Installing Flash 11.1 on Galaxy S7 Edge doesn't seem to work.


Jan 5, 2016
So I've been trying for the last few days to get an .swf player on my new S7 Edge, but to no avail.

Following all the instructions listed on this website, I've tried several variations of the listed method, but none seem to work. Granted, I know my S7 runs on Android 6.0, but I've found a few articles suggesting that it doesn't matter.

The problem is this, I can download the .apk file just fine, but when I try to install it, I get the message "Do you want to install an update to this existing application?" This making no sense, since I couldn't find anything vaguely resembling a flash player on the phone to begin with.

So, I attempt to install, and it just says "Application not installed", regardless of which version of flash I try.

So, is it just not worth it? Is 6.0 completely incompatible with flash now?