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  1. A

    laptop for programming

    Hello everyone.I will start a masters degree in February (mathematical engineering)and i am looking for a laptop that i can use at the university for programming,coding etc. I think at the master we will use matlab,python and c++ is it better to get mac os or windows with dual boot linux?My...
  2. J

    How strong of a magnet do you need to "break" a macbook air?

    I was just wondering, I have searched and from the looks of it you need a magnet strong enough to pick up a car in order to ruin todays hard drives. Another question, do macs even use hard drives or ssd's? Plus when a magnet is put by the charging port you can hear something stop, a fan or...
  3. J

    Macbook bricked completely

    Was trying to update to the latest version of OS Sierra (10.12.6) and Mac suddenly shut down. It gives me question mark on a file when trying to boot. Power and then command - opt - R gives nothing, the same question mark. Power and then command gives mouse cursor only. What to do next?
  4. R

    Solved! Keyboard mouse unresponsive

    Hello, I have a MacBook 13" 2015 that started acting up lately. When I started my MacBook the mouse and keyboard wouldn't respond. I just brought my MacBook to an authorized apple dealer and they said my main logic board isn't working and that it will cost around 500 dollars to fix it. I'm...
  5. M

    Macbook Air 13' only charge battery when on

    Couple days ago I spilled some water on my Macbook Air. So, I turned off my laptop and tried to dry it off. The next day, I turned on my mac and everything seemed to be working fine. So I realized that my mac doesn't recognize the charger anymore when it's turned off. I tried to charge my mac...
  6. T

    Macbook 12" worth it in 2017 ?

    Dear community, I am looking for a laptop around 500 bucks, while I am a hardcore Android/Windows user, for the previously specified price, windows laptops aren't looking too good. I found a couple of MacBook's on eBay (12", Core M 5y31 1GHZ, 2015), and they look like a much better deal than...
  7. D

    Solved! Possibility of upgrading SSD in MacBook Air 2017

    I planned to purchase a MacBook Air 2017 128gb variant. Can I upgrade 128gb ssd to 512gb ssd using Samsung M.2 EVO 960. As, I live in India , the Apple stores doesn’t have 512gb variant and I can get the 128gb for cheap upgrade to 512. If it’s possible. Please help me through.
  8. D

    Ransomware Macbook Air

    So basically, somehow Ive managed to get infected by a ransomware on my macbook air. The computer is now locked and when booting, it asks for a pin code to unlock the computer. It also says that I should contant a weird e-mail address for further help. What should I do? Thankful for answers.
  9. I

    Speed up the key on my MacBook Air

    I am trying to type on my MacBook Air I have to press each key to three times and it still is not working
  10. DT523

    Audio Controller Dead?

    A buddy of mine has a MacBook Air (late 2013) A1466. About 2 days ago, the audio was fine. Now it won't recognize the audio devices at all and there's a loud feedback sound when you plug in headphones. He is a Fire Chief and he uses this for presentations, so he definitely needs audio back. Any...
  11. R

    Need help choosing a laptop

    I am buying a laptop and I have narrowed it down to two models with similar price which were recommended to me. I am unsure whether to go with a MacBook Air, or a Dell Inspiron 13 7000. The prices are similar (with discount code), the Dell is around £750, the MacBook Air around £850 - however...
  12. M

    Macbook 12 2015 m7 ssd512 or 2016 m3 256ssd

    Hello, I can get the 2016 m3 with 256 ssd for 770€ or the 2015 m7 with 512ssd for 1000€. I dont know what to do, I dont really need more than 256gb... Is it very different the 2015 m7 and the 2016 m3 in day by day use? I'm a regular user. Note: 2016 has more than 1 year of warranty remaining...
  13. M

    Macbook 12 m7 2015 or m3 2016

    Hello, Which one has more power? I can get one of them at the same price, but im not sure... Any sugestion? Thank you
  14. B

    New Laptop Mac or windows

    Guys iam a programmer fresh graduate i develop in C\C++\C#\php\my sql\oracle\Microsoft visual \Microsoft Sql Server\Matlab\Android Studio\Java My current windows laptop iam struggling with having processing issues and ram issues and fan issues HP 15.6" 1366*768 A10-5745m R7M260 4gb 1600mhz 3h...
  15. S

    WHat is the best Macbook laptop that has a good graphics card ?

    My friend wants to buy a Mac but he is confused which one to buy so he asked me for advice i have no idea about mac so i asking the group . His main purpose is rendering and light gaming .His main criteria the laptop should have a good graphics card for rendering .
  16. J

    macbook air water spill and charging issues

    So a couple weeks ago I spilled about a cup of water on my Macbook Air and it instantly shut itself down. I thought it was probably a goner, but I gave it a week to dry out and then tried turning it on. Amazingly, it started up as usual and everything was just as I had left it and seemed to be...
  17. G

    How do I reset my MacBook Air to factory

    Command and R doesn't bring up Utilities to do so
  18. xaephod

    Early 2009 Macbook - Add SSD - move OS

    I have as mentioned an early 2009 MacBook. I have an SSD in another laptop I no longer want to use. It has a perfect version of Windows 10 on it. I would like to install this SSD in the MacBook, migrate my current OSX El Capitan to the SSD and Keep the current version of Win10. How do I do that...
  19. J

    Do I need antivirus? Turn on firewall or not?

    Do most macbook users have anti-virus, or not? Also, I was looking through the settings and was surprised to see that my firewall was turned off by default. I assume that means I don't really need to turn it on?
  20. J

    Going to buy a macbook tommorow! Which one?

    So I'm going to buy either the macbook pro 13 inch or the macbook air 13 inch tomorrow. At 150 dollars off with the student discount, the macbook air is highly tempting. However, I have heard on the grapevine that the macbook air is more fragile than the macbook pro? Obviously I don't plan on...
  21. R

    are these macbook pro good in 2017

    im looking to buy my sister a macbook is the MD102LL/A a good model or should i go with a MMGF2LL/A ?
  22. T

    Which Macbook should I get?

    I'm looking to buy a macbook pro MAINLY for video editing with a sprinkle of running bootcamp and playing some steam games. I've tried doing my own research but I can't decide if it's worth spending the extra money on the 2016, 15 inch w/ touchbar. Or save a little and get the 2015 version...
  23. M

    Solved! Need help buying laptop for Computer Science

    Hello guys In January I will start studying computer science. And both my future teacher and friend who graduated last year recommended me buying me a good laptop instead of a desktop pc since apparently i won't need the desktop. I have a budget of $1200 max (right now) or up to $1700 with the...
  24. G

    Can i use my macbook with a mousepad?

    Hello everyone, i just bought a macbook pro for editing purposes and was wondering if i can place it on top of an extended mousepad because at my institute the workspace is not so good and clean. And because i am editing i will use a mouse and want a mousepad anyway. So can i work this way? I am...
  25. J

    MacBook 12 2015 vs 2016

    Hello! What would you suggest to buy? - Model 2015 with Core M5 and 512 GB SSD or - Model 2016 with Core M3 and 256 GB SSD Both almost the same price
  26. M

    What is better: Asus ux310ua vs Macbook Air 13,3

    Hi, I'm looking for an ultrabook and accord my budget there are two options, 1 ASUS UX303UA-FN110T LED 13.3 Full HD Core i5 (6200U) RAM: 8GB 256GB SSD 2. Apple AIR MMGF2E/A LED 13.3 Core i5 RAM: 8GB 128GB SSD What do you think? What is the best option? I have never used a Macbook so it is...
  27. S

    Should I buy Macbook Air 2017 or Macbook Pro 2017 for 2D game development?

    Is the MacBook Air 2017 ok for developing 2D games or I should go for a MacBook Pro 2017? I need a laptop because I can't carry a desktop from my dad's house to my mum's etc. Also, I want an OSX computer because windows started to disappoint me and I find it more user friendly from any Linux...
  28. A

    Sennheiser HD600 on a 2015 Macbook Pro Without an AMP?

    Hello, I recently ordered the Sennheiser HD600 headphones for casual music listening. I was just wondering if my 2015 Macbook Pro would be powerful enough to push these headphones for the time being while I wait to order a Schiit Audio Fulla 2 AMP/DAC? I did previously have a pair of Sennheiser...
  29. n9neman

    Macbook frozen logo

    So, I have recently put mac OS onto this macbook pro that I have, because it didn't have an OS on it. Someone had removed it (for some reason). So, I hit command+option+r to do an internet recovery, and that seemed to work. Then, after picking the language and the country, it brought me to a...
  30. E

    TV flicker and pixel distortion when plugged into macbook via hdmi

    Every few seconds my screen flickers a bit (not to black, the pixels just get all distorted for a split second) Things to note: - I was just streaming to my tv last night and it worked fine. - Just installed 4-5 gb software update earlier today 2017 MacBook pro running sierra 10.12.6, Intel...
  31. C

    Macbook Will not turn on after installing windows vista without bootcamp

    So I decided to install windows vista on my MacBook pro, and I was able to successfully install it and use it for a couple of days. All of a sudden, it would not start at all. My macbook would not turn on at all. Now I really need it and It won't turn on. Someone help me please! I beg you! ...
  32. oweaponx

    Macbook for XCode?

    Hi group! Generally, I use either Windows or Linux for my computing needs. I've started getting in creating native Apps. For the Google Play store, it doesn't matter what OS. However, looking around the web, I've read that while it may be possible to run the OS in a virtual machine, I'm not...
  33. G

    Solved! Which Macbook pro to buy?

    Hello everyone, i want to buy a macbook mainly for some casual video and photo editing and media consumption. My sole reason for going the macbook route is Final Cut Pro and macOS experience (also i like the beautiful build quality of apple products). So i am going to be using the macbook for...
  34. LightningsalesUK

    2009 Macbook A1181 Not working.

    When plugged in it shows a green light on the charger, when I first clicked the power the fans spun up and seem to attempt to boot into the empty drive however No video. It does not have a battery so when I accidentally knocked the power out it would not boot or spin up again. Is the Laptop...
  35. K

    Solved! Powering on a Macbook with a broken keyboard controller

    Hi, Is there a way to power on a macbook without pressing the power button? The keyboard controller is broken, so none of the keys or powebutton work. I found a way to 'short out' the laptop to power it on, but is there a way I can do it through a keyboard or something along those lines? If...
  36. Forever Oleg

    Are refurbished MacBooks a safe bet?

    I've recently gotten a $700 award for a new laptop and decided to buy a Macbook. Since MacBook Air is the cheapest one available at a whooping $1000, the refurbished MacBook Pros such as this one...
  37. Forever Oleg

    Macbook Air $1000 vs Inspiron 14 7000

    I am really tight on budget. I need a decent laptop for college that can play light games, is comfortable, reliable, and fast. I will end up loaded with homework and projects for sure, so a good screen is a must. Because of my planned degree, I won't have time to spare, so productivity and...
  38. S

    Macbook Air(New Model) or ASUS 2-in-1 Q524UQK

    I'm going back to school soon and I need help choosing the right laptop. I would like to do my schoolwork efficiently while also playing minecraft and league of legends. I currently have the ASUS Q524UQK and it reaches high temperatures while gaming. I'm not sure if the Macbook Air would be a...
  39. X

    Long lasting Laptop, is it MacBook or a Gaming Laptop?

    I found myself interested in two type of Laptops, a MacBook Pro with Retina Display (MGX82) i5 2nd hand 93% battery wear 6000 mAh 47 cycle counts persoal warranty 6 months and an ASUS ROG 4K i7 6th gen (GL502VT) 6 hour (2nd hand around 4 hour and 20 minutes) warranty until September 2017...
  40. N

    Laptop Not Playing Sound

    When my MacBook Air laptop is connected to my Asus monitor through the HDMI chord, my laptop won't play sound.
  41. P

    Solved! MacBook vs Surface Book for gaming

    I'm looking to replace my old MacBook and iPad, and would love to have a 2 in 1 that's great for graphics intensive games - After doing a bit of research, I'm wondering how the Surface Book would compare to a MacBook in regards to gaming(such as whether or not it's really worth it to spend the...
  42. E

    Why is does my MacBook freeze when moved?

    Hi, I bought a macbook pro A1278 2012 to repair and sell on a few days ago. The macbook freezes when moved, both with and without the charger. When the macbook freezes the screen comes up with a loads of lines on vertically, down the screen and then shuts down and boots back up on its own...
  43. P

    Using behringer xenyx 502 mixer

    Behringer xenyx 502 mixer Can this be used with a mic and MacBook as an input and a Sony speaker as the output? Thanks
  44. Z

    Solved! MacBook ESD Question

    Hey guys, I have 2 questions, and I apologize in advance if they are obvious answers. 1) I was on my couch and got up to check something on my MacBook Pro. When I got up I was walking on the carpet, and without thinking, I touched the trackpad of my MacBook Pro and I got a little static shock...
  45. H

    I did this but I now won't load past the apple logo screen

    My MacBook Air will not load past the apple logo screen. I don't know what to do.
  46. R

    Should I buy macbook air or any other windows pc in that price range?

    I am a student and i want to do android development in my laptop will macbook air be able to run it smoothly or not ?
  47. M

    in terms of durability and fewer repairs, which Macs are the best and worst?

    Hassle-free, long lasting Mac models (i.e . MacAir vs Macbook vs Macbook Pro).
  48. T

    Can someone help me with this??

    I have a difficult time on choosing weather to use macbook or a windows based laptop.Because as per my studying about macbook there is no a usb port.Is that true and will it be helpful for my studies.Other than that,what are the windows based laptop is the best choice for universities uses.
  49. T

    Should I upgrade to 8gb RAM?

    I have a Late 2008 MacBook (Aluminium) currently running with 4gb RAM. I know I can upgrade to 8gb and that has been my intention for a long time. I am currently running MacOS Sierra. If I upgrade to 8gb, would I notice much of a performance improvement? I've noticed recently that the memory...
  50. T

    Choosing a new Laptops

    I currently have the Macbook air 2015 edition, I am looking to get a new laptop. My University isn't very big on Apple, and they reccomend having a Windows laptop. So therefore I am going to be switching over The tricky part here is that i want a laptop that is functional for doing homework...
  51. L

    MacBook Air vs surface pro - medical student/residency

    My MacBook Pro (from 2010...) is about to bite the dust and I'm debating what to get next. I'd like something light and fast because I'll probably be carrying it around the hospital for the next few years but I also need to be able to take notes during a few weekly lectures. I'm leaning...
  52. P

    Need a 17" Macbook laptop

    I'm in need of a Apple laptop with a 17" display. Does anyone think that Apple will mfr a laptop again with a 17" display?
  53. K

    Macbook air resolution look good connected to HD TV?

    Hello, I was wondering if my MacBook air 13 screen (early 2015) with a resolution of 1440x900 would look good if it was connected to a 1920x 1080 (42inch) T.v.? I want to watch more movies on a bigger tv and was going to buy a HDMI adapter that would allow me to watch movies on the T.V., I'm not...
  54. A

    how can format macbook air

    i can`t format my mac
  55. M

    connecting an eletric guitar to macbook

    is there a cable that i can get that will plug in one end into my guitar and the other into my computer so i can record songs? I've look everywhere and i can find anything.
  56. W

    Macbook Air resolution and spreadsheets, desktop space

    Hi All, I know this is a terrible common question, but I have specific use of laptop for work. My company is on Macbooks, and I am gonna get Macbook Air too. However I can decide not too. I thought Mac will a nice adventure and everyone likes Macs. Why not. I start reading and what is not...
  57. A

    sea gate 2TB external hard drive not connecting

    I own at sea gate external hard drive and a MacBook Air. Previously when connected the MacBook would read and allow the hard drive to connect. Now, when plugged in. The device makes a humming noise but the mac does not recognise or read the device