Black Friday 2017: $599 HTC Vive vs $349 Oculus Rift + touch


Apr 29, 2014
For a long time now, everyone has been saying to get the HTC Vive but Oculus has dropped their prices again for Black Friday. To make things worse, the Vive is also throwing in a bunch of accessories too. Now I am confused and wondering which VR headset because every other source of information I've been getting is slightly outdated with the deal. What do you guys think?

The Vive comes with the deluxe sound for free and Fallout 4 as of now

The Rift comes with the touch controller

I have a GTX 950 right now so if I bought the Rift, I would have extra money to buy a new GPU or something.



The Rift was already a lot cheaper before Black Friday, and has been better value than the Vive since the price drops started at the beginning of the year.

The deluxe audio head strap for the Vive is basically the same as what the Rift comes with anyway. The Oculus Touch controllers are better than the Vive controllers. Fallout 4 VR is (probably) pretty cool, but the Rift does come with some nice games too - Robo Recall in particular is awesome, just a bit short.

You should expect to buy a third sensor ($59) with the Rift if you want optimal room-scale tracking (matching the Vive, pretty much). But it's still cheaper, and since the Rift also runs better on marginal PC hardware due to ASW, it's definitely the way to go.