Issue with optical out sound when watching movies via Internet connection


Jul 31, 2017
I have a strange issue that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I have an LG TV connected to our cable provider via our surround sound receiver utilizing an HDMI cable and ARC. I recently bought a bluetooth transmitter that I hooked up to the TV's using its optical out port so I could hear the TV via a bluetooth speaker when out of the family room on our deck (I watch it thru our large bay window :) ). When I switched the TV over to watch a Netflix movie via the TVs Internet connection, there was no sound on my bluetooth speaker. I checked all the settings and cables. When I switch back to regular cable TV via my surround receiver and an HDMI cable, it works just fine. Why would the signal being sent to the optical cable port work when the input to the TV is HDMI but not work when the input to the TV is from the CAT5 Internet cable? By the way, the TVs speakers work just fine when watching those Netflix movies over the Internet connection.
Thanks for anyone's input!