Asus Screen: Backlight turns on, no display


Jun 23, 2016
Asus 2 in 1 Q551L Notebook PC

I press the power button, the keyboard lights up, the 2 lights in front come on (indicating the PC is running.) The screen lights up, but doesnt display anything. It just stays black.
I plugged the laptop into my TV via HDMI, and was able to display my desktop on there. I set it to mirror my screen, but there still was no display on my laptop screen. So, I know it's not a motherboard issue.

The battery is internal. I popped open the laptop and disconnected the battery, kept the PC unplugged, held down the power button for about a minute. Then I let it sit there. I plugged the laptop into the charger (battery disconnected still). Turned it on. No luck. Still black.

Any other thoughts or ideas on how to fix it?