Intel HD3000 + Nvidia GT540M (Optimus), HDMI output question


Nov 22, 2013
I have an Asus N53SV notebook with intel Core i7 (Intel HD3000) + Nvidia GT 540M Optimus technology. Soon I want to buy a monitor and I want to use it through HDMI.

I heard that HDMI stricted to Intel HD3000 graphic? So, this means I TOTALLY can't use my Nvidia GT540M on external monitor!??? I don't want to control the whole screen with Nvidia card through HDMI. I just want for example: Photoshop, games, media players run on Nvidia GPU just like on laptop screen, as I selected on the Nvidia control panel.

If it's true that Intel HD3000 liberating the whole HDMI output, well, this is a bummer....

Right now I've got an LCD monitor with VGA output for testing.
If the Nvidia GPU can work on VGA output, is it also true for HDMI?


Oct 21, 2013
No, In laptops it's way different. In desktop, the graphics cards has their own output videoports, so the motherboard's is not usable by the gpu. In laptops, although the processor has an integrated graphic solution (Intel HD3000), it is disabled if the laptop has a dedicated GPU, because laptops' gpus use the motherboard's video ports.

In resume, yes, you will be using exclusively your nvidia's gpu at any screen or video port from your laptop.
For your second question: no mather which output is, if is video output, it will be useable
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