Asus laptop overheating problems


Apr 7, 2016
I have an 5 years old Asus A52JE notebook which has the following problem. The hinge was broken and I decided I will repair it. When I disassembled the device I realized that the thermal paste also very dried so I removed it also but I haven't got any spare at home so I fully assembled the machine (I screwed back the heat pipe, the cover, etc.). The next day I went to work, but my wife didn't know about my operation so she turned on the laptop about four times but of course each time that shut down when the CPU temperature reached the critical level. Later I bought the thermal paste and applied it on the CPU and on the GPU and also reinstalled the Windows and when I turned on the computer and I started to use, it reached also a very high temperature 60-70 degrees Celsius if the load was about 5% and 80-90 degrees Celsius if the CPU load was 30%. I tried to remove the thermal past and apply it again, but the result was same.

I tested the system with live xubuntu, same result so it is not Windows problem.
I tested the heat pipe with hot water and it works well.

Today I made a new test. I applied a small amount of thermal paste on the heat pipe above the CPU, and I put a heatsink on it and an outer fan onto the heatsink. The result was very interesting. The temperature decreased radically. So in my opinion the problem comes from the fan. I don't know exactly is it the failure of the fan or the fan's controller electronic.

Please share with me if you have any idea.

Thanks a lot.

Some other information:

- Temperature tester softwares: Everest, SpeedFan, RealTemp
- CPU: i3 M350
- Thermal paste: Revoltec Cooling (Thermal conductivity >4.5W/m-k, Thermal impedance: <0.081 °C-in^2/W, 10%silver compound)

You've pretty much done all the possible troubleshooting steps yourself. :) That's a good find when you've determined that when you use an external fan on the heatsink there's a noticeable decrease with its temperature. So you can actually go from there, replace the CPU fans and observe if the issue will be resolve after you replaced it.

Here's a replacement CPU fan for your laptop.


Jan 8, 2017
Long Shot but i'm a think outside the square type person.

Had overheating issues with ASUS N53Ta Notebook ........ overheating after about 40 minutes and was doing practically now work.
CPU Temp: 101*
Fan Speed: 30
Were the readings from Afterburner.

Research suggested dusty or dirty fan etc, i wasn't convinced. Gut said a software issue to me.

Full reinstall windows 7 ............... nothing changed. I didn't just want to go ripping into stripping it down until i was convinced there was no other choice.
Decided to Flash the BIOS, the latest version was already installed but i flashed it again.

On restart instantly could hear fan working and feel air blowing out of the vent.

Has been running for over a few hours now downloading a tonne of updates and no issues ..................... fingers crossed


Mar 16, 2017
I found it wasn't the fan input but the fan output that was blocked. I have an ASUS Notepad G7JH, gaming computer. My son bought a fan base some years ago because of overheating. Then over the years it slowly got worst. I'd previously pulled it apart and the fan inputs were lint free with a slight amount of 'dust' on the fan blades but nothing major. I didn't remove the fans because I assume the blockage would be on the fan input. I didn't realise that the fan output (out of sight, until you remove the fan) goes into the heatpipe radiator which is constructed with very fine fins which collects dust. Last month the computer would shut down after 10 or so minutes (especially if the ambient temperature was high). A CPU monitoring software showed the temp would go over 100C before shutting down. In frustration (and reading about heat paste and the copper heat pipes etc) I pulled it apart again. This time I removed the fans. It wasn't immediately obvious but the radiator input had a neat 5mm pad of fluff blocking it. I removed it on both fans. Deciding this was the problem I forgot about the paste and heat pipes. Reassemble and presto, the CPU now runs at 50 to 60C. Fan noise is very low too. It runs cool.
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