Asus QL550LF Boot Issues

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Jan 9, 2017
The best way i can describe my issue is to imagine its a brand new day, you wake up and you turn on your laptop. The following happens, watch the video below, every time you turn it on. If your lucky it will turn on after 5-10 seconds but if not, you will have to turn the laptop off and try again an hour later. Due to me assuming it was an OS issue, i reinstalled windows but have faced many difficulties installing certain drivers, intel chipset and nvidia driver, which if i do attempt to install, i get a blue screen with the error: VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. Interesting enough if i go to device manager and try to scan for hardware changes, once again i get the blue screen with the same error. So once again i did a clean install, deleting partition, making new, installing windows, etc. etc.. installed every driver but those two drivers, with a free program that finds outdated drivers, and so far its good, except for the original problem... i'm under the assumption now that it is a hardware problems so there has been steps that i have taken.

Steps i have taken:
- opened laptop
- cleaned fan (needed to unscrew a lot to get to it)
- tried seeing differences with CD Drive staying in and taking it out (seeing how the sound comes from it when the boot issue is occurring)
- had the old hdd, that failed a year in after purchased laptop, switched it out for my new ssd (same boot sounds and issues continue)
- took out batter, ran it straight with charger connected (same issue continues)
- messed with ram, switched them around, took one out and vice versa (after 2 secs the laptop turned off suddenly)
- originally thought the "drive activity indicator" flashing had something to do with it but others told me otherwise...

I am stuck... thankful that i can still use my laptop but this issue might be something more serious and if i don't take care of it now i think i will be left without a laptop and school is about the start... so if anyone can help me and maybe give me ideas where to look and that can be helpful, i would really, really appreciate it....

Not open for further replies.