can I solder different IC chip ?


Oct 14, 2013
Hi There
My dell studio XPS 1640 - IC chid died
I have HUGE problem to find exactly same chip...
I'm very good in art of soldering :) and would have no problems to swap that damn Chip but can I replace it with similar - NOT SAME model ?
So far from my research I have found that these models vary by some factors but models with beginning of model-IT8512E and extension -JXA look similar.
So first of all the dead chip model is:
its bit crispy in the middle fo the ? is a missing haracter...
I do know that there might be something else wrong than this chip but one step on a time.
Please tell me if I can replace this chip with a different one and if you know where I could get it ?
I'm from UK so ordering from China or US would be same to me.
Thank you very much for help.


Oct 14, 2013

Thank you ever so much !!! :) :) :) :) :)
Ordering now from China... only one month more to arrive and fixed... :/


Sep 26, 2007
Hi Jox,
Unfortunately laptops are notoriously difficult to work on and find OEM parts for. When one can find parts, they are typically way overpriced. Laptop manufacturers want you to buy a new computer every 3 years, and they make them more difficult to work on then desktop computers.

I don't think replacing the original IC chip with another similar one would work. They are very circuit specific, meaning that they have a specific function in the circuit that will not allow another chip to be used. Also from my experience, most laptops I've worked on are completely different. My stepdaughter has a laptop I worked on, a Sony Vaio and I had to replace the screen. With this particular model number, there were actually 4 different screens that the PC was sold with, and I had to do some research and actually open up the computer and physically look at the screen to determine which screen to order.

There are certain desktop motherboards that can have their sound chips replaced, for example replacing a Realtek HD audio chip with one of a higher quality, but for the most part tinkerers are not able to do chip level troubleshooting. Even when I was working in the Navy as a radar tech back in the late 1980's, we were taught how to do component level troubleshooting but in practice out in the fleet we would just swap out a faulty card with a new one.

Here's what I would suggest, check Ebay and other sources for a used motherboard. Just swap the whole board out and maybe someday you'll find the exact chip you need.
Even better, just get a new laptop.
I understand you want to try out your skills and see if you can fix it, so keep looking for the right chip and you'll probably find it eventually. As for resources, I can tell you that MCM electronics carries IC chips and other small parts. You could try there and maybe ask about your specific chip and they may be able to recommend a source.
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