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  1. D

    best gaming laptop under 15 inch and budget of $1500 (aud)?

    hi i'm going to university and need an all around great laptop, i will be using it occasionally to play games. My budget is around $1500 (AUD) and preferably the laptop should be portable and below 15 inch in screen size. Do you guys have any suggestions? So far I've been looking at the...
  2. A

    Any suggestions on a laptop for under $750 please!

    Really struggling on deciding on a new laptop. I need something that has a full HD display and a screen size of around 15". I found a decent Lenova one that meets my requirements but have heard to stay away from Lenova as they put of adware on to them and the processor is AMD rather than Intel...
  3. M

    Toshiba Satellite. help? or...
  4. G

    Laptop for 14 y/o

    Looking to buy a laptop for my daughter for her birthday – will be mostly used for school and watching movies. Have seen a few options would love opinions or suggestions. Budget is $600 or less. Not fussed on screen size, lighter the better for her...
  5. D

    I don't know what laptop to get. Please help

    so I am getting a laptop soon and I am not sure which one to get... I need it mainly for school work also to study -powerpoint presentations, microsoft excel, word etc- it has to have smooth performance. I'll also use it to surf the internet of course. it doesn't have to have a touch screen...
  6. D

    15" 4k gaming laptop or 17" 1080p gaming laptop

    I'm looking at getting one of two laptops; the specs are the exact same except for the screen size. I have a 17" Full HD screen on my Acer Aspire V3-772G-7448, and I like the screen size. One of the screens is a 17.3” Full HD (1920x1080) LED-Backlit Display with Matte Finished Surface. The...
  7. creationsof12

    Laptop/Tablet With Largest Display and/or Resolution that has Digitizer (pen)??

    Hey, everyone. So I'm having a bit of trouble nailing this down (with so many options out there): I'm a digital artist that works in Photoshop and am looking for the laptop/tablet combo (whether it's a "transformer" or a tablet with a keyboard) with the largest screen and/or largest resolution...
  8. C

    Difference between these laptops?

    In the market for a gaming laptop willing to spend up to 1300. Ive been looking at MSI and found these or...
  9. C

    Replacing an HP ENVY 15

    Hi Guys I'm looking to replace my laptop. I'm using a HP ENVY 15 (2010), (link to a description here: ). The ENVY 15 has a few features I'd like to see on my replacement. I like the 15" HD screen, it...
  10. T

    best all around laptop for around $1800

    looking for the best all around laptop for around $1800. just something that i can use around the house and at school. I was looking at the lenovo yoga series and the samsung ativ book 9. touchscreen: it would be nice, but not needed screen size: 13-14 battery life: at least 7 hours...
  11. A

    Screen Resolution Question

    I'm looking at these two laptops:
  12. M

    Gaming laptop needed

    Hello I'm looking for suppear gaming laptop and Screen size 14 15.6 Price $0-$1500 High graphics Higher RAM and Processer And descant memory
  13. U

    looking for a good laptop for me @_@

    screen size: 15.6 processor: i5 or i3 battery life: 4 to 5 hours HDD : 500 GB screen resolution: 1600*900 or 1080p would be great proce is a big issue for me it should be under 600 $ ..thats max i can afford .. i dont mind , if the laptop have a dedicated graphic card...
  14. A

    1620p(15.6) or 1080p(17.3)

    I can get either a 870m 12gb 1866mhz 1080p 4710(2.8) 1tb(5400rpm), 128 ssd samsung 830 w/o an operating system(not that big of a deal) 9lbs and blu-ray $1600 w/ shipping 2880x1620(16:9) 3k display, 870, 128gb ssd(idk brand), 1tb(7200rpm), 16gb(1633mhz), w/ win 8.1, w/ steel series anti ghost...
  15. d00msdayxx

    Looking for a replacement laptop

    Previous laptop was a Toshiba Satellite which overheats often. Requirements Screen Size: Larger than 15" Storage: 500gb or more RAM: 4gb or more Color: Silver/White/Light Grey Usage: Mainly web browsing and iTunes Budget: $500 or less Location: USA Looking for something that will last at...
  16. Cryoburn101

    ~$250 Student Laptop suggestions wanted

    This laptop is for basic school work, skype, other stuff a college student would use. Screen size would be preferable to be around 13-14 inches. Windows 8/8.1 would be preferable, but ChromeOS is fine. The storage drive needs to be at least a 64gb SSD. If its not, then the laptop needs to be...
  17. Echocookie

    Deciding between 2 laptops, any help?

    Hello Tom's Hardware community, I have come to a tough decision between 2 laptops that will primarily be used for gaming. The first is a Dell Ultrabook 6430U with 8g of ram, a 3rd gen quad core (8 thread) i7 processor @ 2.6ghz, a 128gb ssd, and a 14" HD LED display. It does not have a dedicated...
  18. J

    Portable 15+ screen under 900$

    Hey everyone, I'm on the search for laptops for my parents, My mom wants something super fast for simple stuff (Facebook games, browsing, word documents and the like). The only pc game my dad plays is skyrim so he needs capable enough graphics and wants comparable specs to my mom for load times...
  19. J

    Should I get a Nexus 10 or iPad Mini with Retina Display?

    I don't care about screen size; I have a broken original iPad Mini, but I have a Note 3. I love both, and I can't buy an iPad Air because it's too expensive. I am equally entwined with Apple and Google, with Google software but a Mac and Apple TV. I want the best performance and I will watch a...
  20. V

    Should I buy an Anti-Glare screen protector for laptop?

    Hi, I have a laptop - Lenovo Ideapad z500 - 15.6" screen size. I hate its reflective glossy display. I want to put ViewGurad's Anti-Glare screen protector on it. My concern is whether the laptop skin will be looking dull or maybe weird colors or something else after applying that screen...
  21. D

    What laptop should I get? (1250$ Budget)

    Budget? 1250$ (Could probably stretch it 100$ if I need to) Screen size?: Any. Prefer bigger, but if I could get a smaller screen and better internals, I'd do that. Resolution? 1920x1080 Ram? 8 GB Processor? i5 4th gen or i7 4th gen. Graphics? A Nvidia card, 750m or over. Battery life? Any...
  22. D

    Looking for a gaming laptop under $1200

    I am looking for a gaming laptop under 1200 for school / gaming I would like : 15" screen size Reliable (lasts more than 2.5 years) Can run games like TF2, Half Life 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Left 4 Dead on High Other PC exclusive games coming out in the next few years ( I have an...
  23. L

    how do i adjust my screen size on my rca d52w19 projection tv

    How do I adjust my screen size on a rca d52w19 projection tv
  24. T

    Sager NP7338 vs Lenovo Y50

    All things being equal, I can get either of these Laptops for the same price, spec'd out the exact same. Only difference being one is 13" and the other is 15". So the question is, which is going to make me happy :). I have a Toshiba R500, which is a 12" ultrabook, that i use for web browsing...
  25. Y

    15.6 vs 17inch laptop

    I am going to buy a laptop but i can't decide between the msi gs70 and the gs60. They both have the same specs but are different sizes with the gs70 having a 17 and the gs60 with a 15.6. Which will be better for me as i mainly intend to game on and i will also do some basic word processing...
  26. Y

    GS70 vs GS60

    Hi i am about to buy on of the msi laptops listed above but im not sure which one to get. They both have the same specs but its just a different screen size. Th GS70 is 17 inch and the GS60 is 15.6inch please help me decide. I plan to game on this laptop as well as basic word processing and...
  27. A

    SINGLE GPU Gaming Laptop around $800?

    note: most people recommend lenovo y510p, however they do NOT recommend it if you won't make use of the SLI for gaming. I won't be using two GPUs, only one. They said better options are available for single GPU gaming laptops, but never stated which ones specifically. Looking for: single gpu...
  28. I

    Looking to Purchase First Tablet

    1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes 2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? Android 3. What screen size do you have in mind? 7 inches 4. Preferred Brands: Asus or Samsung but not opposed to most others 5. Brands Not Preferred: Acer (Have found their stuff to be lower...
  29. T

    Best Entertainment Tablet? (Reading Comics and Gaming)

    Hi, I will be going to college this fall and would like to purchase a tablet for my entertainment needs as I already own a basic laptop but I'm having a hard time finding the consensus over the internet of what the best tablet is for my needs. My tablet needs: 1.The best comic book/ manga...
  30. R

    Lower resolution sizes won't match my laptop's monitor size

    This occurs especially during games, my native resolution is 1366x768 but whenever I choose a lower resolution than that in games, the size of the game on the screen becomes smaller than my laptop's display/screen. Why does this happen? Is it a laptop issue only? My older laptop had the same...
  31. O

    Is it wise to buy lumia 920 in 2014?

    Lumia 920 has some issues like overheating and battery drain. It was also launched September 2012, so is it still a wise buy? Which are the other alternatives? Looking for decent screen size 4.5" to 6" so Lumia 1320 is also my consideration. Are the problems of 920 sorted out? And will 920 be...
  32. kiwi king

    Need a good laptop under $1000

    Hello! I need a good laptop for under 1k. Below are the requirements. -Any screen size (the smaller the better) -Long battery life (optional) -Well built (I like a solid feel) -Weight does not matter -I want a sleek, professional look -I don't care about thickness, as long as it's not a...
  33. R

    Gaming laptop for $500?

    I know there are other threads like this one, but its so confusing especially because laptops are a out of my range of knowledge. So yeah what I want is basically the best gaming laptop you can get for $500, I know with that price it won't be a beast or anything, but that's all my wallet can...
  34. S

    How much is my HP laptop worth?

    Here are the specs: HP Pavilion dv2700 screen size= 14 in HDD (Hard Disk Drive) = 230 GB Processor: AMD - K8 Turion 64 x2 RAM: 4GB Processor Speed = 2 GHZ CD Drive: DVD RW Graphics Card: up to 64 MB **Extra Features: Webcam & Bluetooth The battery, screen, mouse, keyboard & everything else are...
  35. A

    Laptop for a developer under $1600

    Hi guys, Can someone help me please? I want to get a new laptop. I develop applications (mostly web applications). I need a laptop to have a good battery life and perfect performance. Thanks in advance
  36. G

    Looking for ~10" Tablet

    1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes! 2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? iOS/Android KitKat 3. What screen size do you have in mind? 9"-10", with High ppi 4. Preferred Brand(s): Brand which provide OS update the most. 5. How much do you want to spend on your...
  37. A

    Alienware 14 screen upgrade? help!

    I am thinking about buying an Alienware 14 laptop for 500 bucks. I like all the specs of the machine, except the resolution. It has a 1024x768, and it gets a little "muddy" around the edges of the screen. I looked online, and if you build an Alienware laptop in their website, it looks like you...
  38. Z

    Need a laptop

    I have around 400$ to spend on a laptop. I don't know much about laptops so I need your help to buy one. Screen size/brand/weight doesn't matter, just need a basic laptop for school. Thanks
  39. J

    Which Lptop should I choose?

    Hello everybody! I want to buy a new computer and as I am a student I'll have to be able to take it everywhere so I've chosen to take a Laptop. the question which arises now is: Which one to choose?! I'll use it for Video editing (not professional: Pinnacle Studio 16) and for some Games such as...
  40. J

    Best Laptop around $500

    Hi, Im looking for the best laptop I can get for around the $500 price. I would like it to maybe be abe to play some steam games but nothing crazy. I dont really mind what screen size. Any help apreciated.
  41. B

    Looking for a student laptop for about 800$

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent laptop for a student for the basic uses of a student the budget is around 800$ or less. an ssd would be awesome but it's optional same goes with a touch screen. weight is not relevant and the screen size and other things should be average. Please suggest any deals...
  42. E

    budget gaming laptop.

    I want a good laptop for gaming and 3dsmax, Autocad .Budget is 750$ max. No preference of screen size. Amd would also be okk. I would play games like bf4, gta4, sniper elite 3.
  43. A

    FUJITSU AMILO LI 3710 Screen replacement help?

    I have an old FUJITSU AMILO LI 3710 that has a broken screen, I want to replace this but do not want to take it to a shop as I have been quoted up to £120. What I want to know where is the cheapest place I can acquire a new screen that will work. it seems to have a golden/silver connection cable...
  44. G

    High performance laptop while maintaining a small form factor(read: good portability)?

    Is it impossible to find a laptop with a small form factor yet still a decent performer? I want something that performs well, but maintains a small form factor. I don't need something that out performs the ridiculous 'gaming laptops', I want portability and good speed. (why not just get a...
  45. R

    Help me choose screen size and resolution for my laptop

    Hi, I'm struggled between Acer V3-771G and LENOVO Z500. They both have Intel Core i5-3230M, 128Gb SSD, similar GPUs GeForce GT 730M 4 GB on Acer and GeForce GT740 2GB on Lenovo, 8GB ram. The main difference is screen size and resolution. Acer: 17.3" Full HD 1920x1080 Lenovo: 15.6" HD 1366x768...
  46. I

    Looking for a light weight laptop with 8970m

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for gaming but I would prefer a 14" screen size and amd 8970m gpu, however I'm finding that combo may not exist. So can anyone please recommend the lighter laptops they can find with hd8970m? Thanks All!
  47. X

    Looking for new laptop

    Desired specs: Price: 1000 cap (maybe 1250 to allow for tax/warranty) Screen Size: 13-15.6 Resolution: doesn't matter, just decent Battery Life: 3+ hrs Would like to play games: starcraft 2, battlelands, mass effect 3 Would like it to be relatively portable, definitely less than 10lbs storage...
  48. R

    Dell laptop choice

    hi I'm buying a dell laptop from the uk site and just wanted opinions on which to buy. The two that im looking at are: Assuming all else equal which is better (£50 price difference)? 1) i7-3632QM Processor (up to 3.20 GHz, 6M cache) with 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M. 2) i5-3230M Processor (3M...
  49. H

    450$ School Laptop

    What I'm looking for is a decent school laptop for under 450$. Screen size is not important, but I do need battery life and processing power due to the fact I will often have several programs running at once. I've been looking at a few and really need a brand suggestion, or if you are a really...
  50. gamerguy319

    How will Screen size affect Expirience

    Ok Will a 1360x768 15.6in screen look just as good as a 17in 1080p screen for a laptop. the 1360x768 screen is going to be pared with a gtx 750m while the 1080p screen will be paired with a 765m. the reason why I am asking this is because I play on my desktop with a 27in 1360x768 screen with me...
  51. C

    About to buy a gaming laptop, need some advice.

    Hey guys, I am about to buy a gaming laptop but I need some advice on what will be the best for me. My budget is around $1100 AUD I am wanting the screen size to be 15.6inch or anything over that. I'm not sure what screen resolution is the best, but I just want it to be HD I want something...
  52. C

    Laptop for College Student

    I am a college student looking for a laptop that will last me more than 2 years. One that has a decent screen size, with a decent screen resolution. 1. $500 budget 2. >15" screen 3. The best resolution possible for my price 4. Portable laptop 5. ~4hours 6. Will do light gaming, not a...
  53. samuraimastr

    Looking for a laptop to connect an external video card to

    I am currently on the hunt for a laptop (preferably something on the thinner side with a screen size of 15.6"+) that has an i7 4700 or higher series processor that could be, in some way shape or form, used with an external video card. After looking into the matter, it appears that this can only...
  54. F

    720p or 900p

    im not sure whether to get a laptop with a 15.6 in 720p screen or a 14 in laptop with a 900p screen. they both have the same specs otherwise and the same price 14 in 15 in
  55. J

    First time laptop

    Hey guys, my friend is buying a laptop and had asked for my advice but I don't have any experience with laptops. Here are his requirements: Less than €400 above 13" screen size Any resolution Portable laptop above 3 hours battery life No Games Web surfing Word processing and general...
  56. F

    Sony Xperia T screen size

    guys I want to ask about the actual screen size of this phone. i think the whole screen is 4.65 inch and without the buttons is 4.6 please correct me if i am wrong!
  57. A

    Wandering if i can fit different laptop screen

    hello guys. so i am looking for Asus U46SV screen: Screen size: 14 inch Connector type :40 pin Part number: HW14WX101 Resolution: 1366 X 768 Aspect ratio : WXGA Backlight type : LED I am wandering if i could fit different model screen same specs?40 pins 14 inch LED from another asus model. Did...
  58. R

    internet screen size

    my internet screen size has reduced, non internet is ok, how I get it back to normal
  59. R

    Help ! Best laptop with i3 2nd gen under $500

    hi guyz ... just as the title states, im looking for a laptop (brand new) which has a 2nd gen i3 with intel hd 3000 .... my main purpose for buying this laptop is running hackintosh .... the battery life must be 2.5hrs + and the screen size should not be more than 15.6 inch ( i would prefer...
  60. William_White

    Portable Gaming Laptop

    Max screen size 14"/ Prefered screen size 13" NOT FHD I would rather have higher frames rates then higher resolution as it is already a higher DPI then most desktop monitors. Must have Quad Core processor, AMD or Intel doesn't matter. Games: MW Online Budget: no more then $1300 Must be be able...