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    With the Gemini PDA, the '90s (and Keyboards) Are Back

    Planet Computers' Gemini handset proves everything old is new again by reintroducing a '90s-style PDA to the smartphone age. With the Gemini PDA, the '90s (and Keyboards) Are Back : Read more
  2. S

    Galaxy i9505 flash damage control! In dire need of help!

    Hello forum, I may have bricked my new galaxy s4 i9505, tried to istall a custom ROM and ended up flashing both the bootloader and pda with the ROM, need help to find stock bootloader and pda. I'm using odin! Please help!
  3. M

    Galaxy s3 gt-9300

    i need stock firmware for this phone. pda:i9300xxdlih phone:i9300budli2 csc:i9300vfgdlj1 i am from canada and i would like to use the phone here
  4. R

    Android PDA App for Samsung Galaxy S2

    Hello, I am looking for an app which will give me the most comprehensive options for a PDA/(calander) organiser. like repeat every 3rd Saturday or alternate Mondays, every 66 days, every 4 months, etc. Setting more than 1 alarm in mins or hours or days etc. Can you recommend, please...
  5. P

    Is anyone still using PDA's???

    PDA's where the forerunners of cellphones and tablets. I wonder if anyone is still using them?
  6. M

    PDA and Verizon

    Hello, My Droid died and I had to buy a new one - Samsung. According to Verizon rep they are no longer allowing the PDA ap. Bottom line, I'm paying $50/month more for the same access. Is there any way I can download the PDA ap and get around this charge??
  7. W

    Off-the-cuff suggestion for specific PDA requirements, not smartphone

    I've owned Casio PDAs, Palms, & iPod Touch (PDAs, never smartphones). On a number of occassions over the years, I embarked on web research to track down the Most Suitable PDA, but always got overwhelmed by the plethora of feature tables, lists, etc. It seems that research can determine...
  8. G

    Klausner Goes After Oracle Over Visual Voicemail Patent

    Klausner Technologies, headed up by the man who claims to have invented the PDA and electronics organizer, has found the next target to sue for visual voicemail licensing fees: Oracle. Klausner Goes After Oracle Over Visual Voicemail Patent : Read more
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    HP IpaQ 4700

    Hey guys, I recently bought this PDA off ebay, about a week ago to be precise. Spent £50 on it, so I'm hoping I might be able to get some help here. The PDA is a HP ipaq hx4700. When it came to me, it had Windows Mobile 5 installed, and was working. Because I was looking to upgrade the CF card...
  10. D

    How do i find pda app for my android

    I have a samsung gem android phone. I am trying to tether to my toshiba laptop. I,ve been told i need to download pda
  11. I

    Pda help

    Hello, i just bought a hp2110 pda i also bought a wi-fi card thought it would be a matter of slip the wi-fi card in and away you go but then i found theres all the tech jargen came with the card is there no simple way of doing this im not very good at this kinda thing helpp pllleeeaaase ian
  12. B

    How to cancel outlook emails from a PDA

    Hello, I was installing entryware Designer 640 for the PDA on my desktop PC, then all over a sudden it satrted synchronizing even without providing the server details. Now some of my Ms Outlook emails i can see them on that PDA which is something that i didnt want because it is going to used by...
  13. C

    Automatically start a program when PDA boots

    How do I start automatically a program after turning on the PDA. In fact, I want that the PDA be dedicated only to run a particular program (surveys data entry) and nothing else. How do I do that? Help please
  14. G

    Pda with shift working calendar

    I am looking for an electronic diary which I can set up my four week shift rota on and be able to use this shift template to automatically mark the weekly shifts over the year. Any ideas?
  15. D

    Is there avoice recogntion pda or cellular phone that will transfer my verbal no

    is there a pda or cell phone that has voice recognition to record my verbal notes and reminders into text onto that same pda or cell phone?
  16. 1

    HP PDA cannot boot up

    HP PDA cannot boot up My PDA model: HP Jornada 565 OS: POCKET pc 2002 premium Editon Question: cannot boot up the machine and cannot get into OS Department of PDA Load error code: HR0001 BF0208 Only into the HP Logo, with Well to manually shut down automatically shut down to wait for PDA...
  17. K

    Unique Device ID in PDA

    How to find the Unique Device ID in PDA Regards, Koti.
  18. A

    Can I sync an Ipad with my HP 210 PDA?

  19. G

    Can windows xp share the internet with my Pda?

    I have windows Xp and it is connected by a router. My question is if I get a Pda or a pocket pc will i be able to get on the internet just cause my computer is on the internet? And if so, How can I do that? Is that in internet sharing or what I'm completely lost....
  20. F

    Runing an application on PDA

    Hello, I want to run my web based application (with ASP.net) with a PDA and i want to know : 1.its better be web base or windows base? 2.what problems i may face when its loading the application?
  21. N

    What the best PDA for feild work/outside?>#

    Hello, I need to enter data into excel while working outside. What is the best portable device to use. What device works best with excel and provides the easiest input.
  22. S

    Pda no sound

    Hello, i use pda model o2 xda mini s,the main problem is audio does't work, but i attach headphones it works can you figure out what's the problem,it's, some time work's some time not. including mic and hear speaker..
  23. G

    The Handspring Visor, Resurrected

    The idea behind the DIY Player concept brings back memories of a PDA classic. The Handspring Visor, Resurrected : Read more
  24. G

    Hardware Recommendation for a PDA

    Hello, What are the hardware recommendation for a PDA?
  25. U

    Solved! Windows 6.1 connected to laptop or notebook

    I have a HTC PDA which we use out in the field to do buisness on and actuly get the signiture on the PDA. The letters on PDA are extremly small. We are using windows 6.1 on the PDA and I would like to be able to plug in the PDA to a lap top or note book with a USB cable to have a full size...
  26. G

    Disable internet explore

    How can I disable internet explore permanently or with a password on a PDA?
  27. G

    Acer c500 hangup

    My acer pda c500 just hangs after it starts up, white screen with the pda logo on it and then nothing, i have done soft reset nothing, also done hard reset and does not do anything, although bit confused with the hard reset. Any ideas as to what i can do. i have to take battery out to switch off...
  28. frozenlead

    List your PDA/smartphone history/experiences

    I'm just curious as to other people's histories with PDAs and smartphones. I've had a pretty long and winding one, I suppose. What do you guys do with your old devices? 1. Sharp OZ PDA. Got this about 8 years ago, used the devil out of it. Good device, but was lacking in features...but the PDA...
  29. K


    Hello, The X5 (PDA PPC Dell) is death. I have a complete backup in a CF card with all my treasure inside a .dbk file. Backup for nothing, as the axim is out of service…. Please, is somewhere a program working on desk PC to extract (unpack) the different files made by the PPC ? Otherwise, is this...
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    3GSM: Toshiba Portege G810 - A High Speed Touchscreen PDA

    After the launch of new models last week (Portege G450, G710 and G910), the Japanese manufacturer took advantage of the Mobile World Congress to announce the launch of the G810, its first HSUPA PDA. HSUPA - what’s that? 3GSM: Toshiba Portege G810 - A High Speed Touchscreen PDA : Read more
  31. guanyu210379

    Help.....XDA Terra...Pleaseee

    Halo there everyone, I've just received a PDA from a friend. It's a O2 XDA Terra with windows mobile 6. I didn't have time to ask him anything about the PDA because he was back to germany even before I got the chance to say thank you. I have never used a PDA before. This is my first time...
  32. N

    PDA alternative to TI Voyage 200?

    So as a freshman in Computer Engineering, my professor wants me to get a TI Voyage 200 calculator for all of my math courses, Circuits analysis etc. Those run almost $200. I was thinking of buying some sort of PDA instead and finding software that can perform the functions of a TIV200. Question...
  33. S

    Need a good pda under 200$

    I don't know very much in the pda domain and im asking if you could help me to get a model that i need from my requirement: -Need to be robust, waterproof if possible -Clear screen to read easily pdf -Easy to write text with the pencil, or do little drawing -No need wifi or bluetooth -Good...
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    Buying a PDA Phone

    From business-like QWERTY with Blackberry to quirky SideKick, which of these combo PDA phones would be right for you?
  35. T

    PDA/phone or go with seperate PDA and phone?

    Was looking around for a PPC PDA/phone. Something that has everything. Performance, performance, performance. Speakerphone, Mp3, video's, whatnot...Large rom/ram, great screen, 400mhz+...etc.. problem is, I couldn't find anything. I tried the Imate Jam. Not such a big performer IMO. looking for...
  36. B

    Who Needs Technology Anyway?

    If Batman had to bring a PDA/Smartphone with him everywhere he went, would he have been a better superhero? And what happens to Gotham when the PDA runs out of battery? Speak out in the MobilityGuru reader survey!
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    Pimp Out Your PDA With Sizzling Software

    In a world where street corners are inundated with iPod-toting twenty-somethings, city buses have become PSP clubs, and every airplane is a second home to dozens of PMPs, the original digital handheld, the PDA, still reigns supreme. That's because, with the right software, you can add the...
  38. A

    A good simple PDA..throw in your 2cents!

    I was reviewing several review articles about PPCs vs. Palms. I got a bit lost and kept getting distracted by fancy pop-up adds-Can anyone say ADD?-. I was hoping if someone could point me in the right path. I am looking for: -a PDA that is friendly with several e-books-mainly medical-...
  39. B

    Who Designed This Crap? Smart Phones Stink, PDA Phones Rule

    Smart phones are all the rage these days. Barry Gerber looks at two popular smart phones and a PDA with a built-in phone. His conclusions will surprise you and the telecoms that are making a killing every which way but straight up on smart phones.
  40. S

    PDA accessories: LCD display

    the LCD screens part No. for your reference: these LCD fit for many GPS and PDA phone. 60H00010-00 60H00012-00 60H00012-00 60H00024-00 60H30015-00 ACX502AKN ACX502AKN ACX502AKQ-7 ACX502BMU ACX502BMV ACX523AKM ACX526AKM ACX533AKM LQ035Q7DB04 LQ035Q7DH02 LQ035Q7DH04 LQ035Q7DH05...
  41. E

    good cheap PDA

    was wondering if anyone out there could recomend a cheap pda with a compact flash port for adding a wifi card (802.11b ) i don't usually bother with the handheld stuff but i just want something cheap i can use to surf the web at hotspots or at a friends without having to go out and buy a new...
  42. G

    completed tasks

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) when i mark a task complete on the desktop side, it doesn't sync over to the pda, so the pda still shows the task as active. if i mark it complete on the pda side, then it does sync over to the desktop. any way to get it to work...
  43. G

    BT only to Router, not to the internet

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I tried setting up my pda to access the internet via BT. I manage to get only to the adsl router, where I can do the router admin page but I cannot get further. I thought it could be due to DNS. So I did a ping on a website and...
  44. G

    PDA and Webcam

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc.multimedia (More info?) Has anybody had experience with using a PDA to display live video from an internet webcam??? I have been trying using a Linksys WVC54G camera and a Dell Axim 5. I can get to the intro web page for the camera, but I am...
  45. G

    Logout of OWA on a PDA

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi There I have a PDA with Internet access, & When I access the OWA for our company, I cannot logout properly, which is obviously a security issue. When I use OWA on normal Internet connection the LOGOUT PAGE works perfectly &...
  46. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi I have a client who has a O2 XDA II PDA and we are having prroblems getting it to sync. It is running Microsoft Pocket PC Ver 4.20.0 (Build 13252) The server is a SBS 2003 Std with ISA installed as a caching proxy server The...
  47. G

    B-Square PDA

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello All I have just acquired a B-Square PDA and know nothing about it. I have searched google and located the bsquare website but there is not much in the way of information. What I am looking for are links to websites that...
  48. G

    problems with calling .asp pages

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a PDA running PPC 2003. When I try to call a .asp page I get a popup message: "shoud the asp page downloaded to memory ?" Unfortunately the .asp is not executed. Any idea what the reason can be ?
  49. G

    PDA Development scope

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) Will there be a big scope for PDA Application development, or will that vanish like WAP? Thanks, Benny
  50. G

    Best way to GPS?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Greetings. I've got a Dell Axim 400, and am planning to get a new car. The question is how best to implement navigation. The car's built-in Nav costs $2K. I assume it's superior to anything I can rig up with my PDA, having a larger...
  51. G

    Info Request: Developing peripheral for SD slot

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) Hi C.S.H. I'm considering developing a peripheral unit for SD slots on handhelds, but I'm stuck trying to find a manufacturer/developer for something like this. It's a shot in the dark, but maybe one of the PDA experts here has some...
  52. G

    Srint emai site broken....

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs (More info?) I tried to send the following product suggestion to Sprint via their website but the link is busted. Anyone know where I could send this equipment suggestion? Looking for connectivity options. Such as the connection Card listed at...
  53. G

    PocketPC IP addressing

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi I am running Activesynch on my network connected PC. When my PocketPC is connected via the cradle it displays an IP address of which it seems is generated by ActiveSynch. The problem is my PC is on my work...
  54. R

    arab word

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) how to read arab texts on pda?
  55. G

    Anyone know of a good handheld PDA style audio analyser/sp..

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hey all, Just curious if anyone knew of a good Handheld PDA style audio analyser/spl meter etc... ideally with audio inputs, a good spl meter/mic....and all of that....I remember seeing some sort of thing in one of the magazines one Mix maybe...
  56. S

    Do I really need a PDA?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, How many ppl have purchased a PDA, only to use a fraction of its features? I ask because I'm on the verge of shelling out big bucks for a PDA, but am doubtful as to whether it's going to end up on ebay in a matter of months...
  57. G

    PDA Invoicing software

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) Google has failed me this time (or I failed to enter the right term). Also 10 months postings in this group revealed nothing. Do I have the right group? I am looking for software that would allow me to create my invoices during the day as...
  58. J

    Syncing with remote db

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi We have an access db running on a windows 2003 server. The server is connected to the internet via ADSL. I would like a windows mobile 2003 based vb.net app to sync data from the server, ideally via gprs, from time to time, the...
  59. G

    Alternate Uses for a Cassiopeia E100 or equivalent Model.

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) I have an old Cassiopeia E-100. I have since then decided to buy a new PDA. Given that I was wondering if there anything I can do with the hardware other than using it as a pda?
  60. G

    Hard Reset

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have my PDA for almost a year but never try hard reset. Therefore, it is very new to me and hesitate to do so. Any good advice and experience will be appreciate. Thanks. Peter