HP 255 G4 won't power on although the white light by the power button comes on


Feb 3, 2017
I got the laptop in August from my school and to be completely honest, I hadn't been taking very good care of it. I was always on it and left it on all day, even when I wasn't using it. Everything was running smooth until about November, that's when everything about the laptop started falling apart.

I had the laptop sitting on my lap and had earphones plugged in. I had to go do something and me-being-me, was so focused on what I had to do, I payed zero attention to the laptop and accidentally dropped it. Now immediately I checked on it, and noticed for the most part it was still intact but the left hinge was coming a loose. No big deal, right? Just push it back down until it falls back into place and wasn't sticking out.

Come December and January, more problems. The fan started making buzzing noises whenever the hinge stuck out, so I figured maybe the fan was dusty. After the laptop fell off my bed while I was sleeping (did a little physical damage), the hinge always stuck out and had to be held down manually. The fan was always buzzing loudly on-and-off whenever the laptop was turned on. One January night, I was using the laptop when the battery died because I didn't plug in the charger. I plugged it in, the white light came on, yet it didn't power on. Since I needed some sleep, I left it plugged in overnight to fully charge.

In the morning the same thing happened, and I followed a lot of guides on my phone to no avail. Can someone give me any tips? The computer repairman just called and said he's having trouble powering it on


I would see if the school has that kind of stuff covered already. I'm not sure if you bought the laptop thru school or they gave it to you to use. If they gave it to you to use then there's a good chance that they have accidental damage coverage on it.
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