Bad Sound in my speakers


Nov 15, 2014
So, I have two Creative A60 Speakers, and when I listen to music it sounds like they have been blown or something. I didnt have this problem after I changed my motherboard to a better one. I have tried different sources and inputs, but the problem seems to be inside the speakers or something. Doesnt matter if I have low volume on, it still persists. And Im not going to buy a new motherboard, so thats off the table. Do any of you have any thoughts of how I could fix this? I really wanna listen to music when Im playing games. :p I have to listen on my phone because the speakers is acting weird. And there is no static noises.

Well to explain it my best, its like the sound is trapped inside of my speakers. It just cant get out or something xD

Please answer ASAP, and all answers or suggestions is highly appreciated!


Mar 17, 2006
You said you tried different sources, like your phone/mp3 or your dvd player? if not then those those first, your computer probably have corrupt drivers. try downloading slimdriver and let it find and install found drivers.

If that's the case then it might be your amplifier that busted.

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