how to connect bose AV28 media center to new SAMSUNG QE65Q9FNATXXU 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV

Sep 11, 2018
i have the old but still working well Bose system which used to connect via optical cables straight into the panasonic 55" HD tv.
now that ive purchased the latest samsung tv, i can only get 1 speaker working as i can only connect bose via 1 optical cable due to this tv connecting all usbs, hdmi cables, optical etc via their "one connect" box...not directly the tv.
please advise what i need to get all 5 speakers working.
many thanks,
The one connect box reduces the number of cable you have to run to the TV but doesn't change the hookup (just remotes it from the display).
If you have the optical output of the TV-one box connected to the Bose and can't get surround sound then check the TV audio set up menu. Change the audio output type. Make sure that the content has surround sound. A mono source will only come out of the center speaker unless you selector a different surround mode on the Bose. Make sure the Bose is set to Dolby for surround content.
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