Is there a 4K video camera for shooting a 24-hour long outdoor video?


Mar 31, 2017
I want to shoot non-interrupted 24-hours outdoors videos. Can you recommend a suitable camera model?

What I need:
- Long battery life or connection to external large battery (does it exist??)
- Ability to record a strait 24-hour video on storage - external hard disk?
- Very good image quality in varying light conditions.
- Preferably water resistant (or splash resistant).
- Will be displayed on a large screen.
- Action-speed is not important. Will shoot from steady positions
- Remote control via iPhone - advantage

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Jun 28, 2013

Sorry no one has got to your question sooner,

There is really only one way of acheiving all of what you are asking and its not cheap. You will need to invest in a production camera that can output to either HDMI or SDI. The camera will then feed into a disk storage device with enough storage space and through put to handle 4K for that amount of time.

Blackmagic offers a few cameras that are capable of doing this ranging from $1500 to $6000USD. I would recommend something like the Blackmagic studio Camera. It can handle the 4K recording for extended periods (Although your results may vary recording for 24 hours straight). You'd also need to pair this with a HyperDeck Studio 12G and buy enough storage space to handle the amount of footage you are asking for. I'd say 500-2TB would be a safe bet.

The total cost, including SDI cables and a lens for the camera and you could easily be looking at $10000USD.

There is a much cheaper alternative but I guarantee you wont get 24 hours of continous 4K from it. At best you might get 3 hours out of this setup before you need to change the SD card and let the camera cool off a bit.

The new panasonic GH5 doesnt have 4k recording limitations on it and with an external HDMI recorder and a rather large SD card you might be able to get 3-4 hours out of it off wall power. But its not reliable..

Unfortunately, what you are asking for is just short of a proffesional portable production studio setup. And the short of it all is that its an expensive ordeal to run such and operation.

Goodluck however, and if you find a way to do it on the cheap i'd be extremely interested to hear how you did it!
- Mitch
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