Laptop won't turn on (No fan spinning , No screen)


Aug 28, 2017
Hi everybody!

I have an ASUS X540LJ laptop for 2 years and some days ago I tried to apply some Thermal paste (HT GY260) and after I tried to turn it on it didn’t! (I’m not a newbie in computer and I’m absolutely sure I haven’t touched or broke anything on motherboard)

Here are some other information about it:

both HDD and Battery LED’s work and batteries are full charge now
After pressing power button, the fan moves a very very bit (Like there’s not enough power to spin it)

I know you’re trying to help me but I’ve already tried many possibilities like:

Removing batteries , using external display (VGA and HDMI) , testing the motherboard without any batteries, discharging capacitors, USB sockets have power (I charged my phone with USB) , the fan and LED are just fine and work properly (I’ve tested them both) , Re-program BIOS and ...

I really need your help!



Jan 1, 2018
It really sounds like you tried it all. I would make sure everything is FULLY plugged in. It sounds like something is unplugged and it realizes this and it wont boot. You could try reseating the ram (last effort) and reseating the heatsync. I have had simmilar problem and i just unplugged and replugged in everything and it fixed it.


Aug 28, 2017

Also tried these things before Thanks :(
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