Double Monitor Laptop - Second Monitor Detected but Not Displaying Image

PacoBell Canon

Aug 4, 2015
I'm using an Eluktro Pro15se Laptop ( and I am having an incredibly hard time getting a second monitor up and running on it. I'm currently using a Samsung S23C350H as the second monitor. I connect the monitor to the laptop via HDMI and Windows recognize's it's presence in that I can move my mouse cursor and file windows outside the boundaries of my laptop screen, but the monitor fails to display anything. The second monitor also shows up in the setup for multiple displays.

Every now and then the monitor will correctly display, but this usually only lasts for around 5 minutes until the monitor goes black again. I've updated all the relevant drivers, so I'm fairly certain I've narrowed the problem to either one of the two HDMI ports, the monitor (hopefully not), or the HDMI cable. Has anybody else had experience in this sort of problem and if so what would be the proper way to narrow down the potential cause of it.