ASUS - After factory reset won't start up


Jun 4, 2016
Dropped my asus laptop about 5 inches down and it immediately shut off. Turned it back on and it got stuck in a auto repair loop. Ended up factory resetting back to Windows 8.1 and now it won't start up. I keep getting the message "your pc did not start correctly". It's not stuck in the auto repair loop anymore, but won't load past the asus logo unless I manually put it into auto repair. I can't boot up safe mode either. Help?

If it was dropped while it was on that could actually damage the HDD if you're using one but it will not if you're using a SSD. Have you also tried using a factory reset disc to reinstall Windows in your laptop? If it doesn't work either that means the HDD has been damaged an replacing it would be the last option.