Acer Aspire V5 551 will not reformat with new drive.


May 19, 2013
Hey guys. I'm stumped here.

Reviving a laptop from the dead (nearly literally. replaced CPU, fan and heatsink, screen, front and back bezel). Finally got it to boot with the old HDD that came with it. It would boot, then next restart/cold boot, it would go to recovery. Refreshing did not work, as it reverts back to recovery on next boot. (Windows 8, upgraded to 8.1) Resetting yields same result as first boot, one good startup, then reverts to recovery.

Did a sector scan on a separate computer of the HDD, it never finished, saying disk cannot be read. So I find my recovery media that came with the laptop (I see no CD key anywhere, I assume the BIOS takes care of authenticating Windows) and slap in a used but working 500GB WD Blue. Next bootup, no bootable devices found. I inserted the first disk of "Recovery" into the laptop. Again, no devices found. Check BIOS to ensure the drive is being detected, it is. CD-ROM is also being detected, so the hardware controllers are working (I think). Decide to re-seat the HDD, again, BIOS picks it up, but still pops up with "No Bootable devices found".

I am now stumped. Going for a smoke.

Alex Ferreira

Jun 19, 2014
Try with another hard disk. That one must be bad. You can try to make a clean install of windows 8.1 on that disk, it may go all the way and give problems after. I don't know how is that BIOS configs, but newer laptop have UEFI/CMS boot. CMS lets you boot from any device with apropriate bootable software (working windows installed or configuration disk).


May 19, 2013
Tried another hard disk, same issue. Unfortunately, a generic win8 will not do, as it is an OEM laptop which requires the specific recovery media (on disk, not USB)
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