I have 1 HDMI port on TV. I have run a HDMI cable from set top box to switcher input 1 and a HDMI cable from TV to the switc


Sep 10, 2017
I'm trying to use my 1-HDMI port TV with a set top cable box and a fire stick. I have run a HDMI cable output port on the set top box to Input 1 on a HDMI switch. I have run a HDMI cable from the TV to the HDMI output on the HDMI switch. The fire stick is run to HDMI switch inut 2. If I use input 1, I can only get 1 channel on TV; I cannot switch channels. Do I need to do something different?
The switch can't affect what channels your cable box can tune. To be sure connect the cable box directly to the TV with the cable that you used to connect the switch to the TV.
Should be the same. Reboot the box. Call you cable provider.