laptop shutting down reason?


Feb 7, 2017
Hi. My laptop is kind of old now, i'd say 4-5 years. I know it's relly old but it was fine. it's Asus k52j and i had no problems with it gaming. People say laptops aren't for gaming, but they are more comfortable and i'm playing rarely nowadays. So i had no problem running games that require a good computer but now it's weird. Fan became very loud and computer used to shut down right after 1 minute of turning on.
At first i thought it was full of dust because i hadn't cleaned it for a year or so. But there was almost no dust, then i checked thermal paste and there was none left at all. I've applied a new one and now it's not shutting down normally, but fan is still loud. When i start a strong mmorpg game, it gets louder, but not that louder because it's already loud. I can almost create a character and it shuts down.
Things to note: In cleaning progress, i've broke one of the ~13 fan blades, but i used super glue and now it's just a little less noisy,there's no dust in computer, thermal paste is applied, after overheat shut down and starting computer again some blue screen about auto repair and fail to start the computer appears (if that matters),i've noticed that some metal going from fan to cpu is hot to touch after overheating shut down, which should be cooler i think.
i don't even know what to say, everything seems right, it's not a new computer and had no such problems before. I'd appreciate any help.


Feb 7, 2017

As they're not good enough of getting rid of heat? Because next month i'll buy new computer, so until then i need to stop overheating somehow. Thanks for answer.
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