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    Asus gl503vm vs. MSI ge63vr

    Hi guys, I spent a month to find the best laptop for my money. But I can't decide between the two last. One is the Asus strix rog gl503vm and the other is the MSI ge63vr raider. Both have the same price in my country, the same processor (i7 7700hq), same GPU (1060 6gb), almost same screen...
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    Laptop screen and keyboard problem

    Hi, i have a MSI ge62vr 7rf and now i have a big problem, i was having a problem with the keyboard ( q r and d) didn't work so i opened it to check if the cable is not connected properly, i unplug it, i put it back, but after my display didn't turn on at all, and even the keyboard when i...
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    Lenovo GTX1060 or MSI GTX1050

    Hi i want to buy new laptop and i would like some other opinions, I am choosing between those two laptops: Lenovo Legion Y520: Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Prozessor (bis zu 3,8 GHz), Quad-Core 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Grafik (6144 MB) 1.256 GB Hybrid : 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD (M.2 PCIe)...
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    New mobo. Steam audio quieter than usual.

    Not sure if they are related. I got a new mobo(MSI Z270 gaming M5) and when I went to use Steam the audio is all quiet. I use to run it at 12 max volume and now I am having to run it on 30. Its only steam that it affects. When I use discord i had to turn it down to compensate for the max volume...
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    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
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    Dell xps, Asus or msi?

    Hi I need a laptop mainly for photo Edit, heavy Excel.. And Maybe 1 hr battlefield 1. I dont need the best graphic.. Ive been looking at Dell xps 15 9570 with i5 8300h 16 GB ram, 1050 4gb non ti.. (isnt it only ti that has 4 GB)? 1080p screen.. I guess Dell xps is the one with best screen...
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    MSI GS65 Laptop Fan 2 Squeeking!?

    Hi everyone I bought this laptop about 1 month ago and I never really played games on it as I have a gaming pc. However, because my pc is being fixed I used my laptop today. Everything was fine up to now. So today I played a game for about 6 hours straight so the fans were working hard to cool...
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    Help me choose between 2 gaming laptops please

    Hey there , so i'm currently in process of buying a gaming/work laptop. I'll be studying at Uni soon and need myself a mobile gaming station that I can carry on a plane. So my choice is between: (1) Dell core i5-8300H Geforce GTX 1060(6gb) GDDR5 12GB DDR4 RAM 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD (2) MSI core...
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    Sound problem with new gaming laptop, sound on games only work about 50% of the time

    I recently got a new gaming laptop, an MSI GL62MVR 7RFX and every so often I encounter a sound problem (usually with steam). Sometimes when I play a steam trailer on the games page, I'll hear a static sound through the headphones before it starts, and the trailer often keeps restarting. Also...
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    MSI GF63 8RD-078IN vs Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51

    Hello. Planning to buy a semi gaming laptop, mostly for work, and occasional gaming when travelling, (Already have a pretty decent gaming desktop rig.). Finally shortlisted among these 2, vs Please advise. Thank you. :D
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    Asus Xonar DSX vs MSI z370 Mobo On-board Audio

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a new rig that has a MSI Z370 GAMING M5 ATX motherboard. The on-board audio is Realtek 7.1 and under the features list it says, "Audio Boost 4: Isolated audio with a high quality audio processor & Nahimic 2+ for the most immersive gaming experience." (I have no idea...
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    Older PC VR Ready?

    I've upgraded my RAM to 16GB and recently picked up a MSI GTX 1060 Armor edition (3GB) for $120 and I currently have an I5 2500 (non k) I have been looking and it seems that I can upgrade to an I7 3770K for less than $200 (Motherboard has an LGA 1155 Socket)... is it worth it? would I be able to...
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    My msi dragon got destroyed.

    My msi dragon got destroyed. when lightning struck, it was connected to TV via HDMI. Then, i opened it and found that the IC got blown off. Now is it repairable or not if yes where?
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    MSI GL62M vs Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5577 vs Acer Nitro 5

    Looking to upgrade my current laptop (college laptop from 2010). I travel a lot more for work and miss having my desktop rig to play games. Since this new laptop will be a secondary "fill-the-gap" gaming laptop, I'm looking to keep my budget relatively low since that means more $$ for upgrades...
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    Msi Vs Acer laptop

    I am getting a new gaming laptop for school and gaming and i have narrowed by search to between two laptops. The msi msi gl62mvr and the Acer Helios 300 PH315-51-79G0. They both have gtx 1060 6gb, I7. The Acer seems to offer a longer battery life while the Msi 'apparently' has a better cooling...
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    Please help! MSI laptop stuck in Aptio setup utility

    My laptop model name is MS - 1781 The marketing name is GT72 2QD Could you get me out of this please?
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    Under-volting MSI GS65

    I was uncertain as to which category to list this post under Laptop: MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Specs: i7 8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD I am quite happy with the laptop overall though it does turn into a nuclear space heater when under load. Custom fan setting and the 'Cool Boost'...
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    Msi and alibaba

    Okay so first I know Alibaba has a lot of dodgy products on their store okay I'm not not ignoring her that but a couple things stood out about this company that is selling MSI laptops one they accept . their gold Supply 3 years. 3 there verified for it's not like the super cheap ones like for...
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    Msi Ge62 2QD Apache, One of the fans not working

    Hello there. So I'm not sure why one of my fans are not working. My BIOS has been reset, but if it is from the bios, there is no fan option in it. The Fan #2 doesn't work(0 RPM) when the laptop's fan mode is not on turbo mode, but if I turn on the turbo mode, it works but doesn't work as fast as...
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    Dell G7 15inch vs MSI GL62M 7REX

    Hi guys, so I am planning to buy a gaming laptop and I want to know which of these two would be the best option for me. I just wanna play games like PUBG comfortably, and it would be great if the laptop could last 5 years or more. Thanks! Dell G7 15inch...
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    Need help finding replacement laptop fan!

    I have a MSI GP72 7RDX the fan on the left side broke which is the CPU fan. I ordered two fans one fan that was sent to me was completely wrong and the other is 3pin however the port is 4 pin. I am wondering if I need a 4 pin. Any help would be amazing!
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    Laptop screen stopped working After windows update

    I bought a new MSI gs63 stealth a few months ago. Everything has been great. Today I turn it on and the screen is blank. All the keys light up and if I plug it into an external monitor with the hdmi that works. Is there something I might be missing here? I searched this issue and couldn't find...
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    Msi or rog

    I'll trying to buy laptop that's has a good performance and lifespan which is better msi or rog?
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    Msi GE62-2QE or Acer Aspire VX5-591G

    Was looking for my first laptop, had a really crappy Lenovo and are planning to ditch that, as planing to play with Lightroom and some srpg, looking to buy one of these second hand laptop.... firsts MSI GE62 2QE - 720AUD or the Acer Aspire VX5 591G - 910AUD. Looking for some advice.
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    My laptop seems to overheat and throttle while gaming

    Hi, I apologize for the length of this question, but there seems to be a lot of aspects to my specific problem. I have an MSI Apache GE72 gaming laptop and recently I've noticed that my frame rates have been dropping tremendously at random times while I'm gaming on it and it doesn't seem to...
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    Using a monitor with laptop (refresh rates)

    Hi, I'm wanting to use a monitor with a MSI GE72MVR 7RG Apache Pro laptop as I need a screen bigger than 17"... As I haven't had a PC for years and bought a gaming laptop so I can easily take it with me whether I am, so nowadays my knowledge is lacking when it comes to monitors. My oversight...
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    Why my GTX 1050 is running better than my GTX 1050 Ti?

    I have a MSI Laptop which have this spec : -i7-7700HQ -GTX 1050 2 GB -8 GB of RAM While my Asus have this spec : -i7-8750H -GTX 1050Ti 4 GB -8 GB of RAM Seeing from the sheets, my Asus should perform better than the MSI right? But the truth is kinda flipped. My MSI running game smoothly (I use...
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    MSI GT70 Dominator 895 SSD install help

    I'm looking to install a SSD into a MSI GT70 Dominator 895. It came with a standard 1TB 7200rpm drive that needs to be replaced. I don't need to worry about saving any of the data on it and I am looking to do a fresh install of Windows 10. It originally came with Windows 8.1 but was upgraded to...
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    should i wait for the price drop from the release of gen 11?

    I've been planning to get the MSI GS65 stealth thin for 2000$ after upgrades from the 1700$ version on gentechpc. Now the thing is, I just saw something about gen 11 GPUs coming out in August. What I'm worried about is that there'll be a significant price drop after the initial release and I'll...
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    is this a dangerous file?

    I just installed msi live update from msi's website and ran the live update scan, after it downloaded Network manager Windows defender says that it quarantined a file called Trojan:Win32/Zpedvo.A Should I remove this file? Is it malicious or a driver file? Msi says that I need to disable...
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    Solved! Undervolting Getting back to normal on msi gs65

    Hi, I recently bought a laptop named Msi gs65 8rf. Due to the processor getting warm(Reaching 90 Deg. Celsius) I decided to undervolt my cpu using Intel XTU(it's my first time undervolting a processor). I was able to undervolt it to -0.150V(didn't try to go any further), next day when I was...
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    MSI FX603 won't boot with i7-920XM

    My MSI FX603 (early 2011 release) that had been upgraded from a i5-480M to i7-640M was running fine, but want more performance. It has a discrete GPU in the GeForce GT 425M. Before installing, checked on several sites to ensure compatibility, even upgraded a notebook which belonged to someone...
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    MSI laptop artifacting

    HELP for the past two days my six month old msi laptop has been artifacting (pixels and patterns all over the screen and negative colours) then freezing then restarting. it started happening while playing full screen games, but it now happens at seemingly random times. i’ve already clean...
  34. J

    Help with laptop

    Please helpHey I have a msi notebook laptop i was on it an it said 10 % battery so i went an got the charger for it an when i pluged it u
  35. C

    Laptop fan sounds like drill after cleaning.

    So I cleaned the fan of my msi laptop with compressed air to clean it. But when I start my laptop and the fan goes on it sounds like a drill like drilling a screw into a wall or something. Can someone please tell me what is wrong and how I could fix it?
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    Laptop not charging

    I bought my new msi laptop few days ago.. Yesterday, i unknowingly connected my laptop charger adapter to a high power supply socket (designed for Air conditioners) [ Rating : 18 Amp, 240 V ,50 hz supply]. The laptop charged perfectly, but when i shifted to another room and connected the...
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    MSI GL62 6QF lag spikes in games with charger plugged in

    Hello guys! I've been trying to solve this problem for atleast a year now, tried everything so far, GPU drivers, BIOS updates, everything i've come across online with others that have a similar problem. My laptop is an MSI GL62 6QF, i cant remember if this problem has been around since i...
  38. T

    Thermal Paste or Pad? MSI GP63-8RE-299MY

    So I just bought a new laptop in Malaysia model number is MSI GP63-8RE-299MY. I am going get a shop to repaste for me I was told to get my own stuffs. I am confuse they told me to notebook use thermal pads for cpu/gpu? I already bought Grizzly Kryonaut. Do I need buy Thermal pads too? I thought...
  39. L

    WINDOWS 10 Auto Repair Failed

    So here is the issue. Running a MSI gt70 dominator pro with windows 10. Was having issues playing a few games lately so I decide it was time to start from scratch and do a factory reset. Attempted this a few times and each time I received an error saying it was unable to complete due to a video...
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    What is better for gaming

    What is better HP Omen 15 Vs Msi GL62 6QF Laptop
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    How to seal my MSI laptop after opening it up?

    Hi, I opened up my MSI GL 63 to install an SSD and when i closed it, it just wouldnt seal like how I opened it up. There's gap (1-2mm) at certain areas like near the USB ports. I'm so angry now because i feel like ive damaged my laptop. One really small piece broke and came off which belonged...
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    Looking for a laptop with good gaming performance on the go

    Hey all! I've been looking for a laptop which has good gaming performance on the go with good cooling and which is also good for productivity and college work. I'm looking for a laptop with a 15 inch screen and specs as 8th Gen i7/16GB RAM/GTX 1070/128GB or 256GB SSD along with a 1TB HDD...
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    MSI laptop is very high heat normal when gaming?

    Hello! I have a new laptop, MSI GP63 Leopard, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, i7-8750H. I'm kinda worried about the CPU and GPU temperatures, and not sure if it's normal or not. Using the MSI Dragon Center app, or the Open Hardware Monitor, at idle CPU runs at 55-60C (for some reason none of these tools...
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    Msi GP62 7RD Leopard fan noise

    So I have had this laptop for about 10 months roughly and it works fine. Until yesterday when it made this weird noise so I turned it off and back on again. After some investigating I've realised it's the fan(s) causing the issue. I tried cleaning them and I tried not doing anything intensive on...
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    Should I wait until Black Friday to buy a laptop?

    I was planning on buying a $1,889 MSI laptop, until I realized the date I was going to get it was within a month or so of Black Friday. Now, I'm not sure if I should wait until black Friday and get a better laptop. Is there any way to tell how much the price of laptops will go down by?
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    MSI afterburner 4.5 causing FPS drop with mouse movement

    so i recently builded my pc and i was testing some games with rivatunner overlay and it was working fine , and now suddenly when i use it , when i move my mouse my fps drop a lot, and when i close the program it goes back to normal ( this happened after i installed csgo but i dont think it's the...
  47. hok

    Buy MSI GS65 Stealth now or wait for 11XX series

    Hi, I was going to buy the GS65 with the 1070 but when I was about to I saw the news about the new series announcement next month or so. The reason I am buying is because I have a brick Alienware 17 what is like 15 lbs to carry around and I am sick of it... also has GTX 1070... but performs...
  48. A

    MSI or ROG laptop

    so im thinking about buying new laptop and i found 2 laptops that interest me ROG Strix GL503VM Hero Edition Intel Core i7 7700HQ-3.6Ghz Turbo 4.2Ghz 16 GB DDR4 Memory NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB GDDR5+G-SYNC 15.6" IPS FHD (1920x1080) Wide-View Anti- Glare (120Hz) Hard Disk : 1TB 5400 RPM + SSD 256GB...
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    1060 3gb msi itx oc or 580 4gb

    Hello guis i need some help, i can't decide wich one shuld i buy msi gtx 1060 3gb itx oc or saphire nitro rx 580 4gb. Both card cost 170€ and i watched rewievs and benchmarks and still can't decide. Thats why im here. Looking forwoard for your answers. Thx
  50. A

    MSI gaming laptop overheating!!!

    When I game on my msı my cpu reachs 94 degrees and my gpu 85-90 degrees. It ıs ınsane also it is a brand new laptop so i got no ıdea why its overheating, i tought of buying an external fan but wont that take up a lot of place. Please someone help, i dont wanna kill my laptop
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    Mobo and CD

    Hey everyone! I have a question for you. I bought a new PC that has the MSI B350M Gaming Pro mobo and I don't have a CD-RW/DVD drive. Can I put an old DVD Writer SH-S182 Toshiba Samsung Technology? Thank you
  52. B

    Which laptop should I buy for run faster Sims 4 wicked Mods and cc

    Which laptop should I buy for run faster Sims 4 wicked Mods and cc MSI or Monster brand ?
  53. N

    new laptop lagging

    just bought a new laptop today and lag when open application even open google also lag msi-gl62m-7rdx-2605my 4gb ddr4 and just hdd
  54. T

    Msi afterburmer crashed my pc

    I tried to use msi afterburner to overclock my gpu but I had no gpu and my pc froze now I have no mouse imput and no keyboard imput that means I cannot use my pc but the screen isnt groze because the time on
  55. C

    Can i change CPU on a laptop

    So i have this msi laptop with an nvidia gtx950m i5-4210 2.90 GHz quad core and i want to change my i5 to an i7 but don't know if its possible to change it. I'm fine with my graphics card btw. Thank you really much if you're wanting to help me because I know nothing about pc's. And can u change...