Hp ENVY 15 Temperature Problems


Mar 31, 2012
Hi guys

so i have an HP ENVY 15 laptop the specs are as follows :
core i7-4700MQ
8GB ram
Geforce GT740M

my problem is with the cpu and gpu temps i dont have much knowledge with the temps for this model but i compared to other brands its high in my opinion
CPU idle is around 45-55C and it reaches a maximum of (when in games mainly ) 92C
Gpu in the other hand has an idle of 48-52C and maximum of 80C

i did change the thermal paste for both GPU and CPU and the temps dropped ( actually the CPU did reach the 105 before the repaste and the GPU was around 89-92) but the temps are still hot so is there a way to reduce these temps ? for now i did reduce the cpu maximum to 99% so the turbo boost is disabled to try to reduce the temps ( maximum now is around 88) but 4 degrees is not that of a difference with these temps .

Note : in repasting i used the dot method if there is a better one please inform me i will try it ... i use the ARCTIC MX-4 .

anyone has a solution please help me with this

thanks alot guys

There are only few things you can do to address the heating problem with laptops. One is what you've done already by reapply a new and better thermal paste. Next is to get a cooling dock that can help in cooling down your laptop. It blows air underneath your laptop to give it exactly air to help in cooling.

Here's one cooling dock that you may want to take a look and consider getting for your laptop.