Audio on receiver stops working when the TV is turned ON


Jan 12, 2018
Hi there,

I am amazed by this problem and cannot find a solution to it, any help would be much appreciated.

I just bought a new TV (Sony KD70X690E) and the audio is not output from the receiver when the TV is turned ON. When the TV is turned OFF I can hear the PS4 or Blu-ray sounds.

My old TV was a Sony KDL60EX500 with PS4, Blu-Ray player, etc..all of them connected through the receiver (Yamaha Rx-Z7).
Everything was working fine.

TV displays video fine.
It's like if the TV is telling the receiver to NOT output sound.
It must be a setting on the TV but I can't find which one is causing this issue.
Note that I tried multiple HDMI inputs on the TV without success.
The ONLY change in the setup is the new TV.

Best regards,


Jan 12, 2018
I was able to resolve this issue by updating the firmware of the receiver.
Thanks all for reading.
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