Solved! Ippo P706 Android Tablet Won't Play Videos


Jun 6, 2017
Hello, I have an Ippo P706 10" Android tablet that just stopped playing any and all videos out of the blue. At first, it would play videos fine, then sometimes only if I downloaded them first, and now, not at all. I had my computer guy look at it, but after a factory reset and $35, I'm right back where I started. It wouldn't play at all when I got it home, then it played one video after I disabled & and re-enabled the video play and turned the tablet off and on again, and then nothing. I tried looking up Ippo to reinstall the drivers (it uses Owl Player, which apparently doesn't update through Google Play), but Ippo doesn't seem to have a web address. I really need this tabletto view lectures for coursework, as well as to edit the Rapunculus book series I write with my brother (I'm about to finish working on book 3). Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated! :)
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