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  1. S

    Screen size solidworks 2012-2013

    Hello, my name is Sander and I'm starting as an engineering student next year. I need to run Solidworks on a laptop and found a company in The Netherlands (where I live) that builds a sort of 'power netbook'. I'm interested in this machine as it would provide a HUGE size and weight advantage...
  2. W

    Home theater setup guide 21 x 12 room

  3. N

    1gb graphics card laptop with 29 screen size

    Hello, is there any 1gb graphics card laptop with 29 screen size available in INDIA
  4. M

    How can i change the screen size of my tv?

    How can I change the screen size of my tv? it gets smaller and looks blurry.. HELP?????????
  5. S

    14 inch or 15.6 inch

    Hello Everyone, I am about to buy a notebook and have zeroed down on a couple of Samsung models. The configurations are more or less the same -- Intel Pentium B950 processor with Intel HM65 Chipset 2 GB DDR 3 RAM There is a price differential of around $40 between the two models which I...
  6. JMcEntegart

    Rumor: iPhone 5 to have 4-inch Display, New Dock Connector

    Apple finally thought to be upping the screen size of its smartphone. Rumor: iPhone 5 to have 4-inch Display, New Dock Connector : Read more
  7. Y

    Where to buy this ultrabook? 16:10 screen size

    Is anyone know where I can buy this ultrabook? Looks like it has a 16:10 screen, exactly what I want, also as thin as mac air. I really want to buy this one, anyone know if this ultrabook really exists??? It's in a intel ultrabook commercial video.
  8. M

    Aspect ratio trouble...insignia

    Hello, I purchased a ns-42p650A11 and they only way I can get the picture to take up the whole screen is in standard definition mode. In 720 the picture shrinks to about 1/3 of the screen size.I can do widescreen on hd mode but then whatever I am watching at the time doesn't fit on the...
  9. S

    Screen size question.

    I just built a new gaming system this week ( i5 2500k/hd6870/8gig 1333) I have a 19" monitor from 2006 that came with my dell xps 400. I bought a solid state drive with my build and it works fine by itself but gets BSOD when i try and transfer files from my other hard drives even after Firm ware...
  10. B

    Screen Size and Display Resolution used by most College Students

    What's the most often used screen size and dimension used by the current college population, and what resolution does it display at?
  11. T

    Asus samsung laptop

    Hello, Hello,I need to know which of these computers is the best choice. Screen size and gaming are not my deciding factors but reliablity and money as well as multi-tasking are the concern Samsung - Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5-480M processor; 4GB memory; 640GB HD; Screen size: 14"; Model...
  12. S

    17 inch matte screen desktop replacement laptop

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop with a 17 inch screen size that can handle image processing tasks. The most important aspect of the laptop is the screen. More specifically I want a MATTE screen with Full HD resolution. After using a glossy screen for 3 years I honestly can say I don't want another...
  13. monkeymonk

    Solved! Laptop < $800

    My friend is looking for a laptop for less than 800 dollars. I am knowledgeable about desktops but I've never owned a laptop and don't know what to recommend to her. She plays oblivion and counterstrike on steam. Here is a laptop that she is looking at now...
  14. G

    A Quarter Of TV Sales are 50 Inches And Larger

    Almost a quarter of American consumers are now purchasing televisions with a screen size of at least 50 inches. A Quarter Of TV Sales are 50 Inches And Larger : Read more
  15. G

    Changing digital tv screen size to work as pc monitor

    Hello, We've just bought an Acer Revo RL100 to hook up to our Sharp DTV. First snag is the main icons, tool bars, are all outside the view on the screen and cannot be seen. Clearly, the actual pixel surface extends behind the plastic facia of the TV. Does anyone have any solutions, please...
  16. A

    Solved! Windows based iPad-like tablets?

    Are there any fanless tablets iPad-like which run on Windows? It has to have a USB port. Preferably screen size of 7".
  17. S

    Rca adjust screen size

  18. S

    Solved! Screen size issues

    Alright, lets just say my current 17" gateway laptop(1.24 to 1.42-inches (H) × 16.06-inches (W) × 10.89-inches (D)) which is about 8 pounds goes to school each day(it almost never comes off my back either) with me and has a battery life of about 10 mins lol so its always plugged in. I will be...
  19. C

    Solved! Purchasing Laptop Advice

    Hi, I am in need of a new laptop! My current needs are: Budget - $1000 Resolution - Any Screen Size - Preferably over 16" Use - A bit of gaming (sc2, HoN), school work Brand - No preference as long as it is fast/cheap/reliable Other Items: Not too heavy. Overall, I really want this to be a...
  20. G

    Solved! Best screen for laptop

    Hi, Im going to buy a laptop Ive searched a lot, I actually use a 15´4 screen size but I want more mobility due to weight. Im debating between a 13´3 for lighter weight or a 14 for better size viewing. What´s the best of both?
  21. G

    The best processor ram hard drive size for laptop

    Hello,need to know the best O/S, Processor, Hard drive size, Ram and Screen size best for the LapTop? thank you
  22. J

    What are the exact dimensions of 15.6" widescreen laptop screen

    Hello, I'm trying to order a cut-to-order screen protector for X 7.6, my laptop. It seems to measure 13.6 my measurements seem to be slightly less than the actual screen size.
  23. DarthYahya

    Screen size and gaming

    my question is this: given the same pc with the same video card, in my case a e8400, 8 gigs of ram, winxp/win7 32/win7 64 and a 4890 video card: if the ouput goes via hdmi at 1920x19080, does it matter what screen size the ouput goes to? that is to ask, if i output to a 24 inch monitor does the...
  24. S

    Solved! Laptop Tradeoff - harddrive vs screen size

    I'm down to choosing betw 2 laptops, identical except 1 has better 15.6" display (vs 14") BUT smaller drive. Both drives are SATA 7200RPM, both systems have identical great processor &amp; 4G mem. One SATA drive is 250GB the other 320GB. Since I'm buying this to get better performance but don't...
  25. sayantan

    $200 smartphone

    I am willing to spend around $200 for buying a smartphone...My priorities include the following: 1.Sound quality 2.Battery life 3.GSM connectivity 4.Screen size(bigger is better)
  26. W

    Multemdia Laptop advice

    Hello 1_What is your budget? to 1200$ 2_How much screen size do you need? up 15" 4_Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? no 5_How much battery life do you need? not important 6_Do you want to play games with it? If so then what kind of settings you want to play your...
  27. Tomsguiderachel

    First Look: Asus Eee PC 1000

    The screen size, battery life, weight and price all go up with the Eee PC 1000. Does that make it a big bargain, or just too big? First Look: Asus Eee PC 1000 : Read more
  28. G

    ASUS Eee PC 900: Is Bigger Better?

    Increasing the screen size does more than let you see a whole Web page; it changes the emphasis of the ASUS Eee PC 900 from portability to compromise. ASUS Eee PC 900: Is Bigger Better? : Read more
  29. G

    Thinking of buying an Onda but have some queries!

    Hey guys how do you upgrade its firmware and where can I find the firmware as on I couldn't find it ? And which is the best the VX858LE or VX858LE Honey or VX878 (apart from the screen size)? And if for example I buy a 1GB model then I can upgrade it to a maximum of 5 GB? What is the...
  30. L

    Looking for a laptop not more than $900

    The most I'm willing to spend is about $900. I'm looking for a laptop that i'll basically take to class with me so I can stay awake. I want the screen size to be either 14.1 or 15.4 inches. I'm gonna use it to surf the web, watch some multimedia stuff and maybe even a little bit of gaming. What...
  31. B

    Gaming laptop under $2000

    What are my options? I'm looking for good gaming performance, but good battery life, screen size in the range of 14-15 inches, widescreen hopefully. I've looked at the Killer Notebook Wakazachi and Kodachi, and they both look good, but I'm just looking for more options. I've looked at ABS...
  32. T

    More Than Music, With Still The Smallest Screens

    We're now used to having music in our pockets and we're starting to demand more. True media players are bulky; they have to be to fit the screen. Playing video and watching photos on the smallest devices can still be frustrating because of the screen size. The Creative Zen V Plus disappoints...
  33. J

    Need advice on a good sturdy laptop for use in the field

    Hi, I've been asked by a friend who is working for a charity in West Darfur for some advice on buying a laptop. Basically its gotta fulfill the following requirements: - it's gotta be sturdy and be capable of taking some knocks. - DVD player/writer is also required - 12" to 14" screen size...
  34. G

    Any Laptops come with a MacDonald Interface??

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I am looking for a laptop, minimum harddrive space, no serial ports required, CD/DVD but I require a MacDonald Interface or an adapter from USB at least. Screen size is nice but not that important either. Has anybody seen such a beast?
  35. G

    New to Laptops

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I see laptops with 14" and 15" screens both described as being designed to be run at 1024x768. I presume that 1024x768 is more suited to 14" screens and that this resolution on a 15" screen would look /stretched/. Is this correct? I'm...
  36. G

    TV Screen Size

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I wish to by a 16x9 TV. My concern is that different size screens sometimes cut off the top and bottom, or the sides of the pictures even when in the correct mode, in other words not TRUE 16x9. Because of this, what diagonal screen size should...
  37. G

    Why are HDTVs so dang heavy?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Maybe Im wrong but they seem like they are considerably heavier than a SDTV of the same screen size.