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    I cant play 4k uhd movies through pendrive(usb port) in my mitashi android 4k uhd tv wat shoud i do now

    I cant play 4k uhd movies through pendrive(usb port) in my mitashi android 4k uhd tv wat shoud i do now Please help me...other wise i should connect it by hdmi cable ??
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    my vajo sve1511 usb 2.0 ports do not work with my bootable pendrive

    om my vajo sve1511 i have 1 usb 3.0 working and 3 usb 2.0 not working and this is without os, just when i start it. it does not see the installation pendrive, the 3.0 yes i am almost sure it is an hardware issue...can I do something?
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    How to solve no video detected in MI tv

    After the with drawing the pendrive from hdmi input we are getting the video
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    usb is not working , pen drive is not shown

    usb port is not working only mouse is run but pendrive is not shown
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    Solving Your Problem

    You’ll Need to have an pendrive with any Windows Media no it. After that, you need to open Your boot options and choose Your removable drive. And Then, you can download Your Windows without any problem. Good Luck -.-
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    Solved! My pendrive is 5 years old now it is not working why

    My pendrive is not working it's 5 year old and my all weading photos on that pendrive so what I do know
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    When I tried to run Kali from bootable pendrive it says EFI USB drive has been blocked by current policy..

    EFI USB drive (toshiba toshiba) has been blocked by current security policy...
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    Display will not work anymore due to virus on pendrive

    Hello there, just recently, my display monitor on my Dell Inspiron 1525 would not work anymore. I was just plugging in my regular USB on it, and opened up the pendrive shortcut (I knew it was a virus, but didn't care less about it at the time) and when I clicked on a file, my display went off...
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    Storage not recognized in USB ports, but other devices(mouse) are.

    I have a lenovo Ideapad 700 laptop, and the two USB ports on the right side won't recognize my pendrive, but both will work with a mouse. (Update: they also work with a wifi adapter.) The said ports are said to be usb 3.0 compatible, while the pendrive I'm trying is usb 2.0, but this shouldn't...
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    Can not copy files into usb

    I have 16gb sony pendrive and using windows10. I used my pendrive previously wel but now i can not copy files into my pendrive but i can copy files from it. I tried to remove remove write protected from registry editor.but not solved. Then i tried by command prompt by this way 1...
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    I am unable to reinstall os (that was preinstalled and i have created backup of that in 32 gb pendrive) from my pendrive

    I have lenovo ip310 and my hdd has been replaced and i have taken my os( windows 10 ,64) backup in 32gb pendrive but when i tried to install it after 3.5h it was failed showing that "there was some problem to recover this pc" Please help me to fixed it sir, please anyone help me Here what i did...
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    How my usb work prparly

    My usb not show on tv when I conectarte this but pendrive show what o can do
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    problem with app installing

    hi good afternoon, sir i was copied a game from pendrive to my computer when im going to open application i says insert cd.from where did the cd came from i installed throw pendrive... plz reply me soon asap...
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    i bought a new acer aspire es 15 laptop, and i'm trying to install windows 8, using pendrive. after installation it restarts i

    i bought a new acer aspire es 15 laptop, and i'm trying to install windows 8, using pendrive. after installation it restarts and installation begins from begning and this whole processs is repeating again and again.
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    Solved! Bootable pendrive not detected!!!

    My PC is also not detecting bootable pen drive.... And I have tried everything. Is this the problem of CMOS battery???,because my date and time is not set!!
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    usb drive to composite a/v

    I'm looking for a device that uses as input a pendrive or an external drive and output as a composite a/v (Old tv). I just want to watch some movies on a usb key to an old tv. Any advice for me. Thanks all.
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    HP v220W 8GB pendrive, it is not being detected in Philips sound machine

    I have an HP v220W 8GB pendrive, it is not being detected in my Philips sound machine. What to do now. Its working in laptop
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    San disk 2.0-32GB pen drive not booting

    Dear All In my Dell optiplex 755 model computer i try to install window 7 & 10 OS in bootable pendrive but its not showing i select bios boot in USB its showing below mentioned error... Alret !Failed detect one or more drives during post (i using san disk 2.0 32 gb pendrive )
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    How to erase encrypted usb drive it wont let me format it

    HI last year i bought a pendrive which contain lectures which are useful for my examination.Data in the pendrive is in the form of files.After 1 year it has expired.It is of 30gb. I want to use it as normal pendrive by erasing files in it. But i am not able to erase it.I used diskpart also it...
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    win32 imager stopped rsponding while witting Ubuntu image to PenDrive

    I'm stucked now... Now i have forced stopped the process but now pendrive (H Drive) is damaged it is showing 2 GB space out of 16gb.. H Drive Now i want to know what should i do to get back the lost space in my pendrive plz help me also i tried writting that ubuntu iso file to a dvd disc...
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    can i access my pendrive when my antivirus is scanning it?

    my eset smart security scans any external device when i connected to my pc. now when its scanning my pendrive, during the process, is it safe to access my pendrive, open documents, run programs in it or wait for the scan to finish, clean any Trojans, if any, and then proceed?
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    Probable virus from a USB Pen Drive

    Hello there, I think I got the virus called SergeLeLama.vbs on my pendrive. My PC is not working really well lately, it's slow and after the boot there are some odd processes which slow it down - and I think all of this may be related to the pen drive. As you probably know, the first sign of...
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    Lenovo y50-70 hard drive disappeared from bios

    Hello, I've recently bought Lenovo y50-70 without OS. It has no cd drive so I did bootable pendrive and installed Windows 7. When I tried to change boot legacy back I didn't see my hdd but only this pendrive (I detached pendrive when Windows was installed and running). However Windows is running...
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    Product key required

    Inorder to open a ppt document using pendrive the lap says it requires a 25 digit product can I get it..
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    my 2.1 speaker with usb keeps restaring the songs each time i try to play songs via a pendrive . please's getting on m

    2.1 speakers keeps restarting songs ..
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    How To Install Win7 in my new FREEDOS Laptop

    hi guys, i bought a new hp laptop which came with FREEDOS , now i want to change it to win7.. i have the win7 setup copied to my pendrive.. now the question is "Can i access the pendrive in freedos and run the setup?" or is there any specific way to follow to install win7 from pendrive. thnks.
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    How to copy photos from libre office to pendrive getting problem

    While coping the photos from libre office writer to pendrive I am getting problem.Why?
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    how to connect samsung grand 2 to pendrive?

    I can't connect my samsung grand 2 to pendrive. Is there any software that i can install, so my phone able to connect with pendrive? Help me please...
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    need enbaling and disabeling usb

    I cant access USB port for my pendrive on my laptop because it is disabled I want to enable it to take my data and then again to disable it
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    cant boot a new operating system

    i am unable to boot a new operating system into my laptop . when i put a bootable pendrive and restart my pc and press boot button .the screen flashes once and shutdowns .i have samsung laptop . please help
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    how to play 5.1 movie via pendrive in dvd player

    I have 5.1 channel movie in my pendrive. Can I play that movie in dvd player with 5.1 surrounding system
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    how can i install OS from pendrive?

    i just want to get clear advices from you for installing a new OS....i know many of them knows answer so could you help me?
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    NPAV automatc pendrive scan.

    Friends, I have recently installed NPAV software. When I insert a pen drive, it's not getting scanned automatically. What to do to make NPAV to scan my pen drive automatically as soon as it is plugged in??
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    play a movie with 5.1 speakers

    okay i have a led tv and 5.1 home theatre system and my problem started when i tried to watch a movie with 5.1 channel 1080p ...the movie was in my pendrive.i thought i would connect the pendrive to my...
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    moto g supports usb 3.0 ????????

    jst broght a moto g 8 gb i pluged a usb 2.0 otg cable and 64 gb usb 3.0 pendrive its shows damaged usb format any idea pls resolve this
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    samsung NP370R5E-S05IN not booting from a bootable pendrive...

    I recently bought Samsung Laptop NP370R5E-S05IN. It has a windows 8 recovery partition. Now I want to install windows 8 pro (clean install). My problem is that my laptop doesn't have an optical drive and it is not booting from a bootable usb pendrive. Please help . Ps - Pendrive shows in the...
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    Toshiba L850D cannot boot.

    I tried to boot my Toshiba L850D but all it shows it checking media and fail. I read the solution in this also but sadly there it says to go to the bios and change the boot mode but sadly in my laptop that option is there but it...
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    install os pendirve

    how to install os thru pendrive
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    My laptop have virus and i cant copy the files to my pebdrive what to do

    Hello, my laptop contains virus i think.i am having some data there.If i try to copy them to pendrive.It shows"it should be format".What i do? pls help me
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    Corrupt ZIP archive

    I need your help. I downloaded 4GB ZIP archive file last week. I extracted it in my computer and saved the ZIP archive in my Pendrive. Next day my brother formatted our home system. We had backup files for our data which were stored in external hard drive. I restored the backup files...
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    Certain folders in pen drive not visible

    Hello, there is one folder in pendrive with name DCIM. through DOS i am able to view that folder and other subfolders in that. but, the said folder is not visible in windows. i tried copy the contents of the folder to D drive. msg shown as file copied but when opened that D drive, no files are...
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    Using usb drive with 5.1 speakers

    I do not have a PC at home but would like to use pendrive with my multimedia speakers (5.1 channel) - Do I need to purchase external sound card ?
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    The Disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection in volume device

    how to remove the write protected in pendrive...?
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    How to go to the settings of removing right protection from laptop

    I can able to copy the files from my laptop to pendrive before. But after formating my laptop I cannot able to do this,it is showing that write protected. Please help me out hoe to remove these settings.
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    How to install os for compaq laptop through pendrive

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    Protecting files?

    Recently, my pc and external hdd being infected with Win32/Sality.AT. I dont care about my pc because I can just format it, but most of my software installer in external hdd, especially .exe file got infected with this virus. Now, some of them (Games) like 5GB - 9GB got corrupted. So, in order...
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    X31 thinkpad usb installation

    As I see in the bios, there is no way to install from an USB pendrive the OS. Am I wrong maybe? regards Otto
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    Destination folder access denied

    Hello, My Laptop is running in Windows7Ultimate. I'm having problem in dropping images from my laptop into my pendrive and I have no clue about this problem. Kindly Help.
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    My safe mode in xp is not working

    Hello, my operating system has win 2000, i manage to install win xp using my pendrive cos no cd rom,but i after installin anti virus it fails to start evn in safe mode waht can I do?