Asus X751LAV CPU Cooling Fan Not Working


Aug 9, 2017
My laptop's CPU cooling fan has stopped working. I am worried there are other issues besides just the fan at this point. If I'm looking at repairing more than the fan, I would rather just buy a desktop...
As a note, while it was on it had 100% memory and 100% disc space being used. The CPU however was only at about 50%. I was playing an MMORPG called LOTRO, and I had google chrome open at the same time. The computer can normally handle running both programs at the same time, but I was experiencing a lot of lag today. My internet connection was nominal, my cell phones were connected to the same network no problem.
So, is there any way that I can diagnose if there are other problems with my laptop other than the fan not working? I do not want to open the unit, I'm really hoping there is a different way to diagnose any possible issues with the laptop. I have emailed the manufacturer to see whether or not I am within my warranty, but it is possible I am not covered.
Laptop Specs:
CPU i7
GPU intel core graphics 500
Ram: 8 gigs


Oct 8, 2012
100% disc space usage is VERY bad. You should never use more than 15% of the hard drive storage. I highly doubt you are talking about that however. I think you mean 100% was shown over HDD in Task Manager, which indicates your drive needed to repair itself and should be restarted. Following a few restarts it indicates you need to replace your disk as Disk Repair should fix it on startup when it says 'Scanning Drive C:'

It's very likely that it had long term corruption or failure and this is the reason your system fan currently wont spin. Probably from hard resets and holding the power button.

Let's just make it clear that your Laptop cooling fan is not optional. Around 20 seconds without a fan spinning is enough to damage most laptops... they have trip switches in the CPU so if there is no connected working fan then the laptop won't POST because it cannot get the RPM... so if you fan doesn't spin it's not because it's broken but because something else is broken and your Laptop doesnt want to start fully because of it.

A new HDD is peanuts next to a new desktop. Tell your dad to get you an SSD and a external display instead.
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