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  1. J

    Anybody have Experience with the Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 USB?

    Buying this solely to drive some DT990 Premium headphones, Not really seen any decent reviews so figured this would be the place to ask...
  2. G

    Asus Xonar u3 or Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi ?

    So, i buy Hyperx Cloud and i want better sound quality because sound card of my mobo is a trash. Which one is the best (have a better sound quality and higher volume)? or...
  3. A

    Sound blaster zx Audio Control Codule?

    I was about to buy the Sound Blaster ZX sound card which include a separate ACM (Audio Control Module). Then i realized I didn't need a sound card, but I thought that the ACM would come in handy. So my question is; Where do i find "ACMs" like that? What should I search for? I dont find much...
  4. T

    Need help with possible audio problem.

    So first of all I am not an audio engineer and I need help from some of you awesome people audio engineer or not. I have an XLR AT2020 microphone hooked up to my xenyx802 mixer and then that goes into the back of my Sound blaster Z sound card. Thats all fine but my problem happens when i talk...
  5. A

    Sound Blaster Z's SBX Pro vs Xonar STX's higher SNR choice

    Hello everyone. Kindly, I need help. There is this troublesome decision that bothers me. I am a headphone dude. I currently have a Senn HD 598 SE headphone and Xonar U3 sound card. I can't buy Sound Blaster ZxR due to availability issue. Creative doesn't deliver in my country and other website...
  6. P

    Sennheiser amp needed?

    So I'm looking to buy the sennheiser game one headset but not sure if an amp is needed, I've different threads like this but I need to know if my motherboard sound is good enough to for the headset. I have the gigabyte gaming 7 z170. If I do need the amp anyone no any good ones? Or any other...
  7. R

    Tiamat 7.1 With Sound Blaster Z help!

    using the razer tiamat 7.1 with the sound blaster z card. cant get audio to play through all channels at once. ive got the msi 970 mobo and am running windows 10. theres enough plug on the card for all the headphone jacks and if i unplug the speaker out jack then the mid/low range sounds play...
  8. N

    Choice between two 7.1 sound cards with optical out ($50-$150 range)

    I'm looking for a Dolby 7.1 sound card with optical out (optical in would be nice as well, but that's not a requirement). This is for interfacing with an optical-based sound system to be used for both watching movies and gaming. I don't have any plans for doing professional sound...
  9. P

    Is it worth upgrading to 7.1 gaming headset?

    So I currently have the Razer Kraken Pro and they are alright. I was wondering if it was worth upgrading to a headset that supports 7.1 surround. Here are the ones I have been looking at, feel free to add any other suggestions...
  10. T

    Surround sound with only 3 jacks on the Sound Blaster Z ???

    As many of you may know the SB Z has one jack for front L/R, one jack for rear L/R and another for center/sub....!? I don't understand, am I supposed to use a Y adapter to get two speakers on left and right (L/R) single jacks...questionmark.gif Any opinion at all would really be a help and...
  11. H

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition and E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

    Hello I just bought the X7 Sound Blaster and XM7 bookshelf speaker combo and for 500€ I expect something "nice". So far the X7 has proofed to be a great device and I quite like it with my Sennheiser PC 363D. But the XM7 speakers are not that great. There are somewhat clear but not crystal...
  12. H

    Speaker recommendation for Sound Blaster ZxR

    i got creative zxr sound card and i looking for a speakers and a headset. My budget is USD 600 in total. My main use for headset is gaming while speakers for movie and music
  13. C

    Dac amp recommendations

    I bought a pair of DT 990 250 ohm a while ago and I was wondering what a good amp and dac combo would be good, or if I should go for a dedicated sound card like the Sound Blaster Z, or the external E5. Since they are used for gaming would a software like razer surround make something like the...
  14. N

    Sound Blaster Z, SMSL SD 793II, or SMSL Q5?

    Heyo folks, As mentioned in the title, i am in a bit of a conundrum over my PC audio. A few months ago, I decided to upgrade my audio setup that i use on PC and got myself a Schiit Asguard(Gen 1) amp a while back. Plug in my PC and headphones( daily drivers are Samson 850 and AKG 553s...
  15. KimE12

    Connecting Samsung UE40JU6400KXXU to Sound Blaster SA20A via Bluetooth

    Soundblaster instructions say that it is possible to connect to this Samsung TV but only if the TV supports Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP profile) Can anyone tell me, please, if the UE40JU6400KXXU has this ability ?
  16. R

    sound blaster Zx on 7.1 channel?

    can i ask. is that possible sound blaster Zx play through yamaha yas-201, 7.1 channel?
  17. X

    Sound Blaster ZxR 5.1 optical dosent work

    ive tryed to instal the software and the drivers but i still dont have SPDIF-OUT in my Playback devices so how am i supose to activate it and use my optical
  18. Hamda

    HI-FI or M-Audio for gaming and music?

    Hello, I’m very confused about what speakers should I get to my gaming pc. I use it for gaming and music and I have a good sound card (msi z87-g45 motherboard). So... Should I get a hi-fi system I know someone that is selling a used Marantz pm-6003 amp and Wharfedale diamond 10.1 with a DAC for...
  19. Hamda

    z906 or m-audio?

    hello, i have a logitech z906 system but im thinking of selling it and get m-audio/ mackie / jbl... studio monitors. i use the z906 as a 2.1 channel only 2 speakers with the subwoofer on my gaming pc desk cz i dont need the extra channels on the desk. so, should i just keep the z906 at 2.1, or...
  20. D

    Sound Blaster Z Control Panel Not Opening on W10

    Hey guys, I have upgraded from a Xonar DG sound card (as when it got louder the sound got muddy out of my HD 598s) to a Sound Blaster Z. I tried getting the drivers to work yesterday, as for some reason when I installed the drivers the control panel never wanted to open (it just remained in the...
  21. W

    PC Audio Sound Blaster z DTS And DDL Problems. No Sound.

    For the last month ive been trying to get my computer to play DTS surround sound. Its been completely frustrating why this isnt working. First ill post me set up of what i have. AMD FX 8300 16G ram 970 GTX 4G Sound Blaster Z Harman Kardon AVR 110 Optical (Sound blaster Z to Receiver) HDMI...
  22. B

    Problems & confusion with Sound Blaster Z

    Hey I just installed a Creative Sound Blaster Z on my system, specs below just in case they matter: MB: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 925 @ 2.8 GHz RAM: 12 GB DDR3 OS: Win7 64-bit Ultimate SP1 GPU: Geforce 260 GTX 896 MB The problem with the card was that the sound was heavily...
  23. E

    Creative Sound Blaster XFI 5.1 Simultaneous output (OPT + 5.1 jacks)

    Hi, I've been looking into the forums and all over the internet and I couldn't find any info about this. I would like to know if I can connect my Headset (Optical audio) and a 5.1 system (5.1 jacks) to this sound card (Creative Sound Blaster XFI 5.1) and get sound simultaneously. I want to turn...
  24. C

    7.1 with 4 Connections

    I'm sure this is a simple question, I'm just a novice at this. I'm looking to purchase this Sound Blaster card: It says it is 7.1, but there are only 4 connections. How do...
  25. Can You Help Me Please

    Where Can I Find A Sound Blaster Sound Card Emulator So That I Can Use SOUND BLASTER X-FI MB3 Software

    I just bought a pair of Technical Pro MB5000's bookshelf monitors. I want to test this software, but I dont have a soundblaster card. So what can I do to enable this software?
  26. P

    Which sound card is right for me? The Asus Xonar DX or the Sound Blaster Z

    I recently decided upon purchasing a mid-tier 2.0 audio system and a sound card in order to solve a slight issue with my onboard sound. However, I need help determining which of the sound cards mentioned in the title is the better choice for me. I have provided some information below that will...
  27. J

    The Sound Card + Wireless Heaphones Dilema!

    Hello from Spain! tl;dr Headset: Sound Blaster 3D Rage Wireless headset (USB conexion to MOBO) Sound Card: Sound Blaster Z Questions: Will they work together just fine, or does the headset need to be connected to the Sound Card directly by cable, in order to work? (Bare in mind this headset...
  28. M

    Need help with sound card or DAC

    If i go over a certain volume (like over 75%) i start getting an annoying crackling noise. Here are the speakers I have right now...
  29. LaMaestro

    HyperX Cloud II or Sound Blaster Evo Zxr

    Title says it all pretty much. My local shop took 44% off the SB Evo for Christmas so I've been wondering which headphones are better for gaming since they both cost about the same. I play on PC and 7.1 is somewhat important for certain games. I don't intend to use either of those headphones...
  30. A

    Quality Loss From TOSLINK output (Sound Card) to RCA Receiver?

    Hello! I have an old Toshiba SA-750 receiver, still in fine condition, and am thinking about buying a Sound Blaster Z sound card for my computer. I'm an avid music listener and concert goer. I do must of my music listening via Spotify Premium which is ~320 kbit/s I believe. I would use TOSLINK...
  31. E

    Need a new headset for gaming

    Hello guys, I'm in need of a new gaming headset. I had a Turtle beach px21 for about 3years now and finally the wire near the mixamp gave out so the microphone doesn't work anymore. I tried ordering Sound Blaster Tactics 3D Fury but they came out faulty so again I'm in need of a new headset...
  32. hcorion

    Best Bang for Buck "Gaming" Headset under $100 Canadian (75 US)

    Hi Everybody, So here is my dilemma, my Mom has previously bought me a Cyber Acoustics $30-$40 headset that has lasted about 2 years. She also bought one for herself that has now broken, and lasted about the same amount of time. The idea would be if we could get two $60-$80 headsets, and have...
  33. C

    Can't get old DOS games (94-95) to detect my midi/digital audio card on a VMWare Virtual Machine on Win2000

    I can't get games like System Shock or I have no mouth and i must scream to work because it does not detect my sound card. I try to select "Creative Labs Sound blaster or 100% compatible" and when i "attempt to configure sound driver automatically" it says ERROR XMIDI SOUND HARDWARE NOT FOUND...
  34. L

    No Audio From Sound Blaster Z

    I've been having zero luck getting my basic audio setup to work. My 2.1 setup was working and literally just stopped. I'm at wits end. Here's my setup. I pray someone can help me!! Cyber Acoustic 2.1 30watt audio system (dead basic) EVGA Z97 FTW motherboard (Turned Azalia off) Sound Blaster Z...
  35. R

    Sound Card/Amp for Sennheiser G4ME Zero

    I recently purchased a Sennheiser G4ME Zero Gaming Headset. I love the feel and sound of them but I've heard you need a dedicated sound card or amp for them to really sound good. I have a MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard. Would I notice a difference in sound if I bought either a sound card or an...
  36. A

    12 years old Creative Labs Sound Blaster live , is it worth placing it in a new rig ?

    I have z97-P Asus MBO , do you think I will have better quality sound with/without surround sound with the sound card stated in the title ?
  37. D

    Audio Receiver died, connect Active Sub + 2 Speakers to Sound Blaster ZxR?

    Hey guys, my Harman Kardon HS100 just died on me and now im left with the Harman Kardon HKTS 7 Speakers that where connected to it. i have a sound blaster zxr sound card. Is it possible to connect the sub and 2 speakers ( front l/r) to the soundcard without an additional receiver? ive been...
  38. K

    Looking to buy headphones, microphone and possible amp?!

    Hi there, this is my first post, so be gentle with me! :na: Thanks in advance! I recently bought a sound board for my computer: the Creative Sound Blaster ZxR. Firstly, i have so far only have good experience with the board, but i want a better experience! I crave more! (Astro a40 doesn't do it...
  39. S

    TOPPING NX1 v. Sound Blaster E1 Amplifiers

    Both are currently priced around $30. I'm just looking for something to boost sound when connecting an MP3 player to various speakers - in other words, strength and loudness is more important than crispness and clarity. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, notify me if it is and I'll get...
  40. D

    G230 either too quiet or lots of background noise.

    Hi, I just got yhe g230 headphone and I immediately notice that the microphone is way too quiet for human ear to listen to, even when I'm speaking directly into it, I could only hear muffle. I tried cranking the mic boost to 30db, that helps but it also increase the static, background noise. So...
  41. D

    Sound blaster cinema 2 no supported audio device,

    Hi i own a Msi GT72 2QE, and it came included with soundblaster cinema 2, i updated to windows 10, and it froze and other stuff, msi is not supporting soundblaster cinema 2 or windows 10 on this laptop What drivers is supported by sound blaster cinema 2, windows 8.1?
  42. Kisianik

    Logitech Z623 vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1 gaming first, music second

    As the title ask. I have Creative Sound Blaster Z, Logitech G51 died 10 hours ago after at least 6-8 years of service.. I know this question was asked and answered a thousand times, and I read tons of reviews for both sets, however I noticed that majority of Klipsch owners were saying that they...
  43. G

    How to get 5.1 From Soundblaster Z card to my 5.1 Samsung reciever

    Hey so wanting 5.1 sound I put a Soundblaster Z card into my desktop, but am having trouble getting true 5.1 sound to my samsung 5.1 reciever. Hopefully I did not screw up what i needed! The soundblaster Z card has the following ports: Optical In(x1) Optical out(x1) AUX out(x3) Headphone...
  44. RonFishy

    Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless - No power, no sound.

    I've had issues pretty consistently with this device since purchasing it in December last year. After about 2 months of normal use, the actual sound card/sound blaster just stopped powering on whenever the PC was turned on. I looked online, found a solution that worked for me on this website. I...
  45. D

    Creative Sound Blaster Z series toslink/SPDIF not working

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Background: My Rig Processor: AMD FX8320 Motherboard: Asus M5 A99FX Pro R2.0 Ram: 32 Gig DDR3 Video Card: Radeon R9 200 Series (PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, blue color) Sound Card : Creative Blaster Z (PCIe x4 mode, black color) O/s: Win 8.1 I have hooked up this rig to my...
  46. U

    Realtek Audio Manager and Sound Blaster Cinema 2 Troubleshooting (Solved)

    Hey, guys. I have an Audio-Technica AD700x, and I am wondering how I can my motherboard's (MSI Z97 Gaming 5) virtual 7.1 surround sound with my headphones. At first, I have accessed Sound Blaster Cinema 2. In the advanced settings, I changed my configuration to 7.1 Surround and tested the...
  47. C

    Recommendations for Sound Blaster Cinema compatible headset/speakers?

    I built a system with an MSI motherboard, which came with Sound Blaster Cinema 2 software. I know very little about audio hardware and software, but I'd like to get the best sound I can out of it for as little as I can get away with spending. Can anyone recommend speakers and/or headsets that...
  48. S

    Which Akg, q701, k701/702 is best for gaming

    I'm looking for a akg q701 or k701/702 to pair with my sound blaster z for gaming. Which would you suggest?
  49. revolultrablue

    Good headphones to go along with soundblaster z

    I'm looking for a headphone for movies, gaming and music. The sound blaster z says it can power up to 600 ohm but I don't know what headphone to get.
  50. A

    Purchasing New Sound Card: Optimal Setup?

    Hello! I am purchasing a new Sound Blaster Z Sound Card for my desktop. I am aiming to improve the audio quality that I hear through my new sound system. I have an old, yet solid Toshiba tube amplifier in pretty solid condition. It's been retired for over ten years, and I've just been given it...
  51. S

    Astro A40s and Sound Blaster Z Audio not sounding clear

    I have disabled SBX, and I was just wondering if any of you would like to recommend some EQ settings that would make the audio seem more crisp and clear.
  52. E

    Creative Sound Blaster Zx + FiiO E10K + Audio Technica ATH-AD900X best audio setup ?

    Hello, So I'm wondering if this setup is the best to maximize my gaming experience ? + is there any guides for audio setup, I mean how to connect everything together and get most of it in terms of hardware and software configuration ? Thanks in advance!
  53. R

    What Cable to use with my Sound System?

    Just got brand new speaker system for my PC. Just wonder what would be the best cable to use (Optical, Coaxial or Subwoofer to PC cable, Not sure what that cable is called)? It will be going to my Sound Blaster ZXR.
  54. S

    Precautions to not blow out hd 598

    I have a hd 598 and sound blaster z. I was wondering what kind of precautions and safety i can take to keep them both working long. Are there any signs that I'm stressing the hd 598 past it's limit with a strong amp? What would those signs be so I can avoid them.
  55. S

    Is the sound blaster z too strong for hd 598s?

    It says it can power 600ohm headphones and I've read that it doesnt have a gain setting. I don't want to spend this much money just to blow out my headphones. Does anyone know if it's a safe pair?
  56. revolultrablue

    Sound blaster z turns off full range and surround settings on restart

    Like the title says I set 5.1 and full range speakers and full range surround. Everything sounds good and then on restart it reverts back. It's really frustrating.
  57. J

    Best pair of headphones under $220?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking to buy a new pair of headphones for a while now but I'm still not sure what's best. I mostly listen to pop and classical music, and the amount of bass the headphones have doesn't matter that much, just looking for a nice accurate and clean sound signature...
  58. I

    Which Soundcard / AMP / Benefits

    Hi, I want to buy a soundcard for my akg k240 (55ohm) because they need a bit of amplification. I considered Fiio E10k but I've heard it does not offer good positioning in gaming. I believe something in a price range of a Sound Blaster Z would satisfy me but I am not sure if it has a headphone...
  59. T

    Please Help With Audio Problem!

    I don't understand, one minute my headphones (Creative sound blaster evo USB) were working fine and installed the drivers and worked no problem. Then I take the usb out and use them with my phone with the normal 3.5mm, and all of a sudden I return back to my PC and it doesn't even attempt to...
  60. A

    Soundcard for Sennheiser G4me One

    Just looking for any sound card that you would recommend. So far I'm looking at Asus Xonar DGX and Sound Blaster Z. Appreciate any comment guys