Action Cam SD Card Problem


Jan 27, 2018
I recently bought a cheap action cam on eBay (SJ8000) and it came without a micro sd card. Fortunately, I had a 32gb HC micro sd lying around and put it into the camera and had the camera format it. A minor problem is that, when I plug the camera into my pc, what pops up are two drives, the sd card and another formatted boot drive. The sd card drive only registers as 2.5gb. This doesn't matter much to me although the big problem is that all the videos and pics I take go onto the second drive, which only registers as 50 mb. I can only record for 30 secs until I get an "SD FULL" error. Anyone know what's going on or what I should do?
Go to disk management. make sure to click on the sd card. delete the 2 drive and create a new 32 gb one.