Question Laptop Battery won’t charge

Feb 7, 2019
I’m a computer noob. I don’t know a whole lot about parts and all that, I like to game so I’ll do my best to explain my problem. I bought a used Alienware laptop last year. It worked perfectly until recently. I started getting a pop up saying I needed to consider replacing my battery. I ignored it, until one day I would plug it in and it wouldn’t even register that it was plugged in. I ended up ordering a brand new battery and charger. Charger is getting power, it has a light on it. It’s still not registering that it’s plugged in though. I’m really not sure what else I can do to fix this problem. I’ve googled and googled and cannot find an answer. I’d appreciate it if someone with some computer knowledge could give me some ideas to try or might know what’s wrong ?? Thanks so much in advance.
The parts you bought, were they OEM or aftermarket? If they were aftermarket, that could well be your problem. Aftermarket parts are hit or miss, plus in some cases they can even damage your device. So if that is what you got, I would return them, get the money back and get OEM parts.
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