How can I transfer a 4gig movie file from camera to computer?


May 3, 2009
I used a 4gb memory card in my Canon SD800 (powershot) camera to record a video of a performance. I had the camera running the whole time, and filled the memory card. I didn't touch it once, so it was one consecutive shot. Therefore, I now have a 4gb avi file.

I played it back on the camera, and it played fine.
I connected it to the TV, and it played fine.

I then connected it via USB to my computer, and it could not import the file. It would pause for 10 minutes, then complete at 0k. I tried importing it directly into my movie software (premiere) but it would tell me it could not.

I then tried importing it onto another computer, my laptop. This time I didn't use the USB, instead I was able to stick the memory card directly into a slot on the laptop. The file did transfer completely. But when I tried to play it, it said it was corrupted. When I tried to open it in Premiere, it said it was corrupted.

If I can play the file fine on the camera, obviously it can't be corrupted.

How can I get this file to transfer onto my machine (not the laptop) using a USB. (the camera doesn't have a firewire slot). Is it the 4gigs worth that is throwing it off?

I need some sort of super smart, creative solution. Please help!
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