I have a memory stick duo an adapter for my Sony Cyber-shot and when I put it in it says memory stick error


Feb 9, 2015
My used Sony cyber shot camera required an adapter with memory stick, I got that but now when I put it in My camera it says memory card error
Sony memory sticks are very picky.

It is likely that the camera is just not going to support the sd card adapter. You will have to get the actual sony memory stick and a reader for your computer.

Sony's memory stick works great if you have a sony camera and a sony card and a sony viao laptop to plug it into. Otherwise you start running into issues like you are having.

As stated, I would look for a sony memory stick reader that has good reviews and get that as well as obviously a sony media stick



So you are using an SD card or another card with a Memory Stick adapter or an actual Memory Stick?

If an adapter, I'd return it and just try a regular Memory Stick. Some Sony cameras actually have an SD card slot as well as the Memory Stick, see if yours does.