How to connect both pc and ps4 audio to speakers ?


Dec 13, 2010
I have a ps4 and i connect it with hdmi to my pc monitor.
My monitor dosent have speakers and no audio output: FLATRON W2486L

My pc is connected to the same monitor with DVI-D cable.

My cable that come out of thew speakers Logitech speakers is now connected to the ps4 joystick to the headphones output.

So now i can hear the ps4 only and i switch the video between the ps4 and pc using my monitor SOURCE button. Selecting DVI-D to see the pc or selecting HDMI 1 to see the ps4.

The questios are:

1. How can i connect the speakers to both pc and ps4 and then how to switch between them ?

2. Maybe there is a switch box that i can connect to it the speakers cable the ps4 and pc audio and the ps4 and pc video cables and with one switch button to switch between the pc and the ps4 ?