How/where can i download the driver/software for my webcam


Jul 7, 2010
the only thing on the cam is the word aries and around the cam lense it says f2.8 f= 3.9 my computer called it a dual camera and a scanner recognized it as a usb digital still camera-port_#0001.hub_#0007. this is all i know... the computer tells me to go tto the manufaturers website because it cannot find the software to connect it but i dont know the manufacturer and i've tried aries.. theres no driver to download please help.. i know its a two in one digital cam and web cam but its not the 3 in one I REAAALLLYYY NEEEEEDDDD HELP


Rather than tear your hair out, as webcams are pretty cheap, it might be simpler to buy a new one -- this time from a manufacture with the stature to put an identifiable brand name on its products. Think Creative, Logitech etc.