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  1. S

    touchpad buttons only work on login screen

    So here's a weird problem that I hope someone can help me with. I have a lenovo flex 3-1580 and recently the buttons stopped working so i opened it and inspected it and took the ribbon cable out and put it back in and the buttons started working.. but only on the login screen. as soon as i log...
  2. J

    laptop touchpads with one finger scroll

    I can't seem to find a laptop that still has one finger scroll on the touchpad. They all seem to be two finger for simple up/down scrolling. My right hand is not able to do two finger very well. It is more frustrating for me to do and I just revert to using an external mouse. Any suggestions?
  3. J

    Mouse and touchpad completely stop working

    Problem My touchpad and mouse recently just completely stopped working and I can only navigate my computer with keyboard controlls (tab, arrow keys, etc). When I checked the device manager both "HID-Compliant mouse" and "Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad" have an error. When I try to update the...
  4. I

    Touchpad doesn't work or show up in device manager

    My touchpad for my ASUS Zenbook UX305CA isn't working. It isn't showing up in device manager either, but there are several unknown devices, one of which might be it. I've tried Fn + F9 and the ASUS Smart Gesture program is installed as it came with the laptop. I've already tried the Reset My PC...
  5. B

    Dell N5110 touchpad touch not working but keys working.

    I have Dell N5110 laptop bought in 2011 (still working). Whenever I start my laptop after hibernation/ sleep/ lock/ closing the flap for a long duration the Touchpad Touch stops working but its keys would work. I tried restarting, Shutdown and start my laptop, but the problem remains. It works...
  6. E

    Touchpad freezing every time

    I have a 2 year old Lenovo Z50-70 laptop, from last few months the Touchpad is freezing, I cannot move the arrow till I press Right Ctrl or Esc keys.It happens very frequently in every few minutes and sometimes in few seconds. Also, when I press some of the Keys like Delete, left ctrl and 6 the...
  7. D

    Laptop touchpad working but not clicking

    I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 Signature Edition laptop which I've owned for almost an year now. As of two days ago, the touchpad stopped clicking. You can still tap to click and multitouch gestures still work, but you can't physically click on it anymore. Pressing down on the pad used to make a...
  8. S

    Need help with touchpad.

    On my Samsung Laptop when I keep my finger in the same spot on the touchpad without moving it then try to move the cursor it just stays in the same spot without moving. In order to have my cursor moving I need to take my hand off of the touchpad and then keep constantly moving the cursor or else...
  9. F

    my acer laptop touchpad wont click i have to use manual click (left click) to click things

    laptop won't work, touchpad click is disabled i think
  10. L

    How to disable touchpad buttons on Lenovo E550?

    I can only disable the touchpad itself, but not its lmb and rmb. Is there even a way to disable these? Please let me know. Thanks.
  11. L

    Unresponsive laptop touchpad

    My touchpad has become unresponsive. It rarely moves the cursor, and only right button works. Someone told me that the cause of this was the spilled water with soap on my keyboard. I don't know... I have a separate mouse, but what troubles me is the fear of more parts becoming broken. Please help.
  12. G

    Toshiba E45B4200 will not turn on!

    I have a toshiba E45B4200. The laptop has been sitting around from 1-2 years now and I decided to try and fix it. The reason why it has been collecting dust on my shelf is because I cannot get my computer to start/boot up, without having the touchpad disconnected from the laptop. If it is...
  13. niftyc

    keyboard/touchpad not working after sleep but USB insertion fixes them

    When my HP Omen 15 laptop running Windows 10 returns from suspend, the on-board keyboard and touchpad stop working, making me unable to login. I've read all of the "keyboard/touchpad/mouse not working after laptop returns from sleep" threads on here and other sites. I've tried the solutions...
  14. C

    touchpad won't work

    I cleaned my filthy touchpad with alcohol and a paper towel and now it doesn't work. Help. It's a Dell with Windows 10
  15. G

    Touchpad not working

    Hello everyone. Today I opened up my laptop to clean it. Then i reassembled everything and booted the laptop. After some time the touchpad started flickering or let's say it worked for 2 seconds and then it stopped. Then it worked again and stopped. Also some touch buttons (volume, WiFi on/off)...
  16. K

    ASUS laptop touchpad and keyboard won't respond.

    I can't even click or type in my password to unlock my computer. If I plug in a wireless mouse, then the mouse works, but a wireless keyboard does nothing. I can't type any keys.
  17. X

    Touchpad Won't move mouse unless double tap

    I use my girlfriends laptop some times and recently ran into an issue of the touchpad not wanting to move at all unless I quickly touch and then touch and keep my finger on to move the mouse if I just try moving it scrolls through icons on the desktop etc
  18. C

    Synaptics mouse touchpad not working on toshiba laptop

    I have a wireless
  19. 1

    How to disable mousepad, hp laptop

    Have gone into the devices and deleted the driver multiple times, but upon startup it is always downloaded again. Problem being, whenever I type, it starts moving around. And while playing games at rather high sensitivity, any mouse movements drastically changes what I want to do. Is there any...
  20. L

    Toshiba C855 keeps beeping, touchpad not working, keyboard types few letters

    Hello everyone! After cleaning my laptop Toshiba C855 using wet wipes it started beeping (video below), touchpad doesn't work at all, only few letters work on the keyboard. After disconnecting the keyboard and turning on the laptop nothing changes, it keeps beeping, touchpad not responseful...
  21. D

    Asus laptop touchpad suddenly doesn't work

    I have an Asus N550JK, it works without problem except for the touchpad. I tried to reinstall the driver but it didn't work. Any help?
  22. J

    Troubleshoot and fix TouchPad issues on the HP Spectre X360

    The TouchPad on the on the HP Spectre X360 is very sensitive and hasn’t been without its issues. Some users have complained that it would intermittently stop working or would stop responding altogether. If you need to troubleshoot and fix TouchPad issues on the HP Spectre X360, this tutorial is...
  23. M

    Guys, i need help building a Raspberry Pi \ android Laptop

    i've got a dead Compaq 615 the motherboard gave up on me lol but it's screen and battery, touchpad, keyboard are still working fine the laptop is in a really good shape apart from the motherboard issue. Anyways I thought of replacing it';s motherboard with a Raspberry Pi or one of those...
  24. O

    which computer on the picture? Is it a touchpad up in the middle? Thank you.
  25. B

    touchpad dont work

    my touch pad is not listed in control panel or device manager how do i get it back in there i'm running win 10 build 15044.rs2_release.170307-1445 i cannot go back to a earlier setting when it worked cause a update to win turned it off so new going back. I did do a refresh new start but that...
  26. F

    ASUS K501U Touchpad problem

    I have a ASUS K501U with Windows 10. Gestures to zoom and scroll worked yesterday, now they don't. I updated the driver, restarted. There is no touchpad software or options in mouse settings. It's almost like the computer forgot there is a touchpad at all.
  27. A

    Using touchpad causes screen to turn off

    This is a strange problem. When I move the touchpad on my tablet, it causes the screen to turn off. I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 convertible tablet (touchscreen tablet with a built-in, detachable keyboard/touchpad). It has Windows 8 32-bit installed and was bought in 2013. I can use...
  28. G

    Touchpad ribbon connect hp probook 6455b zif connector broken help!

    Hey guys, I am installing a new front panel on a hp probook 6455b and I've taken everything out and think i broke my zif connector, so it does not fall out after I install everything I am wondering if theres a way to tape it , glue it or anything else to make the ribbon stay connected. Also I...
  29. G

    touchpad works in BIOS but not in WIndows7

    Hello I've got a Samsung NP930X2K-SO2US, which I downgraded to win7-64bit. Everything works fine except the touchpad. The strange thing is that under Device Manager there isn't any yellow questionmarks but the touchpad works when I go into the BIOS. Does anyone have any ideas what may be...
  30. M

    Toshiba Satellite Touchpad Stops Working

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L55 running Windows 10 Home that I typically use with an external mouse. However, from time to time I need to use the touchpad. When I first installed the external mouse, I was able to configure the touchpad so that it would be automatically disabled any time an...
  31. M

    Touchpad won't work (Lenovo)

    My touchpad is stuck on the loady blue circle thingy. I can move it but it won't click or anything. I am not sure what to do. Can anyone help?
  32. J

    Touchpad is not responding

    My touch pad sporadically quits functioning on my laptop. In the past I have "stumbled" onto fixing it but can't remember what it is I did. I have a HPElitebook 8440p, running Windows 10. I've checked for driver updates and my device manager says the touchpad is on, but it still isn't...
  33. S

    Laptop Touchpad Not Working

    Hey guys, I just did an install of windows 10 on my Stream 11 laptop and my touch-pad is not responding, Ive read many many posts on this problem and have tried many solutions, like updating all of the drivers, activating it through the control panel (It wont show up under the mouse...
  34. G

    Asus X555U touchpad gestures not working

    I rarely use the touchpad of the pc since I have a wireless mouse but i recently noticed that even if the touchpad works the gestures (that i'm sure worker until some months ago) no longer work. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  35. 2

    Touchscreen and Touchpad misbehaving after SSD install?

    Hi all, Just purchased an Acer Spin 3 laptop and first thing I did was re-install windows on an SSD because the bloatware + HDD combination was horrible. So everything is working properly except for the touchscreen and touchpad : on some webpages I can't scroll using the touchscreen or...
  36. C

    Toshiba Satellite: What are these screws or bolts and how do I remove them?

    I would like to reuse part of a larger part from a Toshiba Satellite L955 Laptop, specifically the frame around the touchpad, which is not of one piece with the rest of the deck of the computer. Looking at the underside of the deck, I cannot figure out how...
  37. Y

    Satellite L50-C touchpad doesn't work after bios update

    Hello, Please, Help me fix this. My touchpad stopped working after update my bios to ver. 5.30. I’ve searched in Elan driver "touchpad driver software" so I can enable the touchpad, but I couldn’t find the touchpad listed! I’ve searched “device manager” I couldn’t find the touchpad or any other...
  38. N

    How do I fix the touchpad and mouse pointer that repeatedly freeze on my new Galaxy TabPro S, even after a restart?

    It doesn't seem to be caused by any particular program. It is usually fixed, temporarily, by folding the screen down in sleep mode. Sometimes it seems to be fixed for a day or two, then it freezes again.
  39. P

    turn on the touchpad when it turns off

    my touchpad isn't on now, and I think there is a way to switch it back on, but can't remember how...
  40. L

    Re-activate touchpad on Medion Akoya P6658 laptop

    The other day the touch pad on my pc stoped working. I have already tried using the command Fn F9 without any luck. I've also tried to look for updates for the driver through mouse>advanced>driver>update_driver , but it says i've got the newest driver. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  41. S

    Replacement touchpad for ASUS N550JK

    Hi, Asus N550JK windows 8.1 64bit My touchpad is broken, it is a hardware issue. I'm trying to replace it but can't find any information on the model # for the touchpad. Can the touchpad on this model be changed? If so, what is the model #? Thank you!
  42. P

    Cursor freezes/moves erratically...trying to move it just constantly resizes/zooms

    Dell Inspiron N7110 So this tends to occur if I get the touchpad wet. I am not talking like a spill or something. Just even cleaning it with some cleaner and a paper towel. Other times though it seems completely random. For instance just now I booted it up for the first time in a few days...
  43. T

    Need help with disabling touchpad?

    Need help with disabled touchpad on dell laptop?
  44. Mercy_1

    Can't use keyboard and touchpad at the same time?

    Gaming this way becomes very difficult. If I'm trying to hold down W to go forward whilst using the cursor to move my character around then that won't work. The cursor won't activte. I have looked everywhere online for a solution and I found this solution everywhere...
  45. T

    Lenovo G50-80 touchpad stopped working - no longer seen by system?

    Have a year and a half old G50-80 running Win10 and two days ago, without any warning, the touchpad stopped working. - USB mouse works okay. - Tried turning on/off the touchpad from the function key on the keyboard with no luck. - Looked at the mouse settings through the control panel. I do...
  46. A

    Aspire 5741 keyboard and touchpad dead

    Hi, Yesterday my laptop keyboard and touchpad stopped working. First they stopped during a few seconds, but finally they did not come alive anymore. I do can get to the BIOS setup and here the keyboard is working fine, so I dircard a hardrware problem. I tried to get to save mode and even tried...
  47. S

    Right click of touchpad not working

    I bought an Asus zenbook flip ux360ua a week ago but since today I've got issues with the touchpad. After a while the right click on the trackpad didn't work anymore. If I connect a mouse it will work fine for the mouse, but the trackpad doesn't. I guess it's not a hardware problem as I tried...
  48. M

    i hv bought leno laptop g50 intel i3 4g ram 2ghz speeed before 2weeks it have problem from yesterday night with touchpad

    my laptop with windows10 mouse touh pad will not work properly it unable to select options the curser will moves but unable to selectclick it needs to click right click button tell me how to solve it wt is the problem
  49. D

    Touchpad is locked on my Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series. How do I unlock?

    Locked touchpad on Dell 17 5000 is locked. How do I unlock?
  50. jagsta21

    removed touchpad in device manager and cant get it back.

    i couldnt change any settings like scrolling or anything so i was going to reinstall my touchpad driver and it removed it i have to use a mouse now and i cannot get it back i have reinstalled the driver that is on asus's support website!
  51. P

    No touchpad and no pointer on my HP Pavilion 15 with Windows 10

    Recently my mouse pointer just stopped and I went to device manager and touchpad wasn't there. I have tried everything but nothing works. What should I do.
  52. J

    Toshiba Satellite Touchpad Keeps not working

    I've got a Toshiba Satellite E45T B4204 Ultrabook running Windows 10. When the laptop goes into sleep mode by either time or shutting the lid I lose the touchpad function when I wake up the laptop. It's like it has been turned off. I used to have to restart the laptop and the touchpad would...
  53. S

    Asus K501UX touchpad driver for Win10 downgrade to Win7

    1) Does anyone know for sure what touchpad is in the Asus K501UX? I'm pretty sure its an ELAN but not 100% on that.. Anyway, I did a 'downgrade' from Win10 to Win7 64bit and I can't for the life of me find a driver that will install. All that's recognized in device manager under 'Mice and other...
  54. A

    Touchpad not clicking

    Cursor moving but not able to click anything
  55. A

    Touchpad not clicking

    I have a Lenovo 11e Touchpad, at first my touch pad was working fine but now I can't click on anything with the touch pad I can silently click on MOST things by lightly tapping on the touch pad and it clicks but I can't drag anything. I've already checked my control panel mouse settings and my...
  56. W

    HP Elitebook 8560p touchpad removal

    in order to remove the touchpad on this laptop, do i have to literally strip the thing down to a bare board? decent disassembly videos and documentation on this device seems scarce, but i need to find out why it isnt booting when the PSU is supplying voltage, and the battery is receiving...
  57. R

    Can't use mouse or touchpad when laptop is charging

    I recently got this laptop (Lenovo G460, Win7) and starting about 2-3 days ago my mouse and touchpad don't work while the laptop is charging. There are a few more odd things with it as well. The touchpad works if I have a VGA cable plugged into another monitor and there is a buzzing in my...
  58. J

    Tips and Tricks To Customize Dell XPS 13 Touchpad Settings

    I love my Dell XPS 13 but the touchpad drove me a little insane when I first got it. Even the slightest touch with my hand while typing would send the cursor all over the place. Fortunately, there are ways to fix it, so if you want to tweak your touchpad settings on the Dell XPS 13, here’s how...