keys worked except the space bar. The laptop then went idle...
  16. S

    Solved! How to set video as wallpaper for Macbook?

    :??: Question: I am using a Macbook Pro 15inch manufactured in 2015. Can I use a video as wallpaper on the Macbook Pro? :no: Answer: There is no way for you to set a video as wallpaper for Macbook computers. You should not use it as it will make your Mac hotter and consume more power. :ange...
  17. G

    The 15 iOS Apps We Want on Our MacBooks

    Apple bringing the Stocks app to the Mac is much more interesting when you realize it's just the start of a future with iOS apps on MacBooks. The 15 iOS Apps We Want on Our MacBooks : Read more
  18. J

    Solved! MacBook Air mid 2012 - not supported

    Hi, I have a MacBook Air (Mid 2012). I'm a bit of a technophobe and only use it really for internet, email etc. However, I have started using it to build a website on Shopify and it's now saying that my mac via Google Chrome is not supported by Apple... Is it possible to install a new...
  19. S

    Bypass Apple ID to factory reset my MacBook

    Bypass Apple ID and restore my macbook
  20. B

    Cloning Drive and swapping it

    I got a friend of mine who wants to swap the HDD in his old mid 2012 Macbook with an SSD. I had the idea to clone the old drive to the new one and just swapping them. Would this work?
  21. D

    Samsung Galaxy 3

    Can I retrieve my whatsapp msgs from my stolen phone.
  22. B

    How to transfer data/files from Macbook Air with no screen to another device?

    I have had water damage to my Macbook air and the laptop screen will not turn back on even though the keypad works. I really need the files off that laptop and transfer it to another laptop or computer. what is my best and most affordable option? Can I do it myself at home?
  23. A

    Selenium in MacBook Air 2017

    Hi Guys, Can someone please tell me if Selenium Automation tool works as expected on MacBook Air 2017? I'm not sure as I'm new to both Mac as well as Selenium. Should I go ahead with Mac or stick to Windows for Selenium? Thanks in advance!
  24. netsuJ

    Thunderbolt to HDMI not working

    I'm using my Macbook for my theater and I am having trouble getting the image to project. I have a Thunderbolt to HDMI which I then tried to connect to my receiver. I tested connecting the HDMI directly to the projector and it works, but I want to connect through the receiver and use my...
  25. netsuJ

    Bass Shakers not working through PC

    Hi, I currently have bass shakers under all 8 of my theater seats, but they don't seem to be working well. I've tested them while watching a movie through a DVD player and they work amazing, but when I connect my MacBook, they barely work at all. I use a Thunderbolt to HDMI and connect that...
  26. C

    Should I trade my Macbook Pro???

    I recently bought a gaming PC and it does just about everything I need so far. I have a Late 2013 Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.3ghz Quad Core i-7 16gb Ram 500gb SSD 750m 2gb GPU Now this is an amazing machine still and I mostly used it for Photoshop/music/movies But I have an offer of a 2015 iPad...
  27. Mark Spoonauer

    Apple's Laptops Have Hit Rock Bottom

    Apple's poor finish in Laptop Mag's annual Best and Worst brands report should be a wake-up call to the entire company. Apple's Laptops Have Hit Rock Bottom : Read more
  28. A

    Unknown Macbook Problem

    I'm working on a customers mac book pro which has the issue of constant restarting. When I first received the laptop, it wouldn't make it past the boot up screen. After trouble shooting with the various solutions google provided, the problem still persists. However, there are some boot ups now...
  29. K

    Need help deciding

    So here is my current situation. I bought a MacBook air for my wife in 2014 for her school. She has since started a new job after graduating and got a new lenovo (Which is very nice) for work. She gave me the MacBook and I use that for school sometimes. I also built a gaming PC which I do most...
  30. S

    How to Uninstall a Program from MacBook Pro

    There could be two types of programs installed on your MacBook Pro running Mac operating system (macOS High Sierra for this example) namely: ■Obtained from a third-party website (.dmg file) ■Obtained from App Store Although the steps for removing each of the program types vary, the removal...
  31. S

    MacBook Battery Running Out Quickly? Here’s How to Fix

    The MacBook Pro of Apple is certainly sleeker than before with a wide Retina display, Multiple USB-ports and a quick SSD storage and most important of all a ten hour battery life. But it so happens that you are unable to get the desired battery life from your MacBook and there being lots of ways...
  32. S

    How to Factory Reset a MacBook Pro

    You may want to factory reset your MacBook Pro if has become sluggish, the important settings are completely messed up and can’t be restored back to normal due to the complexities, or some corrupt app or system files have made your computer behave obnoxiously. Although resetting your MacBook...
  33. S

    How To Increase or Decrease MacBook Pro Fan Speed

    The temperature of your MacBook depends greatly on its processing and usage. At times, your processor’s temperature can become very high, which may cause trouble while working. This might be due to the slow speed of your system’s fan. If your MacBook is facing similar issues, you can modify and...
  34. A

    Which one is good for Programming and Video Editing ? MacBook Air 2017 i5 7th gen or HP Envy i5 8th gen? both have SSD's

    Which one is good for Programming and Video Editing ? MacBook Air 2017 i5 7th gen or HP Envy i5 8th gen? both have SSD's
  35. K

    Macbook A1181 2008 boots but no display

    My macbook 2008 A1181 chimes and boots but no display, even the external monitor doesnt come on.
  36. H

    Broke my Macbook air 13i nch screen

    So I recently broke my macbook air 13 inch 2017 version's screen. It is usable but purple,blue vertical lines are on my screen. How much would it be to replace it at apple?
  37. K

    Swap SSD between Macbook Air 13 models

    Can I swap my Macbook Air 13 (2015) SSD into my Macbook Air 13 (2014)? The logic board went bad in the 2015 and this has all my data.
  38. H

    Solved! M.2 SSD in Macbook air 2015

    Hi all, I am hoping to upgrade my 2015 macbook air. I would like to put m.2 ssd in it. Is this possoble and what do i need to know before purchasing this. Above ^ is the exact model. Thanks
  39. B

    2010 MacBook (8gig ram) Vs 2017 MacAir ?

    (2.4MHz for both) core 2 Duo with more cash or newer i5 MacAir. Is worth the $999 to updrade?
  40. L

    Live Stream from my Sony a5100 camera

    I'm lost. My husband is having a meeting on Saturday that he would like my help livestreaming to an audience at a distance. There will be a speaker with a microphone, and a stage. I need to find out how I can use my Sony a5100 to livestream through my computer, but also how to get the audio...
  41. J

    How to connect a MacBook, a PC, and one headset with microphone

    Hello! I have the following hardware: - MacBook Pro Mid 2015 with one 3.5mm audio port (mic, ground, right, left) - Mic/Headphones splitter - Plantronics headset with 2 3.5mm audio jacks (both stereo) - 2 stereo 3.5mm audio jack cables - PC with 5 3.5mm audio ports (each works independently...
  42. M

    Looking for used macbook, which is best for me?

    Hello, I may be purchasing a macbook. Size doesn't matter, and neither does it being used, or being old. I just want to be able to watch youtube, type in forms, and browse the web. Any models that may fit this catagory, and are sub $150 used? Also, where should I buy used macbooks? Thanks a lot!
  43. M

    Water damaged keyboard

    Hello, I am currently, writing this on a macbook that has a few keys water damaged. The major keys are ., M, Comma, L, and N. (I can write with these keys using the on screen keyboard). Any suggestions to fix these keys?
  44. T

    What type/year of Macbook is this?

    Hello, I'm a complete noob to Macbooks but I can tell I think this Macbook is a little older. I saw this Macbook on Facebook for $280. I was wanting to know if this computer is worth it or should I fix my Toshiba Satellite C655 with an older i3 processor and 8GB of RAM because I want to try out...
  45. J

    MacBook Air Purchase Help

    I am a high school student looking to purchase a new 2017 MacBook Air. I want to use my laptop for coding and photo editing as well as everyday things such as media consumption and browsing the internet. Although I am not paying for the laptop myself I just wish to get the most bang for my buck...
  46. A

    Macbook administrator and wi-fi problem

    Hello there, my sister seem to be having some problems with her Macbook Air. She is unable to connect to wifi and login as administrator. When any program needs administration rights she needs to input a username and a password. Whenever she inputs her username and password it doesn't login even...
  47. G

    Purchasing First Macbook

    I am looking to purchase a Macbook either the air or Pro. I work in the IT field and need to learn Mac's. I am leaning towards the air as it still has a decent video card and I won't be doing much with it except watching YouTube videos, internet and other small items. I've read that new models...
  48. M

    Solved! MacBook shuts down when not connected to MagSafe charger

    My sister's Early 2015 MacBook Air won't turn on with the power button on the keyboard or by opening it. It only turns on when connecting the charger. Before logging into the computer, the charger LED shows red, and when she logs in it shows green. The power bar at top says 100%. The System...
  49. C

    Premiere Pro is so hard to work on my MacBook!

    Hello to everyone! First of all I apologize to you for my bad english. About a month ago I bought a Macbook with great hopes. The only reason for this was that my old computer was now inadequate for video editing. But I am having a great disappointment right now. First of all I want to give you...
  50. D

    Advice on a Macbook

    Hello everyone, I’m looking at getting a MacBook. Controversial, I know, but I’ve decided on Mac over windows. Primary use case will be for uni, essays / research etc. I use iPad Pro for note taking (which is fantastic). I also want the notebook to be capable of doing content creation- Adobe...
  51. A

    Macbook Pro 13" 2010 HUGE problems

    So my macbook from 2010 stopped recognising my 128gb samsung 830 series SSD. I plugged it into my desktop computer and it sees it just fine so the SSD appears to be okay. I put it back in my macbook and tried booting it dozens of times, a couple of times it actually saw the SSD and booted into...
  52. M

    Buying a Budget 13" Laptop, Help?

    Hello All I am looking to buy a 13" laptop preferable but can go for 15" for under $450. I know it is not the highest budget but it is have we can afford. We need to replace an old macbook that has decided to stop working. The macbook was an intel i5 @2.3 GHz with 4GB ram 2011 model. Any...
  53. S

    Macbook Air 2017 (MacBookAir7,2) ssd upgrade

    Hello I've bought MacBook Air for school this year and I was thinking about upgrading storage from 128gb to 512gb. I was thinking about Samsung 960 EVO 500gb. Will I need any adapter or will this ssd fit just right? Also, are there any cheap ssd enclosures so I can keep using my 128gb ssd for...
  54. J

    MacBook doesn't charge

    My MacBookPro 2015 doesn't charge but I can use it while it is connected to a power source, however the batter percentage stays at 0%. When I disconnect the MacBook from the energy source it immediately turns off. How can I solve this?
  55. S

    OLD Macbook Powerbook G4 - help with My Name

    I know nothing about Macs so please forgive me! An aged Macbook Powerbook G4 (running OSX 10.4.7) has come into my possession. I have no use for it but it seems to work OK and has various software installed etc. My problem is that I have found a folder i Users that belonged to a previous...
  56. H

    I don’t know what to buy

    I know nothing about laptops and I’m saving up for one. I know MacBook pros are really good laptops but they’re so expensive and I’m probably going to finance it through Best Buy, but I’m still weighing my options. What would you guys recommend for video editing?
  57. K

    Laptop is typing the wrong characters, which is leading me to type in the wrong Password

    Hey, So suddenly my keyboard has pretty much stopped working. Some keys do still work perfectly (all around the same area) and then others are typing characters that are around the key I pushed. So it would type around 2-4 characters, while just pushing one key. Therefore, I cannot put in my...
  58. R

    Solved! I don't know what's wrong with my Macbook key

    My Apple MacBook can't stop writing the letter "v" constantly and it goes away for a little bit when I restart my computer, but it always comes back.
  59. dmcfc

    What Ultrabook to buy today at Black Friday?

    So I've been looking for a while to buy a new ultrabook. However I don't really want to buy the really high end models. So I'm placing my budget as $850. As far as today's deals go, I've seen the Huawei Matebook X going for $800 on amazon and the macbook air (I know it's kind of dated, but...
  60. S

    Macbook Mid 2010 purple screen when moving lid

    Hi, I have a graphic problem with my Macbook mid 2010. When I open the lid and start the laptop, the colours start acting weird. Normally the starting screen is white with a black apple but regurly its inverted, black screen with white apple. When I log the screen is purple and everything what...