Jul 4, 2014
So, the thing is, I'm thinking of buying a new ASUS G752VL-GC046T laptop with a 6th generation Intel i7 and a NVIDIA GTX 965M 2GB GDDR5 GPU and 8GB DDR4 RAM. The thing is, I think the 965M might get obsolete very soon (regarding it is a mobile GPU which is very low in performance comparing to it's desktop counterpart). I'm going to use it mostly for programming, some source map design, graphics, and of course playing video games. I'm quite aware of the fact that most laptops don't have a possibility of changing their components. But it's possible to change an HDD. I've read somewhere that you cannot replace a GPU only when it's integrated, and that some gaming laptops have the possibility of doing so. Regarding it is classified as a "gaming" laptop, I'd like to know if I could or couldn't swap the GPU for a new one once it gets obsolete?

Thanks in advance :)