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    MSI Titan 980sli vs Alienware R4 1070.....both second hand....opinions please??

    I have the chance to buy a.... MSI GT80S Titan $800 win10 home 32gb Ram 256GB SSD 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM GTX980m x2 SLI INTEL i7-6700 No scratches and works good OR Alienware 17 R4 $1000 Intel i7-8750H 16GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1070 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD Win10 home (Guess) 1 Scratch where he plugs his...
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    Power State Failure

    MSI GT70 OND, Nvidia Geforce GTX 675M, Intel HD graphics 4000, Intel(R) Core i7-3630QM 4 core (+4 Virtual) CPU 2.40 GHZ, 12 GB Ram, 64 bit Windows 10 home edition, Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB SSD, and HGST HTS721010A9E630 1 TB HD. I have been running running this computer for several months now...
  3. N

    Reset while image media is corrupted

    Is it possible to find an image in order to perform factory reset to my MSI apache pro laptop?
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    Solved! Is it possible to change laptop screen to a higher refresh rate screen

    Hi, right now I have an old model of MSI Gs60, with GTX 970M 3gb. The screen is only 48 p hz, which I found unsatisfied with. Is it possible to change only the Screen to others which with higher refresh rate? Because I like this model very much, and I don't found any other unsatisfied except for...
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    Solved! MSI GE62 2QF constantly overheating and fans running at max

    About 2 years ago, the fans on my laptop died and were then replaced, ever since It's constantly overheating and fans are running on full all the time. What's gone wrong?
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    Solved! Laptop thermal problem (?)

    I bought MSI GL62M 7REX about a year ago with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050 Ti 4gb, but i noticed that my laptop run slower than any laptop with similar configuration (i got ~690cb on cinebench r15 multicore performance), and my cpu sitting at 60-70 degree Celsius on idle. is it normal or something's...
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    Asus ROg Zephyrus GX501 OR MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-068?

    Alright here’s a comparison I cannot seem to find anywhere at all of these two laptops with the current specs (most show the 1060 models)...So right now I sold my old bigger 17” asus laptop. It still was great but I want something smaller and doesn’t scream gamer when I open it up in a room...
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    MY MSI GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050

    Hello, I have an issue my msi laptop GL62M 7rdx not detecting the GTX1050 Hardware at all only the Intel HD G 630, Not detected at all in the device manger, No compatible hardware when i try to install the GTX1050. I have tried to rest the EC, fresh installation for the windows, No Luck in...
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    Solved! MSI Keyboard Keys not wlorking

    The Q R and D keys on my MSI GP62 6QF laptop keyboard are not working. If it helps, my Windows 10 64-bit is up to date, I've updated all the drivers in Device Manger and my BIOS is version E16J5IMS.10F, 21/01/2016. There appears to be a newer BIOS (at least the date is newer) on my laptop...
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    should i buy that laptop ?

    Msi gt72 6gd (used) this laptop came with 8gb ram , i7 6700hq and gtx 970m 3 gb MXM but it was upgraded to gtx 1060 3gb MXM would it affect the g-sync? as i heard that it isn't official upgrading and g-sync won't work this laptop is for 737$ (897$ with shipping and importment fees) should i buy...
  11. D

    Solved! MSI GS73 Stealth Replacement 4K LCD

    Anyone know why MSI makes it so hard to find replacement parts for their laptops? I'm looking for a replacement LCD for my GS73VR 7RF Stealth 17.3" 4K laptop, and literally everyone shows "out of stock", and MSI is no help at all. It's a simple part to replace, if I could find one... This is a...
  12. M

    Help needed on choosing Gaming headset

    So I have 2 headphones in my list and im confused which one to choose. the first one is HyperX cloud 2 alpha and the other is HyperX Revolver (not the S). In terms of sound,mic and bass quality which one should I choose? Is there a big difference between them in terms of audio and bass quality...
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    Solved! I7 8750H 6core gtx1050ti 4gb msi or I7 7700HQ 6core gtx 1060 max-q 4gb lenovo ?

    I really dont know which one i should pick. I would need it for 3D modeling , vector graphic , video edit and effects . And sometimes games like PUBG , RDD2 , DBD , rust , FH4 etc . Both of them have 16gb ram 2400mhz , and basically they are same except CPU & GPU . So im asking especially about...
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    Solved! MSI Laptop GPU dead?

    Hi guys, it has been 4 years since i've used a forum for my pc problems, usually I was able to fix everything myself. This time I really need your help. Problem Description Short - Laptop MSI GS63VR stealth 6RF - Not detecting dedicated GPU (GTX1060), well it kinda does in device manager - Not...
  15. D

    MSI GT75 (i7) vs Asus G703GI(i7)

    Hello, guys, Everything in the MSI GT75 Titan 8RG ticks the boxes for me but the only thing that I like about the ASUS is that it has an IPS screen AND 144hz and also its aluminium body looks better than GT75. I'm sure that should be a joy to look at all day long. However, I found on internet...
  16. M

    Solved! Help me to choose a laptop

    Hi, I would like to ask you, which laptop schould I choose. First one I would like to choose is: http:// The second one is: http:// Requirements: I need my laptop to be usefull and be able to stay for very long time. I am not gamer so we don't need to talk about gaming performance but I...
  17. D

    My MSI GE63VR has become unusable

    It's been about a year and few months since I got my laptop Which is the MSI GE63VR, which was amazing specs wise for the price i paid for it It had a i7 7700K, 16GB of Ram, a GTX 1060 6GB, 250 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, 120hz screen, individually lit backlit keyboard But since the 6 months I got it...
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    Dedicated Gpu is on black screen Please help!!!....

    Hi Guys First of all, I have a laptop Model: ((GT72 2QD Dominator G)) With 2 graphics card one dedicated is GTX 970m 3G and another one is Intel HD 5600 so The thing is I made a mistake and flashed my dedicated graphics bios with a wrong bios who was for a laptop ((GT72 2QD Dominator))...
  19. J

    Overasked Question About Hot CPU/GPU

    I have an MSI GS60 Stealth Laptop with an (8th gen) i7-8750h @ 2.20 GHZ, 16 gigs of ram, and a Nvidia 1060 GTX Graphics card. When playing Black Ops 4 on my laptop, my CPU temp usually gets to about 78-83 Celsius, and my GPU is at about 70-73 Celsius. I have a cooler (Opolar Lc05 Laptop...
  20. X

    Two Laptop Comparison

    Hi! Just have a question regarding two laptops. I'm having trouble deciding which one to buy. So here we go There are two laptops I'm looking at (MSI GE62 Apache Pro-014) And the (MSI GL62M 7RD 1407) I looked at the specs and I found two things that worry me. The GE62 has a core i7 (6th...
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    Please Help , MSI GS65 Fan Issue

    Hey Everyone I was utilizing my MSI GS65 qnd suddenly the fan began making this noise I believe it is originating from the CPU fan as shown in the image below. There dosent seem to be a buildup of dust or debris. Does anyone have any ways that I could...
  22. S

    Want to sell a 2015 MSI GT70 Dominator

    I would like to sell my MSI GT702QD (GTX970). It has 2x128 SSDs, i would say condition is fair, no surface or keyboard scratches but some visible wear. The battery is weak (1-2 hours of light use, 40 mins of gaming). Would buying a new battery be cost effective for selling? Charger/adapter is in...
  23. D

    MSI GS70 6QE(Stealth Pro) - Adding SSD

    Hello, I purchased a Samsung 860 evo ssd to add to my laptop however I can't connect it as it is missing a 'connector' (not sure what it's called) - see below photo: Photo - Is it possible to purchase and install this 'connector'? Thanks
  24. A

    Which laptop is better, the MSI GP63 or the Dell G7?

    The configurations and prices are as follows: Both have 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H, MSI GP63 15.6" Full HD 120Hz 3ms Wideview 94% NTSC Color Anti-Glare Display (1920 x 1080), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 32GB RAM, 480GB NVMe SSD, 1TB 7200RPM HDD, No Thunderbolt Port 51 Whr Battery...
  25. P

    Keyboard colour change

    How can I change the colour of my keyboard of MSI GP63

    MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro Battery Issues

    So this all started when I bought a new charger advertised for my MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro but turned out to be the wrong voltage and wrong amp for my battery. I bought this charger since I forgot my original charger at my friends place. So let's just call the new charger, charger A. Let's call...
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    MSI laptop won't turn on.

    So, about a month ago I bought an MSI GV62 8RE-032NL, but it doesn't turn on anymore. Last time I used it was 4 days ago in class and when I came home I just had it in the laptop bag in my room for the weekend. This morning I wanted to do some homework, but it won't turn on anymore, no...
  28. Z

    MSI GS65 Stealth - Odd Blue Screen of Death at random, perhaps caused by Windows Defender updates?

    I've had this laptop for a few months now. I love it, works like a dream when it works. However, it has a tendency to crash. There does not seem to be much rhyme or reason surrounding the crashes. They occur at any time, regardless of it running Monster Hunter World or Google Chrome.... Further...
  29. D

    MSI Leopard Pro Mouse not working

    so not too long ago I bought a new MSI Leopard Pro. At first, the mouse I used was my old one. It worked fine, but eventually started acting weird. And then it just kind of stopped working and I've assumed it just broke on its own. then I got a mouse for about 5 euros, from a store called the...
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    Msi Bios Keeps Freezing

    My Ram is clocked in at 2600 MHz however its 3000mhz ram so I wanted to use xmp to increase the MHz. Upon activating the Bios of my MSI z370 gaming plus it continued to freeze multiple times. After a few seconds of activating the bios most of the words switch to Chinese even though the language...
  31. S

    MSI APACHE PRO GE62 - pop up error - help please

    Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my post. So I have an MSI APACHE PRO GE62 6QD LAPTOP, MODEL MS-1655. Here are the specs: * INTEL CORE i7-6700MQ 6TH GEN QUAD CORE CPU 2.60GHz/TURBO 3.50GHz * 15.6" FHD DISPLAY @ 1920x1080 * NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB GDDR5 DEDICATED GPU * 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM...
  32. S

    Not turning on

    I have MSI gv62 7re . When I try to turn on the power led gets turn on but the screen doesn't show anything the keyboard lights also do not turn up i connected the charger the charging light is also not showing. Someone please help me
  33. Post Hoc

    CUK MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Overheating?

    I recently bought a CUK MSI GS65 Stealth Thin from amazon and i think i'm experiencing thermal issues. I'm not sure if its normal for this model or maybe i have a defective laptop. All i am doing in this screenshot is downloading a game from steam and my CPU temps are around 85-90...
  34. R

    MSI GF63 or Acer predator helios 300 in india

    Note: even acer predator helios 300 has no 144hz display in india. Take it into the consideration. Is there any other alternative laptops at that price range. MSI available here Acer available here Thanks in advance.
  35. H

    Weird Fan(?) Failure

    I am using an MSI laptop and have recently gotten an error that is hard to explain, hence why I can't I find similar topics, so here we go: Essentially, my laptop is around 2 years old now and it has served me well those 2 years, but recently I got a weird error: the moment I start up my system...
  36. M

    Choice between 2 gaming laptops (Used GTX 1080 vs Brand New GTX 1070)

    Hi. I am trying to choose what would be the best gaming laptop to purchase. My choices are a seller refurbished ASUS ROG GL702VI-WB74 (GTX 1080) or a brand new MSI GP63 (GTX 1070). The prices are about the exact same ($1550) so that is not in consideration. ASUS -...
  37. T

    MSI GX660 not powering on

    Hi all, laptop has stopped powering on, power adaptor is fine, removed the cmos battery along with ram and hard drive, still nothing. Removed the fans and cooling heatsinks which were full of dust! Have cleaned them out but obviously it still isn’t working.
  38. Y

    MSI GS43VR only charges when off or idle.

    Dear whom it may concern, I have had this laptop for about a year now and it worked fine until one day I was playing tekken the laptop stopped charging and would continuously charge then stop and charge then stop. I went to get it repaired and the guy confidently said that the AC adaptor and...
  39. A

    Speakers not working, no audio setup??

    I have an MSI GL and my speakers wont work, it keeps saying that i have no audio output device setup.
  40. S

    Wait for RTX laptop price drop or not?

    I'm looking at an msi gs63 stealth 8re with a gtx 1060 and a 8750h and an msi gs65 with a 1070 max q and 8750h, the first is 1500 and the other is 2000. Is it worth it to wait for either the new rtx laptops, black friday, for the price to go down for the gs65 or should I get the msi gs63? Do...
  41. S

    Does anyone have MSI GP63 Leopard-428 ?

    I'm planning to buy this laptop Link It's a special laptop from newegg so I can't find much info about it. Does anyone know if it has additional M.2 PCIE SSD slot? I have found some GP63 Leopard that doesn't have extra m.2 pcie ssd...
  42. R

    Problem after bios update

    Hi my Laptop is an MSI dominator GT70 2QD. I attempted to update my bios last night but it all went wrong. I am currently getting this error: For qualcomm atheros PCIE ethernet controller v2.1.1.5 v(03/15/13) Check cable connection! PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM Now ive looked this up online as...
  43. S

    Help me choose mid range gaming laptop.

    Hi, I've been researching some mid to high end gaming laptops for hours now. FIrst of all, I'm looking for gtx 1060 (if possible not max-q) i7-7 or 8k series doesn't matter Storage tolerable since I can just upgrade it myself. Monitor 120/144hz preferably Budget $1.7k max Prefer Light/medium...
  44. bigbobsmith1968

    Msi B350 pc mate

    I have a Question I was thinking about building a new Ryzen system for about 1000$ For VR... but I needed to know if the msi b350 pc mate has enough ports for VR and if not can you recommend some motherboards... Thanks! -ps I’m new to pc...
  45. B

    msi mystic light stops working every few weeks

    i own a msi b250m pro-vd. this motherboard has a yellow light on it, i like to keep the light off. to do this i use there official software msi mystic light. it works fine for a few weeks but then it just stops working and i need to reinstall it every time. i try restarting my computer shutting...
  46. M

    Recommend a decent gaming laptop

    Hi. I have found a laptop. MSI GE73 raider rgb 8rf 17.3 gaming laptop. Can someone let me know of this is a good laptop to buy or recommend another good laptop. Price range is <$3500 Thanks in advance
  47. H

    US to UK Adapter

    so i have just revived my msi gs65 and because it came from america it has the american adaptor, the power brick for the laptop says its rated for 100 to 240v so that should be fine, however my adaptor for the plug is 13 amps and the brick says 2.5amps and the wire going into the brick says 7...
  48. M

    Annoying issue on start up with MSI laptop

    My MSI laptop, (MS GL73 8RC-042CA) has an annoying startup issue. Start up works as it should, but the number 4 key is stuck perpetually., so I can't do anything. Every search box types 4 repeatedly. I can't even shut it down, as the normal shut down process of hitting the windows icon and...
  49. Z

    Acer Predator Helios vs msi GL63

    Hi all, I’m looking to buy new laptop so which one would be better MSI GL63 8RE-629 15.6" IPS Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8750H (2.20 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 16 GB Memory 128 GB SSD 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Gaming Laptop -- ONLY @ NEWEGG...
  50. C

    MSI laptop in BIOs boot loop

    I've been having a problem with my laptop going into a BIOs boot loop, on occasion I have been able to access the OS, but i am suspecting some sort of hardware issue with a hard drive cable. I was able to go into the OS and update the BIOs one day, but then the next day the issue still was...
  51. R

    HD appears and disappears

    I bought an MSI GF63-8RD recently. It has a 1 TB HDD and a 128 GB SSD. 3 weeks after I bought it, I am experiencing some problem with the HDD. When I switch on my laptop, the HDD is there but after a minute or two it disappears. If I put my laptop to sleep then wake it up again, the Intel rapid...
  52. M

    MSI laptop - right click and left click are switched for touchpad but not for mouse

    A while ago I temporarily changed the settings of my mouse: right button = primary button. Now I've changed it back to normal… But the touchpad doesn't agree: whatever I do, the touchpad does the other way around from the mouse. Change primary button to left: mouse uses left button, but...
  53. F

    Blue screen suddenly occurs.

    Just bought my laptop 3 months ago. The first 2 months is going well but this past 2 weeks there is at least 2-4 BSoD occurrence even chrome is the only application that is running *3-7 tabs open for school works*. Is there maybe a problem with my hardware? Specs: MSI GV62 7RD-2640PH i7-...
  54. J

    Very loud fan noise on MSI GV72

    Hi all, A few days ago I got a new MSI Gaming laptop (model GV72 8RE-041NL). All seems to be working well except for one thing. When playing a game (like Minecraft with shaders) or doing other heavy duty work the fans are really extremely loud. This also happens almost immediatelly after the...
  55. K

    Is the gpu slot on my laptop now useless after a component burnt on the mobo

    Hello everyone, I was playing the Civilization 6 on my MSI GT60 laptop and after about 2 hours of gaming I heard a crackle and lots of smoke, now let me tell you that the pc is around 5 years old and has taken a lot of hours of gaming, but I clean it every 3 months and have reapplied the...
  56. L

    Pink Screen Flashes

    This is in relation to another post with an issue that I am monitoring. And I do plan to contact the place of purchase that services the warranty I purchased. Unit: MSI GS65, i7 8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16GB, 512GB Should a brief flash of a pink screen at boot and wake-up be of concern? And...
  57. L

    Windows Won't Display After Sleep

    I have a month old MSI GS65 Stealth Pro which is operating fine with the exception of the display (and an increasing creaky noise making clear the laptop's poorly fitted housing). Sometimes when waking from sleep, the display will show the MSI load screen but afterwards the display will go black...
  58. H

    problems finding a replacement for an MSI GT72 Mosfet

    Hello all ! i have an MSI GT72 6QE that stopped turning on, i took it to a tech guy who found the problem with a dead Mosfet but can't find a replacement, so i thought about looking for it online, here's a picture of the dead mosfet ...
  59. P

    MSI Fan Problem - Right Fan Not Working!

    Hello everyone, I ran into a bit of a problem recently. My GE62VR 6RF Msi Laptop can run insanely hot after a few hours of gaming. This is usually normal and I usually just hit the fan button. However, recently I noticed the right fan doesn't blow hot air, only the left one spits anything out...
  60. A

    MSI Laptop Broken HDD Clicking

    Alright, so I’ll be blatant and honest... I kinda let out in a game and slammed my palm on my laptop (MSI GL62-6QF) after having my character keep dying time after time to some other player, causing it to just black screen. Rebooted and it went to MSI logo, then it was saying no media, then went...