Capacitor question for LCD Samsungs


Mar 26, 2009
What i had was a clicking noise when i tried to power up my 40" LCD. Basically to make a long story short, its the capacitors which i changed today. All was working well for a few hours and my wife and I heard a "pop" sound and sure enough one of the capacitors blew and was dripping a little juice.

Ok so heres the problem im pretty sure. The capacitors on this board were 1000uf 10v 105c, well i put in 16v 1000uf 85c capacitors.

Just plain and simple, its the 85c temp that made it pop correct? I just reordered some 105c ones, which im sure is what the actual problem was.

But i know it was fixed because it went from clicking about 20 times to just turning on when i installed the capacitors, i guess the temp is what killed it.

This is the first time i ever dealt with capacitors and just making sure that is what it was, thanks in advance.


If you do not have a temperature controlled soldering station, you can damage the caps when soldering them to the board. reverse polarity, for sure will make a cap explode.
And yes, you must use high temp capacitors, not 85c.
TEST every cap before installing it. Just because it's a new part does not mean that it is OK.
Whoops i forgot, capacitors go bad with age. If you are not using FRESH capacitors, you can expect problems. Most vendors sell old stale capacitors, and call them "new." stale caps will leak current and run hot.


Mar 5, 2012
I also replaced the Caps with same uF and the problem of long blinking LED is solved but Picture isn't coming on screen.
When I checked the voltage across the CAPS i get very less reading like 6 volts 10 volts and the 3 diodes connected in Parnell just reads 2.5 volts ( The power supply circuit Board)

Can you help me fixing this?

Still to replace 450V 100 uF.

The voltage 5.1 volt to Video circuit is dropped to 2.5 volts.
Surely I think this is causing the problem.

When connected with input like TV tuner ( Input connected) ( Input connected, menu options working, but picture adjust does not work like horizontal and vertical adjustments, only brightness and some other options seem to work) ( No signal connected )
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