acer aspire 5334 laptop blinks purple lights when plugged in


Feb 21, 2016
Hello my Acer 5334-2541 laptop (5yo) recently appears to have had some part of its power function broken. I believe its the port or jack or something on the inside but it could be the power adapter.

I recently replaced the battery to be sure. The laptop still boots and runs fine with the battery only but the battery wont charge anymore and the laptop with out the battery but plugged in gets no blue power light and wont turn on.

When you try to charge the battery the orange power lights blink and one blinks purple. It did this some before xmas and was doing it the last week several days.

What I noticed right when this broke was how pistol hot the part of the power adapter that connects right to the laptop (its a universal adapter) and it even had some green liquid I guess plastic a bit. The adapter itself seemed a little too cool to the touch. I will say that this my 4th adapter on this 5 yo laptop. I think its eating them. The adapters blue light still comes on.

The orange charge light use to come on to for aboit a year. It did once a day if I left it plugged in all the time. It would drop to 95 percent charge while plugged in. And videos lag a lot the last few days.

Im sort of thinking its inside the laptop. Dunno if ill have to take it to a shop not sure Id know how to do it myself.

If your laptop is not booting up with just its AC adapter that means there's a problem with the charger itself. Do test it it with a tester if it's supplying enough voltage to power or charge the laptop or better yet try a different AC adapter and see if the same problem will persist or not. If the same problem will persist with a different AC adapter that means it's something inside the motherboard the charging port to be exact. You'll need to send it for a repair if its still under the factory warranty,
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