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  1. Z

    Sager NP8153-S Touchpad

    I have the latest driver for the touchpad installed on my Sager laptop. I have all the setting turned off for the touchpad in the windows 10 mouse and touchpad settings except that the touchpad it on. I don't like tapping the touchpad for a click to register. Whenever I use the buttons on the...
  2. R

    help! my cursor has disappeared off my lenovo thinkpad!

    Hi, I've had a lenovo think-pad for nearly a year and after turning it on one day, my cursor has disappeared off the screen for no apparent reason. There is no activity when i right or left click, however the touchscreen still works on the screen. So i was wondering if anyone could help me we...
  3. T

    Dell M6500 touchpad/point stick Not working correctly or at all

    My dell m6500 started acting up the point stick all of a sudden stopped working and is not being detected at all. The touch pad now won't double tap or scroll and zoom. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but it did not fix it. I ran tests on motherboard and other...
  4. J

    Dell Inspiron 7547 Touchpad won't work in any operating system

    I took the laptop apart to replace the lcd touchscreen part and when i put it back together, the touchpad won't work. I've verified numerous times that all the cables and ribbons are plugged in and fastened but no luck. the keyboard works just not the touchpad. any ideas would be greatly...
  5. R

    Touchpad buttons stopped working all of a sudden

    My Touchpad is proper only the right and left click buttons are not working for some reason DELL INSPIRON 3520 please help Windows 8
  6. K

    aspire E15-575G-585K got sound cracking problem

    aspire E15-575G-585K got sound cracking problem while i use the touchpad move the cursor while i play youtube or music. What should i do? as i try google and see the old post in this forum but no use. uninstall the HID driver and restart and it is still the same
  7. P

    ELAN Touchpad lagging on initial touch

    I just got the LG Gram 15 laptop. The ELAN touchpad delays/lags a bit when my finger first touches the pad. The mouse on the screen "jumps" a bit to compensate the delay. Seems like it is deliberately done to prevent accidental mouse movement upon click. But it is sooo annoying. I cannot make...
  8. D

    Touchpad on Lenovo Y50-70 is "Jumpy"

    I bought a Lenovo Y50-70 a year or so ago and it has been running fine aside from one minor issue. The trackpad, from what I believe, is broken (I know for a fact it is not the touchscreen because that broke and had to be completely replaced under warranty but the issue still continued. At...
  9. S

    Lost ability to turn off touchpad Inspiron E1505

    I installed a new ss hard drive to my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop and lost the ability to turn off the touchpad when using a mouse. Tried downloading some Synaptics drivers but they didn't solve the problem. Any ideas?
  10. raptormoonx

    Toshiba Satellite s55-a5375 Synaptics Touchpad Error Message

    Hello! I have version (latest) of the driver installed. I keep getting the following error: I've uninstalled/reinstalled the driver and can't get the issue resolved. What can I do to get this fixed? I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation on Saturday and I need the touchpad to work...
  11. C

    how to disable touchpad

    How can I disable the touchpad. There is no option for devices when I go to Mouse in Control panel. I tried the fn-'f9 but that isn't working.
  12. D

    ASUS G46VW Touchpad not scrolling or zooming

    My touchpad no longer scrolls or zooms in/out. I have been on Windows 10 for a long time now, and have had this issue before but it seemed to resolve itself. I have tried repairing ASUS Smart Gesture, uninstalling it, reinstalling ATK, reinstalling ASUS Smart Gesture, and even checked for...
  13. J

    ASUS ROG752VS Touchpad Issue!

    THIS QUESTION WAS COIPED FROM ITS ORIGINAL POST ON THE ASUS ROG FORUMS: I have been noticing that for some reason, if you drag a window or anything else for that matter using the left mouse button (as opposed to double...
  14. M

    Aspire E13 lost touchpad and cursa

    I have tried the Fn/7 & Ctrl/Esc & Fn / 9 resets but the Touchpad still does not work. I have connected an external mouse alls OK Any ideas?.