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  1. Lutfij

    How To Turn On Laptop Touchpad On Windows 8

    Touchpads can be a hindrance to some of us who have toddlers running around the house. Having them tinker with a touchpad and the mouse pointers subsequent motion might interest them further to the point of disassembling the laptop for the sake of science. We may know how to disable the touchpad...
  2. K

    Why doesn't my touchpad work when I'm signed into my computer, even though it works before signing in?

    My touchpad works fine as long as I'm not signed in on my laptop. As soon as I sign in, though, it stops working. This started ever since I ran chkdsk. My operating system is Windows 8.1. This is most definitely a software issue, not a hardware issue.
  3. S

    touchpad not working when instaleed windows 10 os

    My touchpad device isn't listed on the device manager on my windows 10 os and it isn't working. But the usb mouse works fine. The same touch pad works when booted with Windows 7 but not with windows 10 please help. Please let e know how to fix the missing touch pad device in the device manager...
  4. J

    Accidentally Uninstalled Synaptics driver(removed driver software from device too)

    I am currently on a lenovo ideapad 300-14ISK and I accidentally removed my touchpad drivers and also removed it from device too. Now when I go to device manager there is no drop down menu that is called mouse or touchpad or pointing devices. When I tried to install touchpad drivers from the...
  5. G

    ASUS touchpad not working after new motherboard

    Hi guys, so I just got back my laptop (ASUS X455L) after a newly installed motherboard, fortunately it was covered by the warranty but when I tested it out, at first, the touchpad worked but none of its features (gestures) worked so I gave it back. After 2 days I got it back and found out the...
  6. E

    Latitude e5500 touchpad does not work

    I got this laptop a few weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was that none of the gestures work. The only one I really care about is the scroll gesture (the two fingers) because I have a few shopping apps on here that don't have scroll bars for some reason and the buttons won't work so...
  7. A

    Toshiba Satellite L50-B907 touchpad disconnects

    Toshiba Satellite L50-B907 touchpad works when I first open it but after a very short while it seems to disconnect. There is no relation between its disconnecting and the connection of another external mouse. And every time I check the devise manager it just states that the devise is working...
  8. G

    Asus Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad not working

    Hello, I have an Asus k550j laptop and my keyboard and touchpad are not working. It started like 3-4 months ago. I used external keyboard and usb mouse during that time and everything worked fine. About 2 weeks ago I decided to get it repaired because I thought it was a hardware problem since...
  9. J

    Lenovo G50 cursor moves but won’t click on anything. There’s no touchpad driver option on device manager.

    Lenovo G50 cursor moves but won’t click on anything. There is no “touchpad driver” under device management.
  10. N

    How do I enable my touchpad on my Asus Notebook Q405??

    Yesterday my touchpad stopped working. My laptop is touchscreen (its a drawing laptop) and it can bend backwards and all that. I tried f9+fn and it only told me that my touchpad was disabled. My f9 has a picture of a slash through a mousepad, but none of the other keys have just a mousepad. I...
  11. V

    Detachable keyboard not recognised unless laptop charging

    Hello everyone, I have a Leader laptop that is basically a tablet with a detachable keyboard that magnetically clicks into place. I used to be able to use the keyboard/touchpad anywhere and my laptop would recognise it, so I could use it in lectures. Now, my keyboard/touchpad only responds...
  12. E

    Touchpad aluminium tape got off

    Hello everyone! I ran into an issue while changing keyboard on my Asus X555L. i took the aluminium tape from touchpad completely away! which i maybe shouldnt do cuz after putting it back on it didnt quite stick well and didnt work at all... Now my question is shouldnt the device work even with...
  13. G

    Windows troubleshooting, touchpad

    My windows Toshiba's touch pad has stoped working and my curser is in the right/middle of the screen and has dissapered. The only way to see the mouse is if I left click. Any ideas?
  14. M

    Turn off touchpad on Acer laptop

    Touchpad turn on or off on Acer laptop
  15. J

    Razer Blade 14 keyboard and touchpad stopped functioning.

    Hey, I'm pretty new here and pretty desperate. As the title says, my laptop's built-in keyboard and touchpad has stopped functioning. It all started when my laptop suddenly died because I failed to plug the charger in time. When I booted it up, the keyboard and touchpad just won't work. The...
  16. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad T520 - Some keyboard keys (b, n, space) and Power button are not working

    So a few months ago I moved out and I forgot my laptop in sleep mode for a few days. When I tried to open it, I couldn't succeed. I put the charger in, kept pressing the Power button, nothing happened. Eventually, I managed to boot it by removing the battery and the charger, remove the CMOS...
  17. N

    hi. my LENOVO ideapad320 (windows 10 )is working just fine except for the touchpad!! I have tried everything from activating i

    please help i have a Lenovo ideapad 320 , windows ten, i updated everything needed to be updated , but i can't use it as a touchpad, every time i press on touchpad in the notification bar and then i put my finger on the touchscreen of my laptop it doesn't respond
  18. O

    Dell m4400 Touchpad dosen't work

    Hello guys . i have a problem . i found an old dell m4400 when i helped a friend to move out . he told me to keep the laptop soo i started to clean it . the laptop is working fine . i bought an replacement keyboard because the old one had missing buttons . So i swaped them but now the touchpad...
  19. 9

    Laptop shell C doesn't come with touchpad

    Hey guys, my toshiba satellite has broken hinges and I bought part C and D online. When they arrived, I discovered that part C doesn't come with a touchpad. The touchpad from my old shell is not removable (from what I see). Now I've assemble the parts but I can't use the touchpad. Am I scammed...
  20. G

    How can I fix my glitchy HP laptop trackpad

    I recently purchased a HP 250 G6 i5 Laptop on Windows 10 and I have been having some problems with the trackpad recently. I don't know if I had these issues when I first got the laptop but it is slowly becoming an annoying thing. Essentially at times the trackpad will do its own thing. I...
  21. M

    How do I disable Touchpad in windows 7

    The touchpad got turned on again somehow and I can't find how to turn it off. My hand brushes it and moves the mouse so I start typing in the wrong place because I don't notice the cursor has moved. I used a wireless mouse.
  22. N

    Mouse (touchpad)does not select anything on screen

    But: i got one problem that mouse moves but does not select anything on scree need solution for that????
  23. G

    TouchPad issue - Acer Aspire 4738Z

    Hi Everyone, My sister bought as brand new Acer Aspire 47387Z laptop about 2 years ago and gave it to someone to configure. When she got it back the touchpad was not working and she put the laptop aside. Now that she wants to use it (I know 2 years later!), she asked me if I can fix it and...
  24. U

    spilt water on laptop

    Hi, I just spilt lots of water on my laptop and now on my screen the cursor is always on the bottom left side. And I can barely move it and when I do it just moves straight back to the bottom left side. What should I do?
  25. TheZek42

    Where to download drivers for touchpad gestures for a Lenovo?

    My sisters' laptop from Lenovo came preinstalled with Windows 10 S, which is no good, so I fresh installed windows. Problem is, the drivers that allowed the touchpad gestures is no good, so does anyone know where I can get them again?
  26. D

    when i switch on my laptop the cursor or the touchpad is off

    when i switch on my laptop the cursor or the touchpad is off then i have to use the keyboard to on it
  27. B

    My cursor keeps jumping around when typing

    I use a touchpad. Windows 8. kngeeps goi..wing...sho example
  28. V

    Touchpad can scroll and click but can't move the cursor

    Lenovo Thinkpad I'm able to click with the touchpad and I'm able to click, but I can't move the mouse. It's using the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver, I've tried removing it through Device Manager and restarting, didn't change anything unfortunately. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  29. K

    Hp Windows 10

    I stuck at my lockscreen in my ho laptop and keypad touchpad is not working.what should I do??plz reply fast
  30. W

    Gateway NE56R41U touchpad mouse isn't working. How do i fix this problem

    The Mouse touchpad on my Gateway NE56R41U Laptop stopped working . I don't know how to fix the issue. HELP PLEASE
  31. G

    Dell touchpad not working

    Hi, I am using dell inspiron 15R 5537. I am having problems with my dell touchpad. I am using wireless mouse for a long time and just few days ago my touchpad stopped working. I downloaded the latest driver from dell website the touchpad started working back again. But again next day it just...
  32. C

    Get windows 7 out of sleep mode

    My computer won't wake up from the touchpad on my sony Vaio i3. Any ideas? Window7 home premium
  33. S

    Don't think you can help, but please try!

    I did a Windows update and f*cked up the mouse somehow. The right-click menu now comes up even when I don't want it to! It comes up by clicking some areas of the left-hand side, which is so annoying. There's now a right-click function on the left edge of the touchpad, about an inch above the...
  34. deepakhkadam

    Check boxes and radio buttons disappeared in touchpad settings on Windows 10

    My laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad 520, has Synaptics driver for the touchpad. It's up-to-date. Something weird happened to it and all of a sudden the check boxes and radio buttons in Mouse Properties window and the Synaptics touchpad settings window have disappeared. I am not able to make selections and...
  35. C

    Touchpad doesn't load on main profiie

    On an ASUS. So I created a second profile just to test, and it loads properly when I login that new profile, but when I login my main profile it fails to load. CODE 10 in Device Manager, HID I2C device. Weird huh? Corrupt main profile? This is Win 10 x64 btw. Help?
  36. E

    how to re-enable touchpad on Acer Aspire ES 14

    I accidentally turned off the touchpad in Settings. How can I re-enable it without having a cursor?
  37. J

    Asus laptop q304u Touchpad problem

    I have a brand new Acer Laptop from Bestbuy. Unfortunately the BestBuy warranty is no longer active. The Touchpad works however sometimes it doesn't. When i slide my finger it will not do anything then after sliding it over and over the arrow will finally move. I don't know what would be causing...
  38. M

    Keyboard and touchpad lag

    Lenovo Yoga 3-1470. So I plugged in a USB mouse to use and after unplugging it, my keyboard and touch-pad mouse have severe choppiness. When I plug the USB mouse back in, the mouse is smooth but the touch-pad and keyboard continue to act up. I reinstalled windows 10 and it was working normal...
  39. O

    HP laptop keyboard num key keeps pressing

    Hi all, My hp laptop Model (15-n243sx) keeps displaying num 7(when turning off the numlock right arrow keeps pressing instead) from numpad as if the key is physically stuck (it is not, and on pressing it nothing happens) and sometimes the touchpad would stop working until a keyboard button is...
  40. W

    Disassemble radius 12

    Having issues with touchpad on a Toshiba radius 12 p25w. I want to check the ground and solder if need be however I am unable to disassemble it. I attempted to remove the back- removed all the screws- however the back would not lift off. Please help. This computer is useless at this point. So...
  41. M

    My mouse is not working

    I have a Dell Latitude laptop. I can get my mouse to move using the touchpad, but when I double click or right click, I can't get anything to open.
  42. gladosportal21

    Touchpad quit working after cleaning

    So I had to clean my laptop's touchpad (It's a dell inspiron 15 I think), because I used it with oily fingers. So I grabbed a wet paper tissue, as usual, and cleaned it. First it started to glitch, jump around, lag behind, and now it doesn't work. Anything else seems to work fine, it charges...
  43. W

    how do i turn on my touchpad on my acer laptop

    my touchpad on a acer laptop will not work
  44. D

    My touchpad doesn't work anymore

    I open my pc one day and suddenly my touchpad doesn't work. I need to say that i've never opened the netbook to see what's inside. And i've tried to activate throught the hotkeys of my keyboard, but nothing. When i open device manager i see the ps/2 compatible mouse that has a yellow triangle...
  45. A

    Erratic/unresponsive Cursor (Touchpad)

    Hey. Ive a Dell Inspiron 5459 and I’ve been facing this problem of erratic cursor since the past week. My OS is windows 10 64 bit. It started right after I had updated the bios and installed some security updates for windows. The cursor started lagging and malfunctioned so I just started with...
  46. C

    ASUS laptop with defunct keyboard and touchpad- help!

    ASUS x555la laptop. Keyboard not working. Touchpad not working. Wireless keyboard and mouse combo not working. Wired USB keyboard and mouse not working. I want to save data off laptop but Help!! Ordered a Sata to USB cable but does anyone know of bios or other boot up options to reset hardware...
  47. B

    Touchpad Button Problem

    Hello forum, I have a Samsung R530 laptop (Core i3, 8GB ram, SSD. Runs well but there's a problem with the touchpad. When I put any pressure at all on the area just above the top of the touchpad (and below the bottom row of keys on the keyboard) the laptop behaves as if I have clicked the...
  48. V

    Internal touchpad and keyboard lag/skip charaters, external usb work just fine

    Hi guys, I have a laptop, ASUS X550L. I put the laptop to sleep in the morning and ever since I woke it up the keyboard and the touchpad have been lagging horribly. The performance of the PC has not worsened and external USB mice and keyboards work just fine. Any help would be of use. Thanks!
  49. M

    ASUS laptop keyboard and touchpad not working (external works fine)

    my asus laptop keyboard and touchpad suddenly stopped working. i have tried FN+F9 but it still doesn't work (it only worked ONE TIME when i accidentally pressed FN+F10 to mute). if i connect to external usb keyboard and mouse, it works perfectly with no problem. any help? thanks.
  50. M

    Touchpad not working

    I have a caution sign over the touchpad icon how do i get the touchpad to work. I cant shut the laptop
  51. S

    Touchpad is not slick enough

    My touchpad is not slick at all. It is not even that worn out when I look at it but when I run my finger across it some of it isn't as slick as the rest. I ordered a laptop touchpad cover but it won't get here for a while. I was wondering if there was some sort of spray I could put on the...
  52. P

    Touchpad not working

    touchpad not working in windows 7 64bit unable to find drivers for asus x 541xuv i have tried driverspack solutions and snappy driverspack but no use once please check this link image is attached to this thread...
  53. M

    packard bell touchpad

    to those having problems with their touch pads the solution is simple. download bios update v1.10 from the official packbell sapport download site. run the package and let it finish it will restart and continue until its done.after it reboots machine will give no boot device found that is if u...
  54. P

    my dell Inspiron 14-3452 touchpad stopped working,usb ports and SD card reader also no longer work

    I am at my witts end and really could use some assistance please. My dell Inspiron 14-3452 usb ports stopped working on the left side claiming a power surge in one port despite nothing being plugged in. A further look shows the black plastic part is missing inside the second usb port. The SDcard...
  55. A

    Lenovo touchpad not working in charging

    MY laptop lenovo G50 touchpad hangs or even stop working when it is on charge. Kindly suggest me some good solutions. Thanks in advance for your time and credibility.
  56. P

    Touchpad works only when a key is pressed on the keyboard - Dell XPS L501X

    Hey Guys, So I have the XPS L501X running Windows 7. I replaced my HDD , Checked RAM and CPU to make sure they are running okay. The Symptoms : > Mouse Delay is ALWAYS constant but works smoothly when "ANY ONE" Key is pressed on the keyboard (How?) > Primary and Secondary Clicks on the...
  57. N

    how can i reset my touchpad as the edges of the screen do not respond

    i cannot u se the touchpad as the edges of the screen are not responsive however the keypad is fine
  58. C

    replaced cable ribbon and oem drivers but touchpad still doesn't work after opening laptop.

    I have a high end Acer laptop, couple years old. I opened it to fix a component the other day. After closing it everything was fine, but the touchpad and touch pad drivers were gone. I reconnected the cable ribbon on both ends 2-3 times. After deciding that the easiest potential fix was a...
  59. N

    Toshiba touchpad won't work

    Hello, I was on my computer doing regular things and then my cat walked on the keyboard and then the touchpad stopped working, my cat must have set off something, anyways I do't know how to reactivate it again, Thoughts?
  60. 1

    Had mt asusUSA d window 10 years and touchpad has just stop working

    Had my asks laptop for 2 years as well as window 10 - the touch pad has stopped working today