Laptop screen not working and laptop shuts off after 30-60 seconds


Jun 14, 2016
This happened suddenly. I had turned off the pc normally and when I tried to power it on I had this problem.

I have tried all these:

-Removing batter and pushing the power button for about 50-100 seconds-nothing
-Connected with an external monitor with vga-nothing
-Tried fn+f5 (change monitors)-nothing
-Checking the Ram sticks -nothing (but I realised that if I have no Ram in slot, the laptop did not shut down)
-Removing and placing again the cmos battery-nothing
-Removing the HDD -nothing

Please do test the battery and AC adapter as well.
- Remove the battery and connect just the AC adapter then see if it will boot up normally.
- If the laptop will stay on with just the AC adapter connected that could mean that it's the battery that is faulty.
- But if the laptop will still not boot up with just the AC adapter connected that could mean it's the motherboard is faulty.
- Last troubleshooting steps would be to try a different AC adapter and see if it will work normally.
- Also since the laptop still does boot up as you mentioned, load it into BIOS and see if it will still shutdown by itself because if it does that could confirm it that it's the motherboard problem.
- Lastly, do also disconnect the HDD and test it again.


Jun 14, 2016

Tried everything you said. The only thing that worked was entering bios (by pressing f2 key. I didnt actually see it because screen is off but I think it did.). It didnt shut off and then I restarted the laptop and does not shut off by itself at all!
I also realised that windows load because my when I connect my external mouse via usb it powers on and I can hear the windows sound when an external device logs on/off
So to what conclusion do we come from that?
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