Hard drive suddenly stops working, led indicator not flashing.


Jun 8, 2015
Hi there,

For a couple of months my laptop is acting a little strange. I bought it a little over a year ago. Its an Asus N750JK.

When not using the laptop for a couple of hours, or sometimes a couple of minutes, the hard drive seems to freeze. I can use the mouse and click on things but nothing happens. I cannot open programms or other applications. The HDD led indicator is also not flashing. The other indicator lights are flashing. Sometimes when I wait a couple of seconds the laptop starts working and you can hear the hdd starting up. From then on everything seems to work as normal. I checked the power settings and I turned off the feature to stop the hdd when inactive.

Is there a problem with my HDD or do I have a bigger problem with my motherboard?

BTW sometimes the laptop stops working and the hdd doesnt turn back on. The only thing I can do is hold down the power button to force a shutdown. After pressing the power button again it starts to boot like normal and it keeps working for a while. The problem always occurs when I dont use the laptop for a small ammount of time or sometimes for a couple of hours.

I ran a hard drive diagnostic tool but it did not find an error.

It did occur several times that when I randomly started pushing buttons on my keyboard or tapped the bottom of the laptop case, it started working again, not always though. So it could be random luck.


Jul 30, 2014
Welcome to the community, LincolnDV!

Since you are able to boot into Windows and the diagnostics tool indicates no errors with the hard drive, my guess is the PSU is most likely the source of the problem, or the motherboard itself. I'd recommend you to contact the customer support of your laptop manufacturer and check the warranty of your product. If it's still covered, then they should assist you with the repairs or even provide you with a replacement.
If it's not covered, I'd still recommend you to take the laptop to a professional repair service and let the tech guys there perform a full diagnostics on your laptop to determine the source of the issue.

Hope I was helpful. Good luck! :)


Jun 8, 2015
Hi there SuperSoph, thanks for answering my question. I will contact the manufacturer first and see what they can do to help me. I hope it'll be a quick fix.

Again thanks for your time and your help is really appreciated. ;) Linc.

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