Aug 14, 2015
I was falling on hard times a month ago and I pawned my Samsung video camera, I took the microSD card out of it, and its been in my wallet for about a month.

I get my camera back today, and I get a "micro sdCard error" all over the screen wherever I navigate it. I am not that computer literate but I do know a bit.

I inserted just the card into my windows tower and it did not read it, but if I leave the sd card in my camera and hook my camera up I can bring it up in disc management, but I don't know where to go from there.

I can see old photos. from years back, but nothing from the last few months.

Is there anything I can do? Ive only used this sd card for this specific camera and this is my first time taking it out, so I know it is formatted. Could I just have overheated my card and broke it? it is a 32 gb so I really want to try to get it working again. Thank you all for your time.
What you can try is using a file recovery software (piriform has one, as do a few other companies, though none are as easy as Sandisk's Rescue Pro that comes with their high end cards) to see if you can scrounge up files that you can't copy normally from the camera over USB.

After that (do NOT do this before recovering files) just format it (in your camera) take take some pictures/video until it's nearly full, and then see if anything's missing. It's quite possible that the card simply broke if the camera can't format it or if photos from the test don't show up. This is especially possible if you have a cheap chinese card rather than a band name card like Sandisk and Lexar. If it indeed is broken, you have no really choice other than to get a new one, preferably Sandisk/Lexar (or even Samsung), they are generally ~$20 for a 32gb card.